Why Pick Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera Over Other Cameras ?

Hunting for the best outdoor security camera in town which will enable you to safeguard your property and loved ones? Don’t worry your search ends here. The security cameras are the key part of the security of the home. Presenting to you one of the best security Camera, Nest Cam Security Camera. The camera helps you to keep an eye on the neighborhood and it is far better than other cameras, Although it is a little pricey it pays efficiently for its worth. The camera worthy enough and is highly recommended.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Main Components

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera 2 pack, Works with Alexa

The Nest cam outdoor security camera device comes with a set of components which include :

  • Nest Cam Outdoor security camera
  • Power adapter
  • Wall anchors
  • Installation Guide
  • Welcome Guide
  • Mounting magnet
  • Cable clips
  • Camera wall plate
  • Adapter wall plate
  • Nest screws

Major Features

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera 2 pack, Works with Alexa

The device comes with a 130-degree wide angle view. The all-glass lens helps you in securing your home and neighborhood. It comes with an autofocus and even supports the Bluetooth Technology. The cameras are solid and durable especially designed for outdoor home security purposes. The device neither comprises any inbuilt batteries nor does it require any batteries. The Nest Cam security camera work by the alternating current power source. The device helps you to keep an eye on your home in crisp 1080 p HD display all day long.

Other Features

The Nest Cam Outdoor device comes with a variety of features which makes the device extremely efficient. Some of the super cool features include:

Weatherproof Camera– The device is a super efficient device and is weatherproof, i.e., It works properly in all types of weather conditions whether it is harsh rain or intense sunshine. The device comes with a weatherproof and a waterproof cable and an adaptor. It ensures proper recording even at any type of climatic condition. The weather quality remains exceptional both day and night even when the outside temperature is freezing or at the boiling temperature of 100 °C.

Alerts and snapshots– The Nest cam outdoor security device is a very secure device. It offers great security features. Whenever the device identifies any strange activities or detects any intruder the device immediately sends an instant alert on your phone. The alert is generally sent via email. This email comprises of the photo of that event or the intruder. Thus making home security unquestionable and perfect.

Listening and talking feature– The Nest Cam security cameras have a unique feature which allows talking as well as listening. It comes with an inbuilt microphone as well as a speaker. These both help in communicating with the app. This feature is very helpful since using it you can communicate with someone outside the house even when you are inside. For example, You can ask the mailman to leave your package at the door even when you are inside the house.

Hardware and Setup Installation

The installation of the Nest Cam security device is both easy and DIY. You don’t have to be worried about connecting the device to three proprietary hubs. Also changing of the camera’s batteries is very easy. All you have to do is just to plug the device into any outdoor outlet.

Mount the camera wherever you wish to, leave it and go. The best thing about the device is that it can be fixed to any of the magnetic surfaces which means no drilling is required. Along with the simplest installation process, it also offers great features for monitoring and for playback.

Performance and Rating

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera 2 pack, Works with Alexa

The Nest Cam Outdoor security camera allows 24 / 7 live video streaming. The device is one of the best sellers and is rated 3.2 stars approx. out of 5 when it comes to video, audio and picture quality. The product comes with a complete two-year warranty on the parts and the functioning. Its large variety of features makes it one of the best seller and buyers First choice. These are the best security cams out there according to the research. For users who have strong wifi signals and power outlets at your home these the good to go.

Pros and cons of the Device

There are no devices which don’t come with some pros and cons. The Nest cam Outdoor security camera is an appropriate device for outdoor security but it is highly expensive, however, it proves it’s worth. Sometimes it also sends a lot of alerts which are not necessary and also annoying or sometimes it doesn’t send any alerts at all. The audio quality is good but not the best. You have to be really close to the camera to get the best audio quality.

Although sometimes there occur some occasional blips regarding wi-fi connectivity still there are no issues regarding the camera and the picture quality at all. The device is very good for all security surveillance. To wind up with the device is a very good investment on an overall basis and can be called a good piece of tech.


Make home security uncomplicated and simplistic using the very cool and brand new Nest cam Outdoor security camera. The devices offer special features and help in safeguarding your house even when you aren’t near your house. It is rated as one of the best choices when it comes to home security purposes.

The device can be efficiently connected to your Android or IOS device. This makes it easy to be controlled by just one touch from your smartphone. It comes with a variety of other accessories which helps in supporting this device. It is true that the device is a little more costly than other security devices but this doesn’t deny the fact that the device ensures to make the process of securing the house extremely effortless and easy.

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