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TP Link AC1900

TP-Link AC1900 Wireless Router Review

TP-Link AC1900 Wireless Router Review When one looks at the TP-Link AC1900 (C9) wireless router, it deserves a top spot for long-range coverage and speed. TP-Link has built the C9 off the same form as the C8 and has some great upgrade features from the C7 model. If you live in a large home with […]

ASUS ONHUB AC1900 – Google WiFi Router

allbestwifirouter.com/wp-content/uploads/ef=”https://www.asus.com/”>ASUS ONHUB AC1900 dual-band router has arrived in town. This wireless device works optimum and auto-updates so as not to impact your normal router usage. The good part of it is that Google has announced a firmware update in the next couple of weeks that will make the device’s antennae more intelligent. You will, thus, […]