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Top 10 Best Window Squeegees In 2021

A window squeegee is a tool that you use to wipe and clean windows. It is easy to use and doesn’t make any mess. Back in the days, people tended to use newspaper to wipe windows but the world has changed now. Almost every household has turned to use window squeegees because it is reusable and more convenient.

Best Window Squeegee Review

10. Ettore Auto Squeegee

Ettore Auto Squeegee

Ettore window squeegee is good to start with if you want something affordable and works. It can clean any surfaces.

This product has a metal head that is attached with sponge and rubber for cleaning. The sponge absorbs water well and the rubber can work on all big surfaces. It has a wooden handle that comes in a perfect length to hold.

  • Lightweight
  • 16inch handle
  • 8inch metal head

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9. Unger Professional Steel Squeegee

Unger Professional Steel Squeegee

Unger window squeegee is one of the most used products among professional cleaners. It is low in price and comes with an additional part.

The head is made from stainless steel, making it very durable. this product has an ergonomic rubber grip as well that is firm and comfortable to work it. If you want to reach higher, you can attach tis squeegee to a stick or anything you like.

  • Come with an additional rubber
  • Lightweight
  • Rust resistance

8. Pomatree Window Cleaning Squeegee

Pomatree Window Cleaning Squeegee

Pomatree window squeegee is a great tool for doing chores. With this, housework won’t take long anymore.

This item features a metal head that comes with microfiber scrubber and rubber squeegee. The scrubber works well and it is washable. Meanwhile, the rubber is very durable as it was designed to last for a very long time. These two will always leave your window shiny once they are put to work together.

  • Can be extended with rod
  • 10inch head
  • Removable scrubber head

7. Ettore Window Wand 

 Ettore Window Wand 

Ettore window hand is ready-to-use window squeegee. Not only it is pocket-friendly, it is also very useful.

This is an all in one product that features both squeegee and washer. It is equipped with silicone rubber blade and can go to every corner of the window. It also comes with a pole attaching to the threaded handle.

  • 10inch washer and squeegee
  • Pole can be extended to 5ft
  • Rustproof aluminum pole

6. HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee 

 HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee 

HIWARE window squeegee is an all-purpose tool that you should own at home. With this, you can clean any surfaces you want to.

This item has a rubber blade that guarantees to remove everything and leave you with a flawless result. The handle and head of the squeegee are made of stainless steel so they last for a very long time.

  • Come in 3 sizes
  • Come in many colors
  • Easy to use

5. ITTAHO Multi-Use Window Squeegee

ITTAHO Multi-Use Window Squeegee

ITTAHO multi-use window squeegee is another great tool to do your chore with. It is easy to use and it comes in many different lengths.

The squeegee head features a 2-in1 design which are sponge and rubber. The sponge is soft and cleans nicely. The rubber us flexible and can leaves on streak on your mirror.

  • Come with extension poles
  • 10inch head
  • Can extend to 58inch

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4. BOOMJOY Window Squeegee

BOOMJOY Window Squeegee

BOOMJOY window squeegee will be your new best friend in cleaning from now. This product can wipe your screen and window till they are strain-free and shiny in a blink of an eye.

This item is made of PP plastic and iron pole. It is lightweight and you can adjust its head by bending to any angles you like. The handle is adjustable as you can extend it easily.

  • Washable sponge
  • Adjustable pole (31.5″-41.5″)
  • Flexible head

3. Ulihome Professional Window Squeegee

Ulihome Professional Window Squeegee

For faster cleaning, you can also choose Ulihome professional window squeegee. It is a 3-in-1 squeegee and even comes with a spray head.

This product features a head with a microfiber scrubber and a spray head. You can use it as windshield cleaning tool as well. It has a metal pole that is comfortable to hold and a scrubber that breaks down stains in no time.

  • Metal pole can be extended till 58inch long
  • Silicone blade
  • 180degree rotation head

2. JEHONN Spray Window Squeegee

 JEHONN Spray Window Squeegee

JEHONN window squeegee is a must buy product if you are looking for something stylish. It is rare to find a squeegee that looks modern but this one does.

It features a 3-in-1 design as it has a spray bottle, rubber blade, and microfiber scrubber. These three combined do a perfect job at scrubbing, cleaning, and leaving your window streak-free.

  • 48inch tall
  • Can hold 200ml of liquid
  • 11.4inch head

1. DocaPole Window Squeegees

DocaPole Window Squeegee

DocaPole window squeegee is one of the most convenient squeegees to ever be invented. this is because you can adjust both its rubber blade and length of the pole.

This product is made of high quality materials to ensure it is durable and long lasting. For its head, the company offers a scrubber and three sizes of rubber blades to switch according to your liking. The pole can be extended to reach the 2nd floor.

  • 5-12ft adjustable pole
  • 10”, 12”, 14” rubber blades
  • Easy to use

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