One of the most admired vintage-styled speakers in the market is TEWELL Retrorock. To someone who is not familiar with the technology the manufacturer uses to achieve this look, it is easy to assume it is an old junk inherited from someone.

This speaker is nice to fit on the floor, desk, table, or bookshelf. It has good wireless connectivity and perfect wired connection capability. Tewell Retrorock produces sounds of right frequencies and a reasonable bass for its size.

That is an excellent device worth spending on if you are looking for a speaker to use with your turntable, smartphone, projector, computer or projector. We have discussed more details in this review of TEWELL Retrorock speaker. Read then go for it.

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Ultimate Reviews of the TEWELL Retrorock

This Retrorock speaker can be ideal for comfortably in a small room since it does not require much space. It has magnificent sound and alluring design to match any of your beautiful rooms. Read on to discover its style and features.


TEWELL Retrorock

This device is a beauty. It has a vintage appearance which comprises a couple of analog parts. When you look at the front face, there is a metallic fabric. The casing is leatherette, and there are some gold accents which make it more vintage. The power switch is an old-fashioned toggle, and the volume knob is also old-school.

This unit has a shape similar to a box and has a smooth surface. It has the brand logo located in front of the speaker.

The aux port and all controls are on top of the speaker. There is a button of selecting the Bluetooth or aux mode, one to play and pause, another one to switch the next track and a fourth to go back to the previous track. All the buttons are well placed to avoid fumbling, and they have a tactile feel to touch.

Behind the speaker, there is an AC jack of standard size and the woofer port.

TEWELL Retrorock is 5.9 inches tall, 5.9 inches deep and 10.2 inches wide. This unit has a weight of 4.5 pounds only. The package comes with the power adaptor and the auxiliary cable. This speaker can be operational from any part of a room due to its simple design.


TEWELL Retrorock

The capacity of TEWELL Retrorock is higher than others of its similar sized speakers. With a good AC power source, the speaker produces adequate sound response frequency to satisfy every ear and soul in the room.
The powerful sound of this speaker is well-balanced and comes out clearly. It has a boosted bass in order to give you the best lows of any jazz, rock, pop or hip-hop. TEWELL Retrorock speaker produces a premium 24 Watt audio. This sound comes as a result of the bass reflex system and drivers that are professionally tuned. You can sit back and relax watching movies, listening to music and playing games with the real soundtracks coming to your living room.

The feature that makes TEWELL Retrorock an outstanding speaker is its retro-looking nature. As discussed earlier, you will realize that everything from controls, wrapping, and switches complements its décor.

If you are looking for a speaker to use without wire connections, you should consider this TEWELL Retrorock. The unit has Bluetooth connectivity which can be suitable with compatible devices. The devices may be a computer laptop, smartphone or tablet. That will allow you to stream music and videos while this speaker produces the sound.

For other non-Bluetooth devices, you can use the aux cable which has double ends with 3.5mm plugs. This stereo cable can also be compatible with blue-tooth enabled devices when if you do not need a wireless connection. A warranty and some accessories come in the pa after purchase. TEWELL Retrorock can be perfect for house parties to entertain friends, listening to music and movies at home and while playing video games.


TEWELL Retrorock

The sound of TEWELL Retrorock is pronounced and articulate. The mids and the highs are well-balanced throughout its frequencies. This is due to its high performing drivers.

The lows are amazing and bright all through. This revolutionary bass is more precious than you might expect.

Its Bluetooth connection works perfectly with 4.2 and recent versions of Bluetooth. The connection remains strong within a big range, and the signal is lost when far, just like other Bluetooth speakers.

You may be wondering how this vintage design constitutes to the sound performance. Well, the leather body and adopted wood minimize distortion and resonance in large portions. That makes the speaker deliver gentle and soft audio.

Set up

When it comes to set a wireless connection, use the Bluetooth switch on top of the speaker to turn on. Search for the speaker’s name in your phone or tablet and pair. Around the volume knob, you will note a blue LED light blinking after successful pairing. It only takes a few seconds to complete, and the light becomes steady. After this, you can stream your music and movies as you listen.

As mentioned earlier, every knob and button is on one side. You can increase the volume and regulate the bass and tremble according to your taste.

There are other keys to control Bluetooth input audio by pausing, playing, going to the next and previous song. All the controls are simple even without a user manual.


This old-school styled speaker has a design that uses modern technology and can be used just like other speakers. Although it is not portable, the speaker is worth having in your fancy room. It matches perfectly with wooden furnitures such as shelves, tables, and stands.

This speaker has excellent performance and will give you the best movie and game sounds. It is loud enough to play music while having dinner with your family and friends. TEWELL Retrorock is suitable for people who do not like sophisticated devices and prefer beautiful antique speaker which serve the same purpose.

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