What the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant?

To begin with, people should really understand the fact that waterproof and water-resistant can confuse to mean the same thing when it’s actually not the case. The truth is that these two wordings are used by most people in the same sense of dictionary form when both terminologies have a great differentiating factor to it. I’ll try to further explain the difference between the two terms nicely and neatly, so from now on using these words properly in a sentence could be done by everyone. Without hesitation and confusion of the similarity factor.

Learn the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant

Waterproof Term:

Learn the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant

Waterproof, essentially means that no water could actually sip through, water-impermeable qualities it possesses. Literally, if a product says it’s made waterproof, therefore water realistically can’t penetrate through. Even if that product sunk and it currently underwater, you could rest assure that things inside of it is still dry and free from even the slightest form of wetness.

Water-resistant Term:

Learn the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant

Water-resistant holds quite a similar dictionary description to it, in relative to waterproof. Basically, water-resistant could as well resist the sipping or penetration of water but only to a certain level or degree. If a product you purchase claim to be water-resistant, therefore you should be careful to a certain level still. For if that level or degree pass then that’s when water might be sipping through that certain product of yours. Don’t even mention the fact of trying to experiment with it by putting it underwater for a certain period of time. Wasting precious time. But if you’re not sure of these definitions and want to check it out for yourselves, then be my guest.

The Differentiating Factor Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant:

Learn the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant

The thing about these two wordings is that people who don’t really pay close attention might not realize that these terms are rated differently in a sense of water penetration scale. Waterproof does not allow the entering of the liquid state of matter. Water-resistant, could only withstand the intruding of liquid at a certain level. Water-resistant has limitations, whereas waterproof despises the word ‘limit’.

The consumers, should be aware and not be fooled by most sellers with their marketing strategies. Telling you stuff like, this computer or laptop bag is of water-resistant, knowing that many people would think it’s the same, definition-wise, to the word waterproof.

See, had you have known the difference between these two words then you could have saved your laptop from damages. You could have saved much time and effort just by reading this article before purchasing it. Also, don’t blame the marketers for using this strategy against you, you the buyers must find ways to out-smart them back. Don’t let them get you easily ever again.

Final Thought

Finally, after comprehending the total differences between waterproof and water resistant’s dictionary forms. You now know what’s right to purchase and what is just the advert’s way of confusing users. Products on the open market now, won’t be able to fool you into thinking they mean the same thing anymore. Realizing that the penetration of water completely is waterproof and when water can penetrate through when over the limits, is water-resistant. You’ve learned new things now and clearly that must have blown your mind away.

So, from now on, you as well shouldn’t be using these two terminologies interchanging with one another and do past on this knowledge to other fellow consumers or friends of yours. Spread the wisdom, make people more aware. Maybe in the near future, everyone would fully grasp the unique wordplay between waterproof and water-resistant.


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