Best Stage Pianos In 2021

Are you a performer and need the right musical instrument to give your best performance? Then we can help with the best stage pianos reviewed here. So if you want to provide a softer, more thrilling, and louder performance, give them a try.

Best Stage Pianos Review

9. Korg SP280

Korg SP280 | Stage Pianos

For the best affordable stage piano, the Korg SP280 is a great option. The keyboard has a modern design that is lightweight and easy to operate. Furthermore, it produces the sound you want, and the user manual is easy to follow.

  • Gives an excellent concern sound
  • Stylish design with a 30 high output amp
  • Designed with a line in and outs to connect to different devices
  • You get a soft pedal unit
  • Offers spacious choruses
  • Heavy instrument

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8. Nord 3

Nord 3 | Stage Pianos

Here we have the best professional heavy weighted stage piano with impressive features. You get three sound generation sections made up of organ, synthesizer, and piano. The keyboard comes with three slots enabling you to play all three instruments together

  • Comes with pedals for hand and foot use
  • Designed with different types of layouts with dynamic patches
  • Compact and portable
  • Made with low power consumption
  • The user manual is clear to understand
  • Works with electric power and has no battery backup
  • Made for professionals and not beginners


7. oland FP-60

oland FP-60 | Stage Pianos

While the Roland FP-60 is not cheap, it remains one of the best stage pianos to use. You can use it for different performances, from learning to play to pleasing others. The keyboard is in a modern cabinet to help save space. Furthermore, it has a Bluetooth connection to use with your wireless devices.

  • Made with Bluetooth connection
  • Designed with 288 voice engine sound
  • Comes with an organ, electric piano, and string sound
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The height is flexible
  • Does not have battery backup and needs electric power

6. Roland JUNO

Roland JUNO | Stage Pianos

Here we have the best sounding stage piano from Roland at an affordable price. You get the best synthesizer features and automated to synthesis your voice and customizable. Furthermore, it has a USB memory for storing songs and sample keys. Moreover, it comes with 88 keys with a compact design.

  • Comprise USB memory
  • Designed with 88-note ivory keys
  • Compact and portable
  • Supports foot and hand slides with hand knobs
  • Made with the eight-track pattern sequencer
  • Compatible with other devices
  • Many musicians have said that the sound is not that impressive

5. Yamaha CP-88

Yamaha CP-88 | Stage Pianos

Here is another stage piano at a reasonable price. The keyboard allows you to play different genres of music as well. You can use it as an electric or upright piano. Moreover, it has adapted light elements with inbuilt instruments. You get ivory key-notes made with natural wood, and you can customize tunes as well.

  • Portable design
  • Easy to use
  • Great for live performances with the built-in instruments
  • Works with electric power and has no battery backup

4. Casio Privia

Casio Privia | Stage Pianos

The following stage piano has powerful speakers with a modern design. You get output jacks on both sides of the keyboard. Included is a damper pedal to give a realism sound with voice production. The reason for the exceptional sound is the Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator offering you new strings when performing.

  • Contains AiR for a great sound
  • Works well with grand piano and electric
  • Allows for bass playing with the designed slip
  • Excellent for learning to play
  • Built-in two-track recorder with playback
  • Inbuilt lessons and songs
  • Line out jacks and portable
  • Does not have different instrument voices

3. Nord Electro 6D

Nord Electro 6D | Stage Pianos

For the best 61-key stage piano, you will find the Nord an exceptional instrument to use at live performances. The manufacturers of the keyboard have expanded with the memory. Even the sound effects improved, and it consists of an OLED screen.

  • Expanded memory up to 512mb
  • Great sound effects
  • Easy to use OLED control panel
  • Semi-weighted key-bed
  • Made for professional players
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive and the filters a bit reduced

2. Kawai MP11

Kawai MP11 | Stage Pianos

Now, if you want the best professional stage piano, we recommend this one from Kawai. You get 88 piano-style keys with high-quality sound. The design is modern and digitalized. Lastly, you get a wide selection of premium voices as well.

  • Expanded memory for storing sounds
  • Great sound effects
  • Comes with an amp simulator to broaden sounds
  • Heavy and not very portable to use

1. Nord 5

Nord 5 | Stage Pianos

Here we have a 73-key stage piano from Nord that is another excellent keyboard to have. The instruments have a reliable construction with unique keys made for strenuous playing. Furthermore, it has an organ section with a piped model sound. Moreover, you get 1GB memory to store sounds as well.

  • Exceptional memory up to 1GB
  • Made with 73 keys
  • Durable construction
  • Designed with a piped organ section
  • Has no pitch bend and few sounds

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With the best stage pianos, you have an all-round instrument to perform live on stage. The portable design makes it easy to transport while the features allow you to use it anywhere. You can play different tunes and record music. So take control of your music skills today and invest in one of these digital keyboards here.