Best TV Consoles with Fireplace – Recommend For Your Living Room

To relish the free time with friends, family members or loved ones, people insist to use TV consoles with fireplace. Watching your favorite movie or TV show with the bowl of snacks in your hand gives ecstasy. Whenever you are free, you can switch to the favorite channel or shows and can indulge in the entertainment. In recent times, there changes of the concept of entertainment. People now prefer to purchase TV consoles with a fireplace so they can enjoy their favorite show in front of the fire. This gives them a relaxing experience to enjoy their weekend or free time.  Check this out if you are also looking for The Best 3D Projectors in 2021

During the winter season, these kinds of consoles are highly appreciated to keep away the cold. The best thing about them is you can relish your precious time with your dear ones in the group. The smoke arising from the fireplace encourages you to continue chatting when watching TV. They can work in form of a media console, TV stand, and electric fireplace. Furthermore, they will suit the contour of your home to appear elegant. You will be able to relish your home entertainment in a unique way without getting bored. To make an informed decision about the purchase of TV consoles with fireplace, continue reading further:

TV Consoles with Fireplace Reviews | Recommend for your living room

8. Southern Enterprises Narita Media Electric 


Southern Enterprises Narita Media Electric 

The 48″ wide electric fireplace from Southern Enterprises is excellent for the living room and bedroom. Wherever you set up these TV consoles with fireplace, they would add a modern touch. You can set up them in the dining room or home office. Thus, With the help of the included remote control, it is quite simple to operate this fireplace from distance. The noteworthy characteristic of this product is it comes with the glazed pine finish. This helps to make the decor elegant and let you spend your time with good aesthetics.

Discussing the design of this spacious fireplace, it comes with the glazed pine finish. This finish is combined with cross hatch style doors to convey an easy transitional style. The modern style, conveniences, and blend the relaxing radiance of fire in this lavish console. On each side of the firebox,the presence of lattice style cabinets equipped with adjustable shelves. At the top, you will find an open shelf, separated into two parts. Furthermore, The separation through the center support structure. As a result, the design depicts two cabinets, two media shelves, and two adjustable shelves.


  • With the help of an electric space heater, these TV consoles with fireplace generate and dispense the radiant heat speedily and efficiently. The operation is noiseless and the effect of heat is distributed up to 400 square feet.
  • There is the presence of a remote control to control the thermostat, logs, timer, and flames. When you choose the controls properly, you will observe realistic flames working to create a cozy ambiance.
  • The unit works at 1500 Watt, 120 V, and energy efficiency is conveyed with the help of energy saving space heater.
  • In the construction, the unit uses materials like pine, pine veneer, MDF, particle board, metal, glass, resin, and 4mm tempered glass.
  • With the help of two cabinets and two adjustable shelves, the TV panel would be separate and placed over the mantel for comfortable viewing.

Customers who purchased this electric fireplace from Southern Enterprises acknowledged the glazed pine finish of the unit. This unique design felt appealing to their home decor. Besides, they are pleased with the strong construction and ease of remote control.

7. Real Flame Fresno G1200-X-B Entertainment Unit 


Real Flame Fresno G1200-X-B Entertainment Unit 

The G1200-X-B entertainment unit is presented in sleek design and classic black color to enchant your eyes. Noteworthy aspects of these TV consoles with fireplace are the sturdy construction, variable shelves, and excellent balance of height & width. The fireplace works excellently with the potential to present the natural heat. You will certainly admire the huge area of open space located behind the fireplace unit. When you sit around this console, you will relish the splendor of a Real Flame Electric fireplace. This freestanding fireplace can work in form of an entertainment center due to its versatility. Presented in black & white, and dark walnut color, the console unit is capable to hold television weighing up to 100 lbs.


  • The entertainment unit equip with the programmable thermostat presenting the display in °F or °C.
  • Implementation of ultra bright LED technology with five different brightness settings allows you to adjust the optimal brightness.
  • It comes with the digital readout display capable to present auto shut-off feature programmed up to 9 hours.
  • In its construction, there is the use of solid wood and veneered MDF materials. These materials are sturdy and durable.
  • In the box, you will get all the necessary accessories –remote control, wooden mantel, and firebox.
  • Its flame electric firebox would plug inside any standard outlet for hassle-free setup.

