Top 10 Best Steam Press in 2019

For someone who always need to iron their stuff, investing in a nice quality steam press is really useful. It does the job really and it’s quick. There are many steam press available on the market today. It varies in sizes, features and price. As a result, it’s quite a task to find out which one it really worth the money. So we are here to help you out. The following is a list of the top ten best steam press of 2019.

Top 10 Best Steam Press in 2019 Preview

10. Steamfast SF-680

Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press with Multiple Fabric Settings and Steam Burst Function,Stainless/Black

The 10 ounce water tank of this steam press makes it heats up very quickly. Also, it has an automatic shut off feature too. Moreover, it has a digital control with five fabric settings. It includes nylon, silk, wool, cotton and linen. Plus, it has a large steaming surface that is really easy to work with. It is 25×10.5 inches. Furthermore, this steam press has press lock feature and it is really easy to carry with. Plus, it is easy to store too. On top of that, it also comes with a spray bottle, pressing cushion and a measuring cup.


  • heats up quickly

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9. Minetom Garment Fabric Steamer

Minetom Garment Fabric Steamer- Full Size Heavy Duty Professional Garment Steamer with Hanger, Brush, Anti-scalding, 70 min Continuous, 4 Level Steam Adjustment

Steam away the wrinkles and sanitize fabrics quickly with this steam press. It is really powerful and it offers great superheated system. Also, it has Thermostat and Thermal link feature that turns off automatically when water level is too low. Moreover, this steam press allows you to iron your clothes professionally. It’s suitable for all types of clothes and even for household cleaning. Furthermore, it has three high-class adjustable level for you to choose from which is really useful. On top of that, this steam press automatically enters a Standby mode once the steam press runs out of water. This is very helpful and it also ensures safety when in use.


  • safe
  • Fast and powerful
  • high-quality accessories

8. Cirago LS-609C Professional Heavy

Cirago LS-609C Professional Heavy Duty Hanging Clothes Steamer,2.2 L(74OZ) 80min of Continuous, 2 Level Steam Adjustment, with Fabric Brush/Garment Hanger/Anti-scalding, 2.2L, White/Black

Cirago steam press is suitable for all types of clothing. This has two levels design for you to choose from. If you’re using it for thin fabrics, select the low setting. And as for thicker fabrics, just press the high settings. This is really convenient. It has a compact size water tank that is able to run 80min in high setting which is quite powerful. Moreover, it can automatically enter standby just like the previous one to ensure safety. Furthermore, the materials of this are top quality and they also use advanced technology.


  • high-quality accessories

7. Pure Enrichment PureSteam Pure Enrichment PureSteam Pro Upright Clothes Steamer with Garment Hanger and 4 Steam Levels - Heats in 45 Seconds with Half Gallon Water Tank for 1 Hour Continuous Steaming - Includes Fabric Brush

With the steaming power of 1500 watts, this steam press is really safe and powerful. This can soften and de-wrinkle any fabrics effectively. Whether it’s for clothing, curtains, bedding etc. Moreover, it heats up really quickly and it has a 2 liters transparent water tank which is really easy to see when to refill. Also, you can detach it to refill water simply and easily. Furthermore, it even comes with a garment hanger and a fabric brush.


  • heats in seconds

6. Steamfast SP-660 Steam Press

Steamfast SP-660 Steam Press with Multiple Fabric Settings and Steam Burst Function

Steamfast steam press stays true to its name because it has really quick heat up time. It has a 10-ounce water tank that heats up in just three seconds. Plus, the tank is easy to remove and this has five digital control fabric settings. It also comes with other accessories such as spray bottle, pressing cushion and a measuring cup.


  • heats in seconds
  • Large steaming surface

5. Ironing Press With Integrated Sleeveboard

Ironing Press With Integrated Sleeveboard INCLUDES STAND! For Dry or Steam Pressing, 1400 Watts! 38 Powerful Jets of Steam, 100lbs of Pressure, Includes Extra Cover+Foam ($35 Value)! (Medium With Stand)

If you’re someone who constantly needs to iron something, you need this steam press in your life. Having this will make your job so much easier. It removes wrinkle in no time and it’s really easy to use. Plus, it heats up really quickly. This has a large ironing surface so you can easily iron multiple fabric at one. Moreover, this has amazing quality and a crazy outstanding value. Furthermore, its design allows you to conveniently operate it with one hand. This is powerful yet lightweight.

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4. Reliable Aria 350SP XL

Reliable Aria 350SP XL (32" x 11") Digital Steam Press with Auto Steam, Variable Temperature, 1800W, Non-Stick Soleplate, Childproof Safety Locks, Auto Steam, Open Wider, Digital LED Accuracy

Remove any wrinkles on the fabric with this steam press. It features a digital LED thermostat that ensure that every wrinkle on the fabric goes away. Plus, this new 350SP It is  uses an automatic steam function. Also, its comes with a replaceable water tank as well as an anti-scale water filter.


  • digital led accuracy
  • Automatic steam

3. Super Premier Double Size Ironing Press

3. Super Premier Double Size Ironing Press; 1800watts! Halves Your Ironing Time! Can be Used as Dry Press or 38 Powerful Steam Jets. FREE ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Extra Cover and Foam, Pressing Cushion, Filler Jug, Spray Bottle, Instructional DVD B00OUGRKEE

This steam press has quite a large ironing surface and it’s going save you so much time. With such a large surface, you can steam multiple clothing at once. Also, you can operate it by using only one hand. Plus, you can use this even with delicate fabrics. Moreover, it has an automatic shut off feature to ensure safety as well.


  • large ironing surface

2. Elnapress 720

2. Elnapress 720 B007DIGFD8

Elnapress steam press offers you professional result in just a short amount of time. It is quick and steams out the wrinkle evenly. Also, it is really safe for you to use. It is  shuts off automatically after 10 seconds in closed position. Moreover, you no longer need water with this since it has exclusive VapoJet steam.

1.SINGER Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam press

SINGER Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Portable with A Large Pressing Surface & Auto Shut-Off with Audible Alarm5

Singer Magic steam press is able to offer you a professional pressing result on your own. It has a large surface and it allows you to steam multiples at once. This is really time saving and convenient. Also, this is very easy to store. Plus, it has an auto shut-off feature to ensures safety as well. Moreover, it also comes with a spray bottle, measuring and a pressing cushion to make your job a little easier.


  • large surface
  • Portable

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With all this information and details, we hope we are able to help you out. All these steam press are very high quality. We did thorough research before we put each one of this list. So don’t hesitate to choose any from the list above.

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