Will Apple Incorporate 3D Sonic Max in its Future iPhone?

The 3D sonic max is a chop on the phone made by the Taiwanese company to enhance phone security. Most people refer to it as the fingerprint sensor on simple language. This fingerprint sensor is an improved version of the usual fingerprint sensor on the other phones. The sensor is more significant with the ability to scan the whole finger to produce clear fingerprints. It even have the capacity to scan two fingers at once. The use of double fingers as security is an added advantage to most of the phone users because even if the phone is lost, it becomes useless, or one might automatically return it. It also ensures the user of the phone can secure their essential information in the phone without any worry.

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Will Apple Incorporate 3D Sonic Max in its Future iPhone?

Will Apple Incorporate 3D Sonic Max in its Future iPhone?


Qualcomm is the Taiwan Company that manufactures the 3D sonic max. According to the management of the company, the sensor is faster and easier to use compared to other models that were previously in the market. The administration added that the company is working with most of the companies that produce high-quality smartphones. And iPhones to ensure once they come up with the next series of phones, they include the feature. The system of security will be one of its kind in the smartphone sector to ensure the people develop confidence with the phone. The system includes the GPS location of the phone. And the system gives confidence that has never been there before, and it is hard for the people to hack it.

Recently Apple launched another iPhone known as 11 series. There are many speculations and leaks during the next iPhone project that is rife online. According to the report from Forbes, ‘ Kate O’Flaherty showed that during the launch of the iPhone 12 in the future, it would incorporate Touch ID features with a different form. The prerogative due to the report from Economic Daily News reported that Apple had planned a meeting with various suppliers to discuss the chances of incorporating an under-display fingerprint scanner in the new project of the iPhone 12.

According to Apple, it had organized a discussion with GIS Taiwanese manufacturers to deliberate on the possibilities of the iPhone 12 to include an under-display finger scanner. The scanner is an ultrasonic sensor manufactured by Qualcomm that gets its sources from GIS. Other companies that use the sensor are Samsung in several of its products, such as Galaxy S10, but most of the people have claimed on its faulty.

Will Apple Incorporate 3D Sonic Max in its Future iPhone?

According to Rumors, Samsung has plans not to use it in the upcoming Galaxy S11 series. The best part of the new ultrasonic sensor made by Qualcomm is more significant. And manufacturers believe it will not have issues highlighted on the range of Samsung Galaxy. The chipmaker some few days ago launched its current 3D Sonic Max Scanner for fingerprint.

The fingerprint scanner measures 20mm by 30mm, which is larger than the usual scanner, which measures 4mm by 9mm. Which is in Samsung Galaxy phones, which is Note 10 and S10. The 3D sonic max Scanner can read different types of fingerprints at a given time, according to Engadget. Some few months ago, Bloomberg said that Apple has plans to reintroduce the touch ID on the project of iPhone 12. The above ads to the proof that Apple has plans to reintroduce a 3D sonic max scanner in its iPhone this year 2020.

The idea of apple to use 3D Sonic Max feature for touch Id but issue users both the face ID and Touch ID options. The feature is to give the iPhone 12 mobile phone an added platform for security biometric preferred by most of the phone users. When the users have options on matters on the safety of the phone, they develop confidence with the phone. The options are essential in any phone; this is according to the security researcher for iPhones Wright notes.

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Apple Company plans

Will Apple Incorporate 3D Sonic Max in its Future iPhone?


Apple Company has plans to perform refinement, which will hinder essential issues in the past, for example, in the Samsung handset. The introduction of 3D sonic Max in the new iPhone is a crucial layer for the security of the phone.

According to MacRumors Wednesday, a report on the plan for partnering with the Taiwan Company for touchscreen is ongoing to develop an iPhone for the year 2020 and 2021 that will have various development features. The information came after Qualcomm had unveiled the 3D Sonic Max with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Qualcomm launched its new fingerprint sensor in its annual technological summit at snapdragon. The 3D max sensor that iPhone will use is the most improved version of the technology.

During the New Year communication, Apple management said it is happy to resume the business relationship with QUALCOMM for this year’s apple phone. Which will some of the features such as Snapdragon X55 5G modems with the ability to pair with the SOC makers Snapdragon 865 if they wish. These are not the only features that apple plan to include in the iPhone 12. But it is also want to add more security features to ensure the phone is more secure to the user.

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Apple company, the manufacture of the have plans of improving the security details of the iPhone 12 using the 3D sonic max. With the fingerprint sensor that uses GPS to determine the location of the phone. The security sensor of the iPhone will determine two fingers at the same time to ensure even if one of the fingers may look similar, and the other one will differ. The GPS will provide in case of the iPhone loss, and it will be easy to locate its position. The changes will help in the reduction of phone robbery and will increase data privacy. Most of the people have struggled with the securities in most of the phones. Thus end up storing their information in the google store, which most of the time people hack it and use for their benefit.

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