You may come across many people who frequently complain about the weak wireless connectivity of their router. Now say goodbye to these types of concerns by incorporating HOOTOO AC1200 router. There are no hassles like forced pausing when streaming a video or movie, unnecessary lagging when playing games online, etc. The router uniquely meets your needs and expectations regarding wireless connectivity, speed, and setup. You can accomplish your urgent tasks on desktops, laptops, computers, etc, with the inclusion of innovative 802.11ac Wi-Fi in this router. The transfer speed is found to be three times faster than the prevailing 802.11n standard. To get a complete idea about this wireless router, refer below sections:



If you are looking for a fast Wi-Fi connection without any delays, just go for this router. Its data transfer is up to 1.2Gbps and this is three times faster than the normal router speed. The speed delivered by HOOTOO AC1200 is so fast that you would surf the web, you would fly over it. The inclusion of antennas, dual-band frequency operation, fast wireless connectivity and easy set up makes it recommended the device to buy.


The outer case of this router comes with an appealing design on it. It makes use of plastic that is reflective and its overall design presents a diamond edge type appearance. This appears unique and elegant. You can set up in the place where you want to enhance the look of the surrounding.

Its back comes with several holes, in order to allow sufficient airflow. This defends it from issues of overheating.  You will be amazed that the bottom incorporates a solid bar and this works to keep this device erect. It would not allow the device to fall or lay flat.



The HOOTOO AC1200 wireless adapter comes with a high capacity of supporting quick Wi-Fi connection. You can relish the Wi-Fi connectivity up to thrice the speed as compared to that of usual routers. This is accomplished with the help of 802.11ac standard and innovative wireless technology. There is no hassle in enjoying instant movie streaming, playing online gaming, and availing strong Wi-Fi speed.

It is found that the speed of data transfer is 1.2Gbps (maximum), and this is thrice that of the present 802.11n standard.

The unique specialty that sets this router apart from the rest is its 10 times fast USB 3.0 speed. You can share local printers and different types of files and media using this port. The USB speed is 10 times faster than that of USB 2.0. You can easily use it to access all the saved files instantly, through an FTP server.

In order to enhance the coverage, this router comes with four antennas. You can feel an extensive and stable coverage with the help of two 5GHz as well as two 2.4GHz antennas. These antennas are positioned alternately to reduce effects of interferences.

It operates in the dual band2.4GHz / 5GHz frequency range. So, you can accomplish any urgent tasks with the use of 300Mbps at 2.4GHz or 866Mbps at 5GHz. This is depended on whether you stream a movie, game online, or send an email.

The HOOTOO AC1200 wireless adapter packs many additional features and they prove the wide utility of this device. It comes with the full speed control, security control (with MAC address & client filter), and URL filtering -blacklisting for parental control.



You can rely on the performance delivered by the HOOTOO AC1200 wireless router in every aspect. The experience of internet use and signal coverage is incredible. The functioning of this router at dual-band frequencies removes the interference and enhances the signal output. Those users who have already used this device suggested that there are no complaints on speed and connectivity. This indirectly implies reliable performance of this wireless router. You can play any video without any delays.


This HOOTOO AC1200 router works seamlessly as compared to any other “4 antennae” designed router model. You can easily configure it for whatever requirements you may have. The unique specialties of this device are its user-friendly utility and high-speed. You can use it in a multi-story home or building without experiencing connectivity issues. The coverage presented is great for large area home or building.

There are no much hassles in configuring this router. The firmware updates can be simply searched on Google. The 2.4G, as well as 5G networks, function seamlessly. The inclusion of USB 3.0 and SD ports provides fast access.

Those who have used it suggested that it does not require much time to set up. The packaging includes necessary instructions and guide. You can relish Netflix, Crunchyroll, and MBL.TV without any speed issues.



When the router is positioned at height, it doesn’t work well. The connectivity issues get resolved when the router is moved to the bottom floor. Its antenna uses the fragile material in its construction and many breaks if used haphazardly.

Its firmware only comes with password setting but does not come with username details. This makes it difficult to set up. Detailed instruction on firmware is not provided. There is no guest network available. The provision to mount it on the wall is not available.

Set Up

The process to set up HOOTOO AC1200 wireless router is quick and hassle-free. It comes with all the basic connections required. The entire process of setting of this router is accomplished in 7 easy-to-follow steps, via the admin page. The CD included in the packaging comes with all the necessary instruction for installation.

Concluding Note

HOOTOO AC1200 router removes the concern of how to establish quick and reliable wireless connection to different devices. Irrespective of your location in your home or building, you will be served with fast wireless connectivity. The expectations of fast video streaming, seamless online gaming, and quick internet access are now fulfilled with this router. With ten times fast connectivity and ten times fast data transfer speed, this device surely needs your attention to try. The regular use of this wireless router would enhance you the way you access the internet and related tasks. Just follow the instructions suggested in the manual and you are all set to use it.

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