What is Amazon Alexa and Alexa skill?

Amazon Alexa is an artificial intelligence assistant and also of a cloud-based device. This means one could install and use it on one’s smartphone, which was developed by Amazon’s lab126 in 2014 (roughly 5 years ago). The name Alexa came to be from the “Librarian of Alexandria” and the most crucial point of going with this name was because “Alexa” has the ‘X’ consonant in it, which helps it recognized spoken words of higher precision.

What is Amazon Alexa and Alexa skill?

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Alexa was first imbedded in Amazon’s Echo and Amazon’s Echo Dot which were smart speakers, produced by Amazon obviously. Only later came the cloud service which allows you to download Alexa to your smartphones.

Alexa, can find in Amazon smart devices, fire OS 5 upwards, IOS, Android, Cortana and Linux. Basically most smart devices available. Alexa can activate by voice command, just by calling out ‘Alexa’ or ‘Alexa Wake’ for Amazon’s smart devices and for smartphones you need to press and hold down the button on your phone first then say ‘Alexa’.

Alexa’s Skill

Alexa skill

Alexa’s skills are mind-blowing, such as voice interactions with the users. You could tell it to make a list of things you have to do, stream videos or podcasts, plays music or audiobooks, set alarms, google searches, provides the current world news, weather information, sports news and even mapping and traffics. Just multi-talented isn’t she. Those skills that Alexa possesses could be done through the usage of several languages as well. This means Alexa could speak and understand languages like Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Marathi, Hindi, Punjabi, Portuguese and of course the most commonly spoken language in the world, English.

How Alexa knows what response is appropriate to your question, is by converting your sound waves into text or lettering format. Then search it from varies sources of information. But mostly from Wolfram’s tech, because Alexa is semi-powered by “Wolfram Language”. Alexa plays music from Spotify and Pandora since they have built-in accounts. It also streams from Apple Music or Google Play Music on your phones as well.

Alexa in 2020 has over 90,000 functioning skills. A huge incline in the number of skills it possesses since 2016, which was only about 1000. Amazon has gone all out last year, 2020, to enhance and make Alexa the greatest AI assistant available in the world.

Alexa could also enable a third-party control function. You could search for “National Geographic Geo Quiz” for some fun, Sesame Street, to entertain kids and even access, Fitbit app, to show your fitness progress.


Amazon Alexa and Alexa skill

Alright, let me give you a scenario here. You’re at home, you have bought Amazon Echo and definitely Alexa is full-on functioning inside it. And you’re sitting on the couch enjoying a movie when you suddenly realized you need to go grocery shopping in about half an hour or you won’t be able to prepare dinner later in the evening. Therefore, would you rather go grab a sheet of paper and pen from all the way across the room, at the corner where your desk is, or rather call out ‘Alexa’ and tell it what to list down. Now, since you have Alexa already you would choose the more convenient option right. Simple, fast and efficiently sent to your phone and ready to go shopping.

Another scenario would be after you’ve arrived home and have settled in all your produce and now prepping for dinner. While halfway into cooking your dinner you can’t figure out what goes in first, basically the recipe has to skip your mind. Anyways, you’re already made it mid-way through and your hands are all dirty and greasy, so what should you do? Say, the magical word ‘Alexa’ and let her know what recipe you’re currently looking for. Alexa will then process it and find out the recipe of your needs. Letting you know what is the next step and will guide you along the way. Also, tell ‘Alexa’ to play you some music while you’re cooking. It seems more exciting and less boring that way.

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Ready to Experience Alexa

Isn’t that cool at all, Alexa does it all for you. The growth within 5 years of developing Alexa is truly astonishing and who knows what would happen in the years to come. Never would I ever think of one day being able to just tell a smart device what to do and it just does it for me, in a snap? Amazon has ultimately gained my full respect.

Technology would really soon take over man-kind because as it keeps advancing, humans become lazier and lazier. Soon everything could be done via robot or machine therefore the requirements of human labor would be unnecessary, but humans are still the masterminds behind that creation and innovation. So, who knows what the future holds.

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