Top 10 Best Travel Irons In 2021

When traveling and you need to look at your best one can do with the help of the best travel iron. Here we have selected travel irons for you to make your selection easier. So next time you unpack your clothing to find it wrinkled one of these irons can help make you look great.

Best Travel Irons to buy in 2021

10. Utopia

Utopia | Travel Irons

With the Utopia steam iron, you can pack it in your suitcase when traveling or use it at home. The appliance has a 200 ml water tank with a 360° swivel cord and overheats protection. Furthermore, it comes with steam control as well.

  • Lightweight
  • Can use it vertically
  • Adequate steam
  • Adjustable thermostat with overheat protection
  • Some minor complaints of receiving a used iron

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9. Sunbeam

Sunbeam | Travel Irons

For one of the best travel steam irons, you will love this one from Sunbeam. You get an appliance with a dual voltage system making it easy to use on your travels. Furthermore, it comes with a steam burst button and filling the water tanks is easy. You can use the iron with or without steam and control the temperature.

  • Easy fill water tank
  • Designed with a non-stick soleplate
  • Has temperature control
  • Dual voltage system
  • Minor complaints that the water tank leaks

8. Steamfast

Steamfast | Travel Irons

For one of the best travel irons, the Steamfast model comes highly recommended. The appliance has a two-ounce water tank and heats up fast. Furthermore, you have the choice of using two steam burst options. To control the heat, it has a temperature control with two voltage options.

  • Two voltage options making it suitable for traveling
  • Has two steam bursts
  • Heats up fast
  • Comes with a light indicator
  • Minor complaints about receiving used or refurbished irons

7. PurSteam

PurSteam | Travel Irons

With the travel iron from PurSteam, you have all the control to make sure your clothes look great. You get an adapter to use the appliance anywhere and it has a non-slip handle. Furthermore, you get a steam burst button with temperature control.

  • Offers you steam control options
  • Has variable temperatures
  • Designed with non-slip handle
  • Comes with an adapter to use anywhere
  • Will not replace your standard iron

6. Ivation Mini Iron

Ivation Mini Iron | Travel Irons

For traveling, you need a portable iron with a mini design. You can get this and more when you buy the Ivation travel iron. The appliance has a steam control, power, and temperature button on top of the handle. There are three heat settings and it has an anti-drip design.

  • Heats rapidly
  • Has three heat settings with anti-drip design
  • Compact and small to fit into a case or backpack
  • Comes with a plastic measuring cup
  • Will not replace your normal steam iron

5. Marsboy Fabric Streamer

Marsboy Fabric Streamer | Travel Irons

For the best handheld fabric steamer to take with on travels, the Marsboy is always ready to help. The water tanks have a 3.8-ounce capacity and warm up in minutes. You get one-touch control with double and triple click to switch it off. Furthermore, it comes with an auto shut off when the tank is empty.

  • Designed with a removable water tank
  • Cordless and comes with a charging cable
  • Has a fabric brush
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Auto shut off
  • Can do vertical ironing with it
  • Heats up slow

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4. Smagreho Travel Iron

Smagreho Travel Iron | Travel Irons

Here we have a dual voltage travel iron from Smagreho. With the mini design, it fits comfortably into any travel case. Furthermore, it has a 1.4-ounce water tank and has a light indicator. The iron heats up fast and comes with three heat settings.

  • Has one-touch steam control
  • Dual voltage
  • Three heat settings
  • Designed with light indicator
  • Heats up fast
  • None noted

3. Hilife Steamer

Hilife Steamer | Travel Irons

Here is a handheld garment steamer that is great to use on your travels. The mini design takes up little space, and it has a 240ml water capacity. The iron produces powerful steam and has a long power cord. You can use it to steam clothes, bedding, and more.

  • Easy to use and removes wrinkles on garments with ease
  • Compact and small to pack in the suitcase
  • Huge water tank
  • Versatile to use
  • Will not replace your steam iron

2. Conair Hand Held Fabric

Conair Hand Held Fabric | Travel Irons

The next travel iron works with dual heat technology to works five times faster than your steam iron. The appliance has a slide switch to set the heat from low to high. Furthermore, it comes with three attachments to use on different items. You can even use it on mattresses to kill bed bugs and dust mites.

  • Handheld and lightweight
  • Compact
  • Dual heat technology
  • Two steam settings
  • Easy to use
  • Designed with steam lock feature
  • Comes with removable attachments
  • Sometimes it spits out water droplets when steaming

1. Oliso Mini

Oliso Mini | Travel Irons

For the best travel iron, you can look at this one from Oliso with its universal voltage design. The appliance is lightweight and compact for traveling. Furthermore, you can leave the iron facing down with the soleplate. The soleplate is diamond coated with ceramic and comes with a fabric selector and three-year warranty.

  • Comes with a fabric selector
  • Can leave the iron face down
  • Durable water tank
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Made with pivot cord
  • Universal voltage
  • The handle gets warm

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When you travel next time, we hope these best travel irons help you to leave the first impression. So pick your steam iron or handheld steamer from the list to remove all the wrinkles from the clothes left behind from packing. Alternatively, if you need an iron or steam press, make sure to read our other reviews available as well.