Top 10 Best Table Tennis Conversion Tops in 2019

Do you have limited space at home to play Ping-Pong at home? Convert your table with the top 10 best table tennis conversion tops reviewed here.

With the conversion tops, you can change your dining room table, pool table, and more into a table tennis top for the whole family to enjoy.

Each product on the list gives you attention to detail made with high-quality materials. So pick one today and start playing the game in the comfort of your home.

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Best Table Tennis Conversion Tops in 2019

10. EastPoint Sports Foldable Table Tennis Conversion Top

EastPoint Sports Foldable Table Tennis Conversion Top

For a ping pong tabletop to use in the home is the EastPoint brand, which is a leader in Tailgate Games. The foldable top you can store anywhere in the house. Furthermore, the tabletop comes with quality foam pads as well. The nine-foot conversion tabletop gives you the correct speed and bounce rate you need to enjoy table tennis.

  • Needs no assembly
  • Made for indoor play
  • Comes with steel net and post set
  • Table folds in half for storage
  • Weight is 85.5 pounds
  • 9 Foot Long x 5 Foot Wide

9. Franklin Sports Table Tennis Table

Franklin Sports Table Tennis Table

Do you have a small place without a dining room or pool table but still want to enjoy a game of ping-pong? You may like the table tennis table from Franklin. The mid-size table you can put together in minutes and lightweight to fold and store with the integrated handles.

  • Assembly is tool-free and unfolds in minutes
  • Folds up for storage and has handles for transporting
  • You can level it with the adjustable leg levelers
  • Built-in ball and paddle holders in the net structure

8. Hathaway Maverick Multi-Game Surface

Hathaway Maverick Multi-Game Surface

For a leading brand in ping-pong tabletops, the Hathaway brands stand high on the list as being one of the best. The high-end model is 7-foot and provides you with multiple game options as a tennis or pool table. Included you get all the necessities from two billiards, pool balls, two pool cues, cue chalk, net posts, two paddles, and two ping pong balls.

  • 180 Day Warranty
  • Comes with levelers on each leg
  • Height of the table is 30.5-inches
  • Sets up and removes comfortable for storage
  • Comes with all accessories for playing table tennis and pool

7. Hathaway Quick Set Table Tennis Conversion Top

Hathaway Quick Set Table Tennis Conversion Top

For one of the easiest ping-pong tabletops to store you can benefit using the Hathaway Quick Set model. As with the majority of table tennis tops, this one also has, four hinges and fits a regular 9-foot billiard table. Furthermore, it comes with snap-in nets and a 180-day warranty.

  • 180 Day Warranty
  • Provides secure storage with the four-hinged system
  • Has felt padding on the underside to protect the billiard table

6. JOOLA Conversion Top

JOOLA Conversion Top

For the best ping-pong tabletop, you can look at the JOOLA Tetra model made for different sized tables. The table folds compact for storage with the two halves and lightweight at 85 pounds to carry. Furthermore, you can use it on top of a standard pool table. At the bottom, it has foam padding to protect the other table.

  • The surface comprises PVC laminate and Particle Board
  • Offers a 12mm playing surface for blue conversion and 15mm for black
  • Comes with a four-piece hinge system for storage
  • Has protective padding at the bottom
  • Comes with the net set included

5. JOOLA Table Tennis Conversion Top

JOOLA Table Tennis Conversion Top

Here we have another excellent JOOLA ping-pong tabletop for you to look at. The table tennis top comes with a foam backing and a net set. The tabletop fits a standard billiard table, and you can store it anywhere in minutes.

  • Two halves that fit together and fold up for storage
  • Comes with custom net set included
  • Has foam padding underneath to protect your billiard table from scratches
  • Made for professional level table tennis playing

4. Martin Kilpatrick Pool Table Ping Pong Top

Martin Kilpatrick Pool Table Ping Pong Top

For a first-rated ping-pong conversion top with a three-year warranty, nothing comes close to the Martin Kilpatrick. The tabletop you can use with your dining room or pool table as it comes with a 9×5 metal apron. At the bottom is foam padding to protect the other table from scratches. Furthermore, you can buy it in three different colors.

  • Made with two locking halves
  • Backed with a three-year warranty
  • Regulation sized ping-pong top
  • Has foam protection to protect the dining room or billiard table

3. Picotech Ping Pong Table Topper

Picotech Ping Pong Table Topper

The Picotech table tennis top you can place on top of your pool table. The four-piece system assembles quickly and comes with a net post. You can even set it on an air hockey table as well.

  • Made for indoor use
  • Assembles quick and comes with cushion protection to protect the under table
  • Comes with a clamp-style net and post
  • Assembled dimension is 108-inches by 60-inches

2. STIGA Duo Ping Pong Tabletop

STIGA Duo Ping Pong Tabletop

With the STIGA, you can convert your pool table into a table tennis top. The ping-pong top is easy to assemble to enjoy fun activities at any time of the day. The ½-inch tops ideal for table tennis and you will need to purchase the net and posts separately.

  • Comes with side strips to align appropriately with the pool table
  • Works with both 7-foot and 8-foot tables
  • Has rubber strips to keep the top secure in place
  • Designed with center-mounted steel stiffeners

1. Viper Table Tennis Top

Viper Table Tennis Top

For an affordable ping-pong tabletop, the Viper model has a low-cost. The tri-fold model stores comfortably compared to the two-fold design. You can place it on almost any table, but it is not a regulation board and for fun. Furthermore, it comes with the balls, paddles, side pockets, and carrying case. Other games included with your purchase is a checkers, backgammon, and chessboard.

  • Stores quick with the tri-fold design
  • Fits most tables
  • Comes with all the accessories and extras

These are the best ping-pong tabletops available on the market. While the JOOLA and Maverick stand out from the rest, the other table tennis conversion tops remain tops. All of them offer you compact storage with ease of use and have a sleek design. Whether you need one for fun or professional playing, we hope you find the best one here on our list.

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