The Introduction to Red Komodo System

Red komodo is a new superior camera by the RED company. It is affordable since it targets people who want to own a high-quality camera with low-budget. The camera can shoot R3Ds videos. Komodo will be the most intriguing gear for all filmmakers. It is ideal in the production of high-end films with excellent recordings. The CEO of the RED company on Instagram demonstrated a phase-detect autofocus system, touch screen, among other features of this superior camera. It is a unique camera with superb features that make it the best RED camera on the market.

The phase-detects autofocus system will make the Red Komodo have a significant advantage on the market and enter into a competition battle with other cameras such as S1H or the upcoming Canon 8K EOS RS. Red Komodo will be more suitable for run-and-gun news videos, documentary shooting, as well as individual film shoots. With this camera, it is possible to use the display to touch focus on various subjects.

The Introduction to Red Komodo System

The Introduction to Red Komodo System

In comparison with other RED cameras, which need other components such as storage, display as well as audio components on top, the Komodo will come with everything for one to shoot right away from the box. This makes Red Komodo an extra-ordinary camera where you need not incur extra cost after purchasing it.

The global shutter sounds pretty sweet, and it helps in reading the entire image at once, hence getting rid of any rolling shutter. This auxiliary camera uses a robust RF mount and a big Canon that helps the shooters to use the lenses direct from the significant RF lens lineup. This also makes the RF mount to get used to the cinema PL and other kinds of mounts through the third-party products.

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Features of Red Komodo System

Features of red komodo

This super camera is superb with extra-ordinary features. The following are the characteristics of red komodo that make it outstanding, elegant, and unique, compared with other types of cameras on the market today.

  • The camera has a Canon RF lens, and it does not have any fixed lens.
  • One cannot attach the red komodo to another RED camera.
  • The camera will be the first to record on non-proprietary media. It is ideal in recording onto CFast cards.
  • It is lightweight since it weighs only two pounds.
  • The camera has a “box” design with 4 inches in any dimension.
  • It is not DSMC3, and it is not an upgrade for DSMC2.
  • The camera does not have an HDMI out port, and instead, it has a 4k SDI output port. It also does not have XLR ports.
  • It features a headphone jack and a 3.5 microphone input.
  • This superior camera is not an 8K VV, nor is it a Helium/Monstro sensor/Dragon/Gemini.
  • Its price is estimated to be $5000-6000, which will remain constant for an extended period.
  • The camera features a Komodo 6K super35 sensor with dimensions of 27.03 mm by 14.25 mm. With these measurements, it means that the sensor is more substantial than the conventional Super35 sensors.
  • You can control the cameral from any of your smartphones.
  • The camera has integrated LCD with an elegant UI that helps in making this camera pretty awesome.
  • It has a top touchscreen menu.
  • The camera also has Wi-Fi that is ideal for remote camera control and monitoring.
  • Red komodo has five function buttons that are easy to use just next to the display.
  • It does not have an option for wireless video feed on smartphones.
  • Red Komodo will also feature a Global Shutter Mode. It can capture footage up to 6k at 40 frames per second by use of full-sensor. The camera can also capture 6K WS at 50 fps in the global shutter mode. One can choose between RAW Codec and RED Code.
  • The camera is ideal in supporting anamorphic recording.
  • It also supports phase-detect autofocus.
  • Red komodo has two Canon BP battery slots that are not hot-swappable. They resemble those of Canon C300 Mark II/C200/ C500 Mark II. The Canon BP batteries are long-lasting and readily available.
  • The camera has external antennas that have a reach of up to 300-feet.

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The Red komodo camera is an excellent and superb camera that will be released anytime in the year 2020. With superior and outstanding features, the camera will be great, and most likely, it will perform well on the market. It will help the filmmaker shoot high-end videos that are clear and outgoing. The camera is affordable compared with other types of cameras with similar features on the market. The Wi-Fi feature helps one to monitor and control the camera from your smartphone. Its long-lasting batteries help you to have an extended recording time, making it ideal for shooting long videos such as documentary shooting. When the camera is released, we will be able to see all these super features with vast format capabilities.

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