Based on the reviews of customers, it is found that these TV consoles with fireplace present the ambiance lighting of the flames. They preferred the lifelike heat experience while watching TV. Besides, they praised the adjustable shelving capable to accommodate most electronic gadgets.

6. Ameriwood Home Manchester Electric Fireplace TV Stand 


 Ameriwood Home Manchester Electric Fireplace TV Stand 

Now you can add a modern touch to your living room or drawing room with the help of these Ameriwood Home Manchester electric based TV consoles with fireplace. The unit is capable to accommodate up to 135 lbs load of TV. Its versatility allows you to relish the TV the flame feature during the warm season too. This console’s spacious construction is capable to accommodate many people in the group. You will be benefitted with the options to vary the flame brightness and heat settings. Based on your convenience, you can set a timer via the remote control or the touch panel. The upgrade of movie or TV show watching experience is now with style when you use this unit.


  • There are four shelves in this console and two of them are adjustable. The adjustable shelves are used for storing your cable box, books, gaming systems, movies and many more.
  • One of the most useful features is the 23” electric fireplace insert. This insert is capable to heat up a room with maximum coverage of 400 sq. ft.
  • With the help of built-in reflectors, the realistic effects are created through AltraFlame technology from this brand. This technology makes use of LED lights capable to last up to 50,000 hours.

Considering the reviews of customers, some of them felt the size of the bulky console . Except that, the majority of the customers reviewed positively about the functioning and design of these TV consoles with fireplace. They expressed how bright the display is and the durability is amazing.

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5. MagikFlame Electric Fireplace and Mantel 


MagikFlame Electric Fireplace and Mantel

Designed in appealing white color, this electric fireplace set up is dedicated to transforming a living environment into a retreat. The size of these TV consoles with fireplace from MagikFlame is little larger than the typical consoles with fireplace. Reason behind this is to let the user experience the warm family atmosphere with spacious setup. Offer the products in form of the premium white mantel and insert combo to make the home decor elegant. Within a few minutes, you can easily accomplish the setup process.


  • This freestanding electric fireplace includes a portable 4,600 BTU electrical power fireplace heater. With the help of this heater, the unit is capable to heat a large 1,000 sq ft room. During winter, you will be able to transform a small home, townhouse, apartment, or condo into a warm place.
  • To employ simple and intuitive remote control, you just need to use the ambiance-only mode with the free iPhone/iPad app.
  • Its unit comes with the do-it-yourself (DIY) installation to streamline the process of setting up. There is no need to carry out the professional installation. The brand offers thorough instructions and designed pieces to speed up the assembly process.
  • In total, there are 26 flames in this fireplace capable to simulate gas, wood burning, and fantasy flames.
  • You can freely choose from a wide assortment of wood burning flames with delicate smoke details or gas burning logs. During the selection process, you can use the hint of blue, identical to fantasy flames or natural gas.

In different places –home, apartment, condo, etc. customers have tried this console with fireplace. Please with the ease of installation and the essential accessories packed in. The wide collection of flames to set the desired one.

4. Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace 


Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace 

When searching for the beautiful electric based accessory for your home, look no further. This electric fireplace with bookcase proves to be elegant and functional to meet the basic requirements. The design of this fireplace depicts a cozy, reddish espresso finish intended to upgrade the look of your room. On the top, above the fireplace, there is a classic floral design carved. The flawless arrangement of the bookcase on both the sides of the fireplace presents sufficient space and storage access. You can easily store your favorite books & magazines, electronic accessories, and home decor accessories. When you set up the system of these TV consoles with a fireplace inside all the offices of a business multiplex, the surrounding would look elegant.


  • The output of the fireplace comprises of realistic multicolor flames and burning logs along with embers. To present a real look, the dynamic embers effect makes the transition from dim to bright light output.
  • With the use of remote control, it is quite simple to control the functioning of the thermostat, logs, timer, and flame.
  • There are two options- you can use with or without a heater.
  • The temperature ratings supported is 62-82 degrees at the precise 4-degree intervals.
  • The entire unit can plug inside the standard wall outlet through 6′ cord.
  • You need not worry about the flames from such TV consoles with a fireplace when the operation turn off. When you turn it off, the flames and logs would gradually turn down.
  • It is possible to keep children away from this fireplace with the help of child safety lock from the remote control.

