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Top 10 Best Vibration Machines In 2021

For a solid workout at home, you need the best vibration machine combined with resistance bands. You can enjoy a 15-minute workout to help tone the body and lose calories at the same time. So if you need to stay fit, why not invest in one of these exercise machines today.

Best Vibration Machines Review

10. LifePro Waver

 LifePro Waver

The vibration plate offers a practical and quick low-impact workout. The machine has a frequency of up to 12Hz with multiple programs. Furthermore, you get loads of benefits using the equipment from burning fat to increasing bone density. The Waver also helps minimize stress on your joints.

  • You get resistance bands
  • Designed with built-in wheels
  • High frequency
  • Equipped with high settings for advanced athletes
  • A bit noisy

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9. Vive Shake Plate

 Vive Shake Plate

The body vibration machine has a versatile design to use standing or seated. You get resistance bands for a complete body workout. All you do is attach the straps to the base and use it with the foam handles. While the machine vibrates, it stretches your muscles to boost your core strength.

  • Holds 400lbs of weight
  • Equipped with non-marking feet
  • Designed with five pre-programmed sessions
  • LCD control to keep track of your progress
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Not silent and only offers you linear oscillation
  • Short resistance bands
  • Limited Stock

8. Bio Quake X550

Bio Quake X550

The vibration machine has a double-motor offering you excellent results when used. You get whole-body vibration with the 500-watt linear motor and 300-watt pivotal motor. With the combined use, you get superior force as each engine provides up to 60 speeds.

  • Dual-motors with each one producing 60 speeds
  • You get a remote control to adjust the speed
  • Designed with isometric balance straps
  • Three programs with three pre-programmed workouts
  • Powerful motors
  • You get great resistance bands, but you need to screw them into the sides of the unit
  • Gets loud
  • A bit heavy

7. Confidence Fitness Vibration Platform

Confidence Fitness Vibration Platform

For the best vibration platform that is easy to use, you will love this one from Confidence Fitness. You get handles on both sides, offering you stability. You also get a complete workout in 10-minutes. The motor is powerful, and it has a display console with controls.

  • Handles on both sides
  • Powerful 600-watt motor
  • Display console with easy to use controls
  • Built-in programs
  • Wheels for transport
  • Lightweight and not suitable for tall athletes to use

6. Hurtle Fitness

Hurtle Fitness

Here we have an affordable vibration machine to workout at home. You can do sports training while burning calories at the same time. You get a remote control to control the speed, and you get balancing straps as well. The rate is adjustable to 20 levels, and the load capacity is 265-pounds.

  • Remote control to set the different speeds
  • You get balance straps with a step on the start
  • Suitable for athletes with a weight of 265-pounds
  • Bit noisy

5. Pinty Fitness

Pinty Fitness

Here is another whole body Vibration Machines for beginners to advanced athletes. You get up to 99 different speeds of vibration to use. The profile has a slim design, and the space is compact. At the bottom of the unit, it has non-skid feet and wheels for transport.

  • Different vibration speeds
  • Compact for storage
  • Designed with wheels for transport
  • Remote included
  • Quality Concerns

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4. K KINGKANG Power Tower

 K KINGKANG Power Tower

Here we have portable Vibration Machines you can take with you anywhere. While compact, it has enough power for a full-body workout. Furthermore, you can use it with an app to personalize your training. The application works with iOS and Android devices.

  • Helps improve your balance and helps with weight loss
  • Can personalize your training with the app
  • Compact for traveling
  • Expensive

3. BARWING Vibration Machine

 BARWING Vibration Machine

To get 4D vibration, it helps to have the BARWING vibration platform. The machines powered by three motors that work together and separately. You get 16 workout programs with adjustable vibration speeds. Furthermore, you get an LCD screen and can use it for up to 35-minutes.

  • 16 Workout programs
  • LCD screen with remote control
  • Three powerful motors that work together or separately
  • Max workout time is up to 35-minutes
  • A bit loud and has no vertical movement
  • Small platform

2. MURTISOL Vibration Machine

 MURTISOL Vibration Machine

You will not get bored using these Vibration Machines from MURTISOL. The unit has LED lights and connects to Bluetooth enabled devices to listen to music. You get 15 speeds of vibration with removable resistance bands to personalize your workout. Furthermore, you can view your workout time, pulse, and calories burned.

  • User-friendly with the LED lights and display
  • Removable resistance bands
  • 15 Speeds of vibration
  • Designed with suction cups to keep it stable on the floor
  • Expensive and has no wheels for transport



Get whole-body workouts using these Vibration Machines from HYPERVIBE! The device you can use at clinics, gyms, or home. The frequency of vibration is 35Hz and adjustable. You get a user guide with straps for upper body strengthening. View your progress on the LCD screen and use the pre-installed programs to keep fit.

  • Suitable for professional and home use
  • High vibration frequency
  • Comes with straps for an upper-body workout
  • LCD control panel
  • Wide platform
  • Expensive and does not have side handles

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With the best vibration machine, it helps to keep your body toned and fit in the comfort of your home. The unit may not replace your cardio workout but remains an excellent alternative to use. So if you are not a person who loves running, weightlifting, or cycling, pick one of these vibration platforms to help with balance and control weight.