The 4TB External Hard Drive Vs New 5TB External Hard Drive

The 4TB External Hard Drive Vs New 5TB External Hard Drive

The need to increase the capacity of the laptops and desktops to hold more data has led to the development of the hard drive with more capacity than the laptops. Some of the modern laptops can store data of up to 2TB. The regular laptops in the market have a storage capacity of 1TB or 500GB. The development of this large capacity hard drive has made it easy for most people to store their data at a central place, making it easy to guard and protect them from distortion. Here are some of the common characteristics of the 5TB and 4TB external hard drives.

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  • Battery type

Battery type

Both the hard drives use the batteries that contain lithium ions, which are the best in the market. The lithium ions battery in both the 4TB and 5TB work for more than 24 hours when fully charged for two hours, but when charged for three hours, it works for more than three hours. It is mostly advisable to fully charge the hard drive before using them to increase the durability of the battery.

  • Shock-resistant

These two hard drives have military-grade shock-resistant that makes the best for holding more data. No amount of data that can destroy the hard drive internal system; this makes the two hard drive best for storing bulk data. Hard drive without internal shock-resistant gets easily damaged when one sends bulk data at once, which destroys the internal structure of the hard drive. The shock-resistant system uses the three stages of the advanced-system in both the 4TB and 5TB that make the data safe and secure. This system ensures if one of the documents contains a virus, it does not affect the other data in the hard drive.

  • Durable


The 4TB and 5TB hard drives are durable compared to most of the hard drives. Most companies cannot develop the hard drives with that capacity; this makes them authentic from the companies with capability alone. The hard drives have the rubber coating on the outer part that makes them safe even if they fall, and it will not break or spoil. Although, how you take care of the hard drive determines its durability.

  • High connectivity

External Hard Drive


The 4TB and 5TB have high connectivity to all systems that use the Microsoft Windows and Mac computers. This fast connectivity makes it easy for someone to transfer a lot of data from laptops and other devices and store them in the hard drive for future use. The connectivity of the hand drives becomes easy because of the two types of USB ports available on the hard drive. The hard drive contains the USB 3.0 port and cable that connect the laptop or computer with the hard disk, which is highly effective. The two hard drives are also compliant with the USB 2.0 specification of Hi-speed, which makes it the hard drive with a difference.

Despite some standard features between the 4TB and 5 TB hard drives, there are a lot of differences in these drives that separate the quality and the quantity of the hard drive. Find some of the significant differences between the 4Tb and 5TB hard drives.

  • Data transfer speed

Data transfer speed


According to the information from Seagate technology, the recently released world 5TB hard drive can transfer data at the rate of 120MB/s, making it the fastest speed in the transfer of data in the world when using the USB 3.0 connection. The 4TB hard drive transmits data at a rate of between 80 and 100 MB/s when using the USB3.0 connection. The 5TB sends 40 Mb/s more than the 4TB hard drive. In case you want to convey a lot of data within the shortest time possible, it is advisable to use 5TB hard drive, especially those working in the media house, and need to edit the news before transmitting them.

  • Price

Price | External Hard Drive

The price of each of the hard drives is the difference with a vast significance. 5TB being the latest hard drive in the makes trades between 189.99 US dollars while the 4TB goes at a market price of between 25 and 94.99 US dollars.

  • The capacity of the hard drive

The 5 TB hard drive contains most space in the world currently. Its size is an estimate of the capacity of five Samsung laptops. The high capacity of the 5TB hard drive makes it the best for people who deal with data transfer. The difference of 1TB between the 5TB and the 4Tb is enormous because it determines the speed at which the hard drive operates at which makes it best for field duties

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  • Weight of the hard drive

Weight of the hard drive | External Hard Drive

These two hard drives the 4TB and 5TB from Seagate Company weigh the same, and they have 9.1 ounces by weight. Despite the increase in technology, and the capacity of the 5TB hard drive, the importance of the hard drive is the same. The reduced weight of the hard drive has made it easy for someone to carry the hard drive with ease and move with it from one place to the other. The hard drive fits in the pockets of many trousers, increasing its mobility.

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In conclusion, most of the 4TB and 5TB features have resembled each other, including the weight, shape, and color. This similarity has made most of the people purchase 4TB hard drive while they desire the 5TB. The main difference is the storage capacity and the speed of transmission of the data.

5TB transmits data faster compared to the 4Tb and to check the ability of the hard drive to confirm in the laptop. The hard drive should charge separately before using it to make it easy for one to use it at any point. It has a light that causes them to function as a touch at night or when entering the darkroom. Most of the 5TB and 4TB hard drive can work as a power bank for smartphones but to ensure the durability of the hard drive it is not advisable

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