There are many customers who simply expressed about the time-consuming process of installation. It does take approximately three hours to complete the installation procedure. Other than that, there are no downsides of this wonderful electric fireplace. The final result is amazing, consisting of bright output and hassle-free working mechanism.

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3. Southern Enterprises Antebellum Media Electric Fireplace 


Southern Enterprises Antebellum Media Electric Fireplace 48

The classic cottage styling based design and the multipurpose functionality entice the attention of buyers at the first place. This 48″ wide exquisite Antebellum Media electric fireplace is the perfect choice for those looking for an elegantly designed unit. When you start using these TV consoles with fireplace, you will admire the flickering flame effect and durable LED lights. The eye-catching quality of this unit is its mantel supports up to 85 pounds.


  • To present the excellent heating effect, the fireplace comes with realistic colorful flames and burning logs with cinders.
  • With the help of energy-efficient, durable LED bulbs, provide the constant light output for a long time.
  • It comes with the remote control to flawlessly tune the thermostat, flames, logs, and timer.
  • When the desired temperature attained, the self-regulating heater would turn off automatically.
  • On either side of the firebox, the lower cabinet doors accommodate a variable shelf for ample media storage.
  • Its design depicts a media shelf, two adaptable shelves, two cabinets, and two cord management openings.

The black color body with the walnut finish is highly admired as per the views of different customers.  Please with the bright LED bulbs and multicolor flame output. Overall, there are no much hassles with the use of this fireplace.

2. WE Furniture 48″ Corner TV Stand Fireplace Console


WE Furniture 48

Whenever you are fed up with the disordered arrangement of media accessories kept in your TV stand, go for this fireplace. This Espresso TV stand with fireplace works to organize all of your media accessories and décor in style. Easily set up in any corner of the room without occupying much space. The design exhibits a corner design to consume space in any home office, bedroom, living room, etc. There are many customers who worry about the installation process before purchasing the TV consoles with fireplace. When you purchase this WE Furniture 48″ TV stand with fireplace, there is no need for electricians.


  • To present sturdy construction, this entertainment center made up from high-grade MDF and cover.
  • The unit comes with the side tempered glass cabinet doors. These doors allow you easily access your books, media, books, and different accessories kept inside.
  • There is the presence of beveled edges over the table top to depict elegant style in your room.
  • To indicate bright light output, the fireplace unit comes with the faux log light display. Furthermore, this type of arrangement is capable to heat up the room.
  • Ease of access is presented through double doors equipped with tempered, safety glass panels.

According to the experience of customers, there are no downsides regarding the functioning of this TV stand with fireplace. Regarding the downside, they only expressed that there is only one shelf in the front part. They preferred the ready-to-assemble design with step-by-step instructions.

1. Ameriwood Home Carson Electric Fireplace TV Console 


 Ameriwood Home 1766196PCOM Carson Electric Fireplace TV Console 

It is very simple to adjust your living room with the Ameriwood Home electric fireplace TV console. Any TVs up to 70” with the highest weight limit of 135 lbs, sufficiently accommodated. With the set up of this console, you can revamp your living room with the help of the end table, Carson coffee table, and audio stand. It will enhance your mood with the Cherry and Black or Espresso finish of the audio stand.


  • In this unit, there is the presence of 18” firebox insert. This insert is capable to heat any room with the maximum area up to 400 sq. ft.
  • The console comes with highly efficient LED light capable to work up to 50,000 hours.
  • With the use of two enormous cabinets and open table structure, all the accessories will stay organized. You can neatly keep all the accessories like your cable box, gaming consoles, media players, and audio system.

The included directions are very easy to understand to the majority of the customers. The only concerns are the installation process needs around three hours and the fireplace may get hot occasionally. According to your preference, you can relish the flame with or without heat.

There are few TV consoles with fireplace on the market capable to provide you with the comfortable TV viewing experience. The discussed fireplace unit works excellently to keep all the accessories organized without any hassles. You can enjoy your leisure time when you sit next to the TV console equipped with a fireplace.


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