The Changing of Workplace and Working Environment in the 21st Century

As we’ve known a company’s well-being is set and determined by the workforce of it. The way employees do their job all depends upon how they’re treated. Whether they have respect and treated equally as one another or whether the boss is being kind to them or just plain mean and selfish. All of these make or breaks the organization. We all know why because we as human beings have feelings. But if our feelings aren’t really taken into consideration of others, while we are realistically working our butts off to help them. Then that really diminishes one’s compassion and qualities drastically. There are certainly many approaches companies in the 21st century has taken in order to make their employees genuinely happy in their working environment and place, for then only their performances are up to par. The changes are as follow:

The Changing of Workplace and Working Environment

Eliminating unethical behaviors

Eliminating unethical behaviors - working environment

The removal of unethical behaviors include actions such as discrimination, sexism, and harassment, both physically and mentally. Who would want to work in an environment where they’re not treated equally just because of their ethnicity, skin tone or culture or even just because they appear different? Also, who would want to spend their time in a surrounding where there are constantly insecure about a colleague because of sexual harassment?

Eliminating managerial roles of Working Environment in the 21st Century

Sometimes, it’s way healthier for an organization when the managerial roles are flattening out. Rather than the employees all has someone at a higher position to report and inform too. They just report to 1 or 2 higher positioned individuals and those individuals or managers will then inform it to the board of directors or the CEO. Timer saver.

Increase in Technological Usages

Increase in technological usages - working environment

For starters, every technological advancement basically just adds more efficiency to the work environment. Tech is only innovating to support the working conditions and accommodate the needs of the office. You wouldn’t be able to print forms, files or documents without a printer. You won’t be able to type, access the internet or send emails without a computer or laptop. Plus, for those with offices on the 10th floor of the building, wouldn’t you find it way more favorable if your building had an elevator instead of just stairs. Not to mention, the fingerprint scanner in order to keep track of an employee’s work hours. See, those are necessities that are brought forth by technological innovations.

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Free-lance work culture/Working environment 

Free-lance work culture

How about this, able to work and get pay without leaving your house or apartment. Basically, an amazing way to earn quick cash. Free-lancing has been introduced in the 21st century too many corporations and organizations. Sometimes it’s just way too complicated to hire and train new staff. Besides most free-lance workers don’t do too much and not always have deadlines to meet all the time like office workers. So it’s convenient for both the business and the free-lancer. Moreover, with free-lancing, you could even hire foreigners to do your work.

Mental health Awareness

Mental health awareness - working environment

From the looks of it, most corporate businesses and organizations have really noticed that employees do sometimes need guidance. All the workload and stress, not just in their work environment but at times from home. Furthermore, all those pressures to meet deadlines. Tensions are always build up for them. Which is why those organizations now have psychiatrists or have guidance counselors, in such cases to help their employees in times of need.

The Actual Workspace/Station

The actual workspace/station

Employees now have a wider or spacious work station, fully equipped and highly comforting. Their desk is board enough, the chairs and the environment is big enough for them to perform their best. Adding more here, some offices also have plants, sofas, paintings, nicely decorated interior, fully utilized rooms, and many other great qualities.

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No one should forget about how the internet revolutionized the working environment and literally the entire world. People used to go to libraries or other documented sources to get data and information, but thanks to the internet, every form of documents and information is out in your grasp. Without you having to wait long to retrieve it. Drastically changed every workplace, hasn’t it?

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Pension plans & Retirement benefits

Pension plans & Retirement benefits - working environment

Last but not least, the way hard working loyal employees being treat is definitely incredible in the 21st century. After their retirement age, loyal employees have pension money that they receive monthly by the company for financial support and possibly other retirement benefits the company offers, thanking them for their true hard long working years. Just for your information, different companies provide different benefits.


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