YouTube Music Vs Soundcloud

YouTube Music Vs Soundcloud, Which is better?

YouTube Music Vs Soundcloud, Which is better?

Music adds the soul to our lives. It is safe to assume that every person likes music of one or another genre. It is a part of our daily lives in some quantity. Further, it can include listening to your favorite music to feel better, to refresh past memories, to keep yourself energized while working out or just to not get bored when there is nothing to do. There are multiple ways and platforms for listening to music. In today’s digital world, there are multiple music streaming applications that can be used across different platform. Spotify vs Soundcloud was one of the hottest topic few days before. But Soundcloud and YouTube Music are two of the most popular music streaming apps at present. Here’s a comparison to find out which one is better in every possible way.

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Audio Quality

Audio quality is the most important when you’re talking about music. None of the two platforms provide lossless audios for the users. Soundcloud overly compresses every song which is a big negative. The songs are in 128 kbps quality and sound just average. YouTube Music’s songs are in AAC format with a 256kbps bitrate. It is not really impressive but everything sounds good and better than Soundcloud at least. In terms of sound quality, YouTube Music is a clear winner.

Notable Features

Both YouTube Play and Soundcloud allow background play. Both the apps have autoplay feature that keeps playing music of your preference automatically without stopping. However, in Soundcloud, the autoplay feature can’t be turned off which can be a negative.

On YouTube music you can also watch videos while Soundcloud is limited to audio only.

One of the key features of Soundcloud is that it allows a song to be directly embedded in posts across Facebook, Twitter, etc. Soundcloud also gives access to songs before their official release that artists often put out on Soundcloud in pre-release. If you are a Composer or someone who loves to make music and share your own curated playlists, then Soundcloud is the winner as you can buy Soundcloud plays from various sites listed at

Data Consumption

As YouTube Music provides better bitrates and quality, it also consumes more data. There are ways of lowering the data usage like turning on the audio-only mode. You can also lower the audio quality down to 128 kbps or 64 kbps. As Soundcloud has lower quality by default it uses less data.

User Interface and Experience

YouTube Music has again an upper hand over Soundcloud when it comes to UI. While both have similar UI and UX features, Soundcloud’s interface received criticism for many bugs present in it, especially with the mobile app.

The similar features that both platforms possess include custom playlists, recommended playlists & artists, trending songs & albums, queuing, lyrics, etc.

One disadvantage of YouTube Music is the large number of ads you get for every song in the free version. Soundcloud does not have any ads in the free version. The option for downloads is available in only the paid versions of both the platforms.

The biggest advantage that Soundcloud has over YouTube Music is its community interface. Users can connect and add fellow users and artists like a social media platform. Soundcloud is the better option for networking.

Catalogue and Variety

YouTube Music and Soundcloud both have millions of songs. But in overall quantity, YouTube Music has another advantage over Soundcloud. Everything that is available on YouTube, you can watch and listen to on YouTube music. It includes song compilations, unofficial remixes, unknown covers, custom music videos, fan made videos, etc.

Individual Benefits As A Platform

This is a department where Soundcloud wins without a competition. YouTube is a great platform for building a career as a musician but there is no such scope on YouTube Music.

On the other hand, Soundcloud serves as a favorite platform for budding singers, rappers and musicians. Globally popular stars like Post Malone, Kehlani, 21 Savage, Billie Eilish all had their starts on Soundcloud. With the premium plan, anyone can upload their own music and get paid or luckily even get famous for it.


In terms of availability, YouTube Music is supported across more platforms than Soundcloud. YouTube Music is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Amazon Alexa, Sonos, Android Auto, Android TV, and Google Home. Soundcloud has a limited availability across just Android, iOS, desktops and Microsoft Cortana.

YouTube Music is available in 95 countries while Soundcloud is available in 190. However, the paid versions of Soundcloud are only available in 9 countries.


YouTube Music Premium comes under the YouTube Premium plan but it can also be bought as a standalone for just $9.99 per month.

You can get Soundcloud Pro Unlimited for $16 per month. It also includes subscription to Soundcloud Repost which is essential for those who seek to join as an artist.

This was a fair comparison between two music streaming giants that Soundcloud and YouTube Music are today. Both have their pros and cons. Soundcloud is certainly the better choice for those who want to make a career out of music. If the purpose is just listening to music, YouTube Music is the better choice as it has better quality and quantity of service and features.

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