Are you looking for a UBIQUITI EDGEMAX router that has the potential to route more than two million packets per second? If so, this product is your best bet for with fiber connectivity choices. It is the preferred choice of many because of its low pricing and exciting features that you can only find in enterprise-level routers. It is pocket-friendly for tech-savvy Americans, thus challenging the exorbitantly priced devices that flooding the global market.

You get the best routing technology for use, providing high-speed internet and multiple ports and Power over Ethernet (PoE) potential at a wallet-friendly price. Choose the product that targets the small office or home office sector with very competitive pricing. It is a one-off routing device packed with high-end features, performance-oriented Gigabit ports, and advanced security management and monitoring. If you are contemplating to opt for this router, you must keep reading this article to make an informed decision.

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1. Unique Design

Unlike most consumer-type routers, the UBIQUITI EDGEMAX stands out from the rest due to its one of design and functionality. The approach is more conventional than contemporary when it comes to the design. What you get is a compact, simple, rectangular device. You can get these routers in plastic or metal. The long-lasting metal chassis is perfect for easy mounting in a convenient 19-inch wide rack. The upgrade to a metallic casing makes the device look pricier than it is. The black matte finish gives the product an appealing look and feel. The unique finish makes it fingerprint-proof. It means there will be no smears, blotches, or smudges on the surface. The ports look appealing with the white-colored accents around them. The LED light and logo icons also have white on the device.


2. Little Shelf or Room Space

If you look at the device dimensions, you will fall in love with the UBIQUITI EDGEMAX router. You can set up the device at any place in your room without taking up too much desk or shelf space. Do you want to wall-mount the router? You can use the mounting brackets from the rear side of the device. If you want to install it on your desk, you can do so without any hassle. The router is extremely lightweight. Therefore, instead of opting for a standard router, choose this device with multiple access ports to deliver high-speed internet to your devices.

3. Intuitive Graphical Interface


The high-end device comes with an intuitive graphical interface, EdgeOS. If you are an advanced network user, you will love the product’s integrated command line interface (CLI). The feature lets you access the network directly within seconds using the commonly used commands. The smart interface facilitates easy installation and control. You can easily access the interface through your internet browser and network port. The interface is extremely user-friendly, providing intuitive management through a virtual tour of the ports. It will let you view the speed, network status, and physical connectivity. The dashboard is simple and easy to understand. Get the detailed view of the statistics including transmission and receiving speeds, IP information, the status of the physical and virtual interface, and maximum transmission unit (MTU).

4. Manage Traffic Flow

The UBIQUITI EDGEMAX router features Gigabit ports that function as an independent interface. The device also lets you organize the virtual local area network (VLAN) interfaces if you want segmentation of the network. When it comes to routing, you can configure fixed as well as dynamic routing procedures. It is essential to control the routes efficiently, used by the EDGEMAX router. With all these powerful features, the device offers centralized control to boost the dependability and performance of your network. The product managed by the UBIQUITI Network Management System (UNMS) facilitates centralized control. What you get is one control panel managing all EDGEMAX devices across numerous sites.

5. Other Robust Features

The product comes with a high-end OS EdgeOS packed with powerful features. These include:

  • Nat rules and firewall policies
  • Static routes that support all routing rules and regulations such as RIP, OSPF, and BGP
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • DHCP services
  • Choose the configuration techniques as you like. Whether it is the graphical user interface or command line interface for advanced command-driven configuration, you enjoy the liberty to choose the method you want.
  • All-inclusive IPv6 support

6. Hardware and Installation

Once unpack the case, you will find a dual-core MediaTek MT7621AT central processing unit (CPU), 256 MB RAM, MediaTek switch clip, and 256/2MB Flash memory. You will also require a power adapter to use the router. You can power the device with an adapter or a 24-volt passive PoE. It is important to note here that the PoE output operates as a passthrough, relying on the input power source. We suggest that you use a robust input power source to allow sufficient passthrough. Avoid using a 12-volts and 0.5-ampere adapter if you want to power more than one device. As far as installation is concerned, use category 5 UTP cabling for indoor applications. For external applications, use shielded category-five cabling for Ethernet connections. Ensure that the router remains protected with a shielded enclosure.

7. Pros and Cons Related to the Linksys AC1200


The pros are easy assembling with all the necessary components. It comes in a compact shape, a portable and powerful product. It supports simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi. The product has more or less good data transfer speed. The drawbacks are slow speed when using 2.4 GHz mode for transmitting data. The device may not work properly if the frequency is not set right. There is no evidence of beamforming. Some users also report moderate speed even if the device is in front of the router. The product may not work with the advanced features of a Smart TV.

The UBIQUITI EDGEMAX router has evolved over the years with new, advanced features for new-age internet users. The best part is the proprietary software EdgeOS. The product offers much more than the standard consumer-type routers available in the market. The competitive price makes it the preferred choice of many. Considering the product price, you will have trouble finding a better option if you have both cost and functionality to consider.

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