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VPN on Android

VPN on Android: What It Is and Why You Need It

For whatever reason, there is a misconceived notion that Android devices are somehow safer than their desktop counterparts. But the underlying truth remains the same: vulnerabilities are everywhere, and no device can ever be 100% secure from an attack. However, the good news is cybersecurity on Android devices depends on what you put into it, […]

Routers for VPN

Best Routers for VPN in 2021

It is important to know “What VPN routers are?” Routers for VPN is nothing but a simple router, but it has VPN client software installed in it. Thus, every device that connects to the router gets secured by VPN. You should know that there are a number of benefits of using this very option. Some […]

ZYXEL Next Generation VPN Firewall

.   Browsing safely and keeping your data private is a key issue in any office. With the heightened cyberbullying, cybercrime and other online crimes, securing your home or office connected with a super VPN firewall is now key. This why we have brought you ZYXEL next-generation firewalls, that accelerates security for SMB market and […]