Why Do You Need to Give Gifts On Christmas

Why Do You Need to Give Gifts On Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness. It is full of many wonders. People spend some good times with their friends, family and loved ones to celebrate Christmas with them. It is celebrated on December 25th in 160 countries with their different cultures.

Christmas has two perspectives. The religion perspective and social perspective.

The religious perspective is to celebrate it to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, a gift from God to save us from our sins.

The social perspective is to forget the cruel reality of the world and spread joy and wonders.

Christmas is celebrated in 3 days. December 24th as Christmas Eve, December 25th as Christmas and December 26th as Boxing day. The traditional culture of Christmas is celebrated with holidays, family get-together, dinner, gifts giving and Santa Claus.

Now there is an argument about gift-giving on Christmas. Is gift-giving necessary? Does it have a biblical description? What is the purpose of gift-giving on Christmas? Will it change the meaning of Christmas?

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Why Do You Need to Give Gifts on Christmas

The Religious Perspective of Gift Giving | Give Gifts on Christmas

The Religious Perspective 

Now you believe it or not, but gift-giving on Christmas has a biblical description and religious significance. One of the main reasons for us to give gifts on Christmas is to follow the action of the three wise men on the night of Jesus Christ’s birth.

The story goes like this, three wise men on his journey saw the stars coming in a house. They were overwhelmed with joy at this scene. So they quickly headed to that house and saw the child, Jesus Christ, with her mother, Mary. They were fascinated by what they saw and bowed down to worship the child. Then, from their bag of treasures, they gifted gold, myrrh and frankincense to the child. The significance of these gifts are gold for worshipping Jesus Christ as King of all kings; myrrh symbolized the suffering and death of Jesus Christ and frankincense for worshipping Jesus Christ.

This proves that gift-giving is a part of Christmas from its emergence. From this story, some families have established a rule of giving three gifts on Christmas.

If you think more deeply, you will realize that Christmas itself is a gift to us from God, and that gift is Jesus Christ.

There are 34 verses about gift-giving in the Bible. This proves the religious significance of gift-giving on Christmas. Some of the verses tell us that Jesus Christ is a gift to us from God. It also tells us that every gift is from God just delivered to us via different persons in different ways.

So, giving gifts is a religious part of Christmas. If you only focus on the gift-giving on Christmas, it will not take away the true meaning of Christmas.

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The Social PerspectiveThe Social Perspective of Gift Giving | Give Gifts on Christmas

The social perspective of gift-giving is to spread joy and wonders around the world. The social purpose of this practice is to make people forget their struggles, sufferings and the cruelty of the society and the world. It interprets as if you give happiness to others; happiness will also be given to you. The good things you do for someone will happen to you too. This works in the opposite way also. If you do harmful things, you will have bad luck in return. That is why it is important to give gifts to your loved ones, neighbors and as well as to others in your reach. It will show your love and care for them.

Gift Giving in the Eyes of Children

Gift Giving in the Eyes of Children | Give Gifts on Christmas

Christmas is a magical time in the eyes of children. They believe that Santa gives them presents. They believe that if they behave good and stay away from sins, Santa will give them presents and fulfill their wishes.

But in reality, we know that Santa is not real. We should not break their heart with this harsh truth. Rather we should secretly put gifts in their stockings and act as if Santa Claus put them. This way, the children will be very happy and behave good throughout the year to receive gifts from Santa again.

Don’t worry. They will eventually discover the truth and understand why adults did that. They will also do the same for their child, and thus this practice will be passed down from generations to generations.

It Helps us to Create Strong Bonding

Giving gifts to someone shows how much you care for them. Your children or your friends will feel attraction for you because of the gifts you gave them. Give your children their favorite toy as Christmas gifts. It will bring them joy, and you will get the opportunity of being closer to them.

Gift your loved ones the perfect dress or ring or maybe a pair of gorgeous shoes. It will brighten up their day, and both of your loves will get stronger.

Christmas is a time of being closer with your family, friends and loved ones. And nothing can bring people together than a nice gift.

The Value of Giving Gifts to the Needy

There are many poor, homeless people in our society. These people are in need of our help. We should not ignore them.

We can gift them money, food and other necessary things like a sweater to survive throughout the cruel winter. They will be very grateful and pray to God for your betterment.

If we observe carefully, we will notice that some of our relatives and friends are actually in desperate needs. But they cannot actively ask for help because of social status. We should help them secretly without letting others know. It will save them without ruining their status. The value of helping a person is far more than you can imagine.

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Gift giving in Christmas is a religious part of this festival. Jesus himself is a gift from God to human kinds. So why should we question this practice? Rather we should encourage it and try to find a better way of giving gifts to our loved ones.