The TP-LINK N150 wireless USB adapter enables you to connect any desktop or notebook computer to a powerful wireless network. The speed of connectivity is 150Mbps, and you can attain quick charging using this adapter. The adapter design is miniature and prepared as convenient as possible to enhance the overall look. Once you connect this wireless adapter to a computer’s USB port, you can leave it as it is and enjoy wireless charging. You can carry it on your trips, office, gyms, etc.  The eye-catching aspect of this adapter is its advanced wireless encryption and simple installation.  Let’s look at the details of this wireless USB adapter to know how useful it is:

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You can turn a wired internet connection in a computer or laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Capable to deliver the wireless speed of 150Mbps, this TP-LINK N150 wireless USB adapter meets the expectation of users. This adapter is perfect for smooth video streaming, voice streaming, and online gaming.


Its overall design is sleek and miniature, enticing people to buy it. The compact size and sleek design allow you to connect this nano adapter to the computer’s USB port. This type of design lets you feel like you use a wireless mouse. Its weight is 2.1 grams and this suggests easy portability and use. With carefully made design, there is no hassle of blocking adjacent USB ports. This adapter would not fall down when you move the connected computer.



The USB WiFi adapter – TP-LINK N150 enables you to upgrade your Wi-Fi speeds up to the maximum speed of150Mbps. This speed allows you to do lag-free video streaming and make Internet calls.

Glancing at its compatibility, it is wide and hassle-free. The adapter is compatible with Windows (XP/7/8/8.1/10), Mac OS (10.6~10.11) and Linux Kernal (2.6~3.16). If you own Windows Vista(32/64bits), Windows XP(32/64bits), Windows 7(32/64bits), Windows 8.1/8(32/64bits), Mac OS X 10.7-10.10, or Linux OS, you can use this adapter.

The appealing feature is its external antenna, capable to deliver strong signal as compared to other adapters. Its size is convenient for an AIO desktop, but it may seem large for laptops. You can use it on an outdated Windows computer that is devoid of the built-in wireless network. This implies an excellent upgrade feature.

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The powerful Wi-Fi coverage covers your entire house and the surrounding. High performance is perceived with its 2.4GHz Band Wi-Fi coverage. There are no chances of bad performance because this adapter comes with advanced security. The TP-LINK N150 wireless USB adapter supports 64/128 WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security.



Users using this adapter appreciated the well-made aspect of this device. It comes with reliable USB cable and necessary user manual. It can work flawlessly with the latest Windows 10 desktop. The moment you plug it in, the wireless charging begins instantly.

Its size is small enough to allow easy installation. There are no chances of getting it ruined by sliding a laptop outside of a carrying case. You can easily unplug it. Its golden anodizing touch enhances its look.

The range of operation is broad and works seamlessly. Has good range and works well. It comes with its own Wireless Utility; you can use the built-in Windows utility too.          The device operation would not crowd out access to the adjacent USB port.


Some users complained that after around three to four weeks of use, TP-LINK N150 wireless USB adapter began malfunctioning at irregular intervals. It occasionally fails to work even if you upgrade your OS drivers. For example, when you remove the Windows 8.1 drivers and upgrade to the Win 10 driver, it just starts momentarily. After a few minutes, it again stops working.

It works on USB2.0 device, so the ultimate speed is not experienced. The speed of wireless charging is restricted to 150Mbps. When you wish to use the fast internet, this adapter is not a recommended choice. It is usually advisable to stick with an installed card.


Set Up

It is quite easy and flexible to set up TP-LINK N150 wireless USB adapter. The packaging includes this USB wireless adapter, resource CD, and a quick installation guide. It happens that computer’s OS does not install the TL-WN725N’s driver automatically after the process of the plug-in. For that, you only need to install the driver from the CD or directly from the website of TP-LINK.  Once the driver gets installed, you are allowed to use the incorporated wireless features into your OS to establish a connection to a wireless network. When you wish to utilize the latest features like Soft AP, just install the TP-LINK utility. This would help you gain access to such functions.

For quick set up, simply place the CD inside, plug in the adapter, and follow the instructions. It happens that some users may not know the ways to plug and insert CD inside the computer slot for downloading the driver. These type of users can refer the user manual and installation guide to get a complete idea on installation.

You are allowed to create a hotspot with the SoftAP feature. When there is the availability of only wired Internet connection, it is possible to activate the SoftAP function. This is accomplished once you install the bundled utility software. Consequently, you can prepare a Wi-Fi hotspot for mobile gadgets. You may travel to places where there is a single cable for Internet connection and multiple people to share it. For that, use this feature.

Concluding Note

The features and advantages presented by TP-LINK N150 wireless USB adapter let its user use this device again and again. The need of 150 Mb/s maximum speeds is common and users looking for this wireless charging speed can try this device. A low profile, clean and compact design is the desire of many and this wireless USB charger fulfills it. You can carry it anywhere and accomplish your important tasks without worrying about charging. If there is no access o a network cable, you can install this adapter. The device functions excellently for streaming video and transmitting files across the wireless network.  Overall, it is an excellent wireless adapter for the price.

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