Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker

Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker is from Extra Bass series of the Sony Music accessories. Are you looking for a mono speaker? Then this one is a very great choice for you. This is because it’s making is in a great way. It can be able to deliver bass with the large driver that it has. With the amazing compact design, you can be sure that it will serve for a long period and more efficiently. It got an option to be able to connect 2 of them. This way, you are going to get the stereo sound using them. These speakers get to come in 4 colors mainly; black, blue, red and green.

Sony XB10 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth, Black

Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker Review

As it has been stated above, this is among the best speakers available in the market within its specification range. However, you are wondering how much effective it is. What also does it provide to the client or buyer? Well, keep on reading to learn more about the incredible design. Also, the excellent features which do make it the alluring product. Keep on reading!

Sony XB10 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth, Black


It does come in a very pretty small box with a unit, USB cable for charging and a lot of documentation which includes the warranty. With the Aux cable not included, many have people seen this as a con. This is mainly because it should come in this box as it allows you to be able to play directly using aux. The speaker is very small and also cylindrical. With the silicone strap, it can easily be hooked to the carabiner or even hook to be able to hang it while you are playing music.

Top of speaker are grills and bottom got some openings for the bass creation. It has all buttons on the side as well as Sony branding too. The rubbery material covers this whole speaker. Mainly, it is for the water resistant feature. Micro-USB port and the audio in port has been hidden away under the rubber tab. The microphone has been provided with buttons for calling purposes.

To ensure connectivity, it does come with the NFC for a faster connection and the AUX port for the wired connection to a source. AUX cable has been included with speakers. It is water resistant as it has theIPX5 water protection that does make it to be splash resistant but not when immersed fully. Battery life is approximated to be sixteen hours to Sony Website. Speaker is lightweight, and it does weigh 260 grams.


  • Item weight: 11.4 ounces.
  • Item dimensions: 3.4 x 3.4 x 4.3 inches.
  • Batteries: Lithium batteries are needed.  
  • Water-resistant design.
  • Battery life: 16 hours.  
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth.

The first feature of Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker is bass quality. Wireless speaker is from Extra Bass Series. Sony offers great Bass ready audio devices as well as accessories such as headphones and much more.

Another feature is the fact that if you need bass and even the stereo quality sound, you will only need to connect 2 Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker and boom! You get excellent stereo sound. NFC connectivity is there on speaker for much faster connectivity with various smartphones.

Speaker is splash-proof. You can be able to use it near pool or even in the rain. As a result of the strap that it has, you can be able to hang it anywhere. The most extraordinary feature is long battery backup, and Sony has stated that it lasts for a maximum of sixteen hours.


Sony XB10 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth, Black

Clearly, this wireless speaker has been made to deliver bass. Sony performed a very great job in ensuring that it does so. Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker provides an amazing bass that can be able to groove the whole indoor party at a full volume. While you are playing the music outdoors, you can be able to listen to music clearly but cannot get that groove.

When Sony states Extra Bass, they ensure that it provides excellent bass. It stands out as bass driven, wireless speakers. If you are among the people who want to be able to listen to lyrics of music and not necessarily dancing all around, this may not be for you. Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker is for the people who do not care about lyrics and also love to groove on the beats.

Discussing battery, water resisting, and connection performance, and here the Sony Company performed a very good job. Battery lasts long, and you do not have to put it on charge in between the party at all. When it comes to the connectivity, you can be able to pair the smartphone using NFC, and you can be able to operate it easily from another room or even from behind wall.

Now, water resistance is not much practical when it serves as an indoor speaker, but also it can be able to survive the drink which one might pour on the device.


  • It comes with the strap.
  • The small and compact design makes it portable.
  • Great bass.


  • The audio cable is not included.


The setup process of Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker is very easy. The auxiliary input which measures 3.5mm input is available if you need to connect to an old MP3 player. Like various speakers available in the market, you can be able to pair 2 Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker together to get the stereo setup going. Speaker also has an inbuilt microphone which can use for making calls.


Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker is a very portable speaker only for those who do want a little wireless speaker for the small indoor party. It is suitable for the parties too as it has the splash-proof feature. With the battery life lasting for sixteen hours is an excellent feature hence you can travel with it for long. Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker is an excellent choice as a speaker. It is a matter of giving and also takes where a final decision will be made by you. It may have a few flaws but purchasing it is an excellent solution.

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