TV Vs Projector | Provide A Visible Part Of The Conference Meeting

To pass an idea to a group of people need a successful means of communication, and it only becomes possible when someone selects the device that is compatible with the venue they are using. Both the Television screen and the projector have the advantage and disadvantage during video conferencing. For a person to communicate efficiently and effectively, the media for communication is essential, such as is a computer, television screen, or the projector to ensure everyone grasps the content. Both the TV and the project provide a visible part of the conference meeting. In this article, we explain the main difference between the projector and the TV during video conferencing.

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TV Vs Projector

TV Vs Projector

In most conferences, meeting people prefer project in the current days because of the following reasons highlighted below. The use of the projector is cheap compared to the cost of TV. Large meetings require large screens in which the market price of the TV may double the value of the projector. One project can serve many people due to its ability to adjust the size of the image that people can see at a distance. The ability to change the image size makes the projector more convenient and easier to adjust to fit different sizes of people. However, projectors require additional features. So that to make it clear and adjustable such as mounting it on the ceiling.  That a person moving in front of the projector will not interfere with the image display.

Mounting the projector on the ceiling will require additional features such as cables high will pass through the roof or the wall for secure connection to the laptop or the PC. The wall/ceiling connection helps to reduce destruction during movement. Locating the projector on the roof makes the room look attractive. One does not need to leave a space for a TV cart in the middle of the room. The cart blocks some of the views to see the leader of the conference. The blockage of the team leader is one of the most common mistakes that the conference planner undergoes. But on many occasions, people should have a mobile platform that will make most of the people see the presenter.

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There are various factors that one needs to consider before they settle on the type of projector, they will use during the meeting conference, such as the lighting situation, startup time, and the heat. The lighting situation of the room makes the projection clear. The room should have at least 2500 lumen of brightness for the content you want people to view will be clear. The use of less light will make it hard for the people in the conference to see, especially when the room has external walls.

The lamp of the projector generates considerable heat that may make the conference hall hot. When dealing with a small space, the amount of heat in the room would increase after one hour, and it will be unbearable. Thus consider making the ventilation space.

Most of the projects in the market use traditional bulbs. The take some time to heat up so that they start functioning. The projector function properly when the bulb is full heat up, which in most moments. It is annoying when one needs to do the presentation in a few moments.

The price of large TVs with ultra-high definition and high definition screens is falling as days increases. The fall in price has made it possible to see TVs in most of the conference meeting as the means for communication. Large screens are currently replacing the projector as many organizations view TV as a modern idea and the best option for display. Some hotels and organizations have a rough experience when using the projector. The projector is in front and the back to ensure all people have a view of the discussion.


One of the main advantages of using a TV during a conference meeting is that the quality of the image and the pixel density is better, unlike the image produced by the projector. The television has a high resolution, which is the best for the people in the meeting; some of the conference meetings require color accuracy that only the TV can produce.

It is easy to set up the TV without any fear that it will cause a delay. Because TVs are less finicky on the initial configuration compared to the projector. When using the TV, the planners have an easy time because there is no time for looking for a projection area, ensuring the electricity follows the ceiling or mounting of the projector in the ceiling. The planners mount the TV at a given point and connect it to the laptop with ease. The television comes with the build-in speaker that is audible. And the planners do not worry about the external speakers in the conference room.

The Use of the TV in the conference hall comes with some of the attached costs. Some of their manufacturers of the projectors have high-definition and project at long-distances of more than 100 inches. The projector needs a clear board to increase the quality of the content. One needs to have a loudspeaker to produce quality sound to the whole crowd.

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Projectors has been the most common communication device in the meetings and conference in some past year. The projector produces videos with large magnification that people can see from a distance. Development of the large screen TVs by most families has made most of the hotels and organization has preferred to use of the TV during the conference meeting. The TV gives clear pictures with exerting photo descriptions. One does not need to have the external speakers to produce the sound, but all TVs come with inbuilt speakers. All the two devices are best for a conference meeting, but the TV surpasses the projector in many ways. The projector is cost-effective because its price is low, some projectors are five times cheaper than the cost of TV.

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