Sonos PLAY: 5 Wireless Speaker

Sonos PLAY: 5 Wireless Speaker has been manufactured by a famous and well-known company, Sonos which has been known for reinventing the home audio for the digital era. It does manufacture excellent wireless speakers which can easily fit any room of the home. Whether you want it for the living room, the bedroom, bathroom or even the kitchen, this will be suitable for any room in your house. Sonos has always aimed at making listening to any music you want a worthy experience. With Sonos PLAY: 5 Wireless Speaker, it has certainly achieved that.

Sonos Play:5 – Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music. Works with Alexa. (Black)

Sonos PLAY: 5 Wireless Smart Speaker For Home Party

Sonos PLAY: 5 Wireless Smart Speaker Reviews

As it has been stated above, this is among the best speakers which are available in the market. However, you may be wondering what does make it very effective? What more does it have to offer to the clients? Well, we are about to unveil the incredible design as well as the excellent features which makes it a very exciting product.

Sonos Play:5 – Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music. Works with Alexa. (Black)


When it comes to the design of the Sonos PLAY: 5 Wireless Speaker, it is decent and very simplistic. It is important to note that it is not all archaic as some may think. Instead of having the normal or even typical speakers which have very rough edges, Play: 5 has very smooth and rounded edges.

Its body has a matte plastic finish which does give it a very classy look. Sonos PLAY: 5 Wireless Speaker is available in two colors which are black and white. This product has been made in a way that makes it easy to blend in any room.
Moreover, unlike the previous model which had the physical buttons on top, Sonos PLAY: 5 Wireless Speaker contains a gesture pad along with the capacitive buttons to adjust sound volume as well as performing other functions.

The users can be able to swipe 2 fingers on pad and song is going to skip forward. If they do glide their fingers the other way, it is going to skip backward.
Design of this speaker is clearer as a result of close to no physical buttons. At backside, this device possesses several connection ports which contain a line in and the Ethernet ports as well as a power plug. The overall design is straightforward and at the same time very good.


  • Item weight: 14 pounds.
  • Item Description: 14.3 x 8 x 6 inches.
  • Batteries: Needed 1 Lithium batteries.

The Sonos app can walk you through the initial process. If you do want to add further speakers, it is very simple. All you will do is click on the application to add a new speaker, then press the sync button on its back and boom! You are done. It has remained to be slickest multi-room setup going. With the introduction of current Play: 5 came the TruePlay. This is the audio optimization software. It makes use of the microphone on the Apple devices. The Android devices are not supported.

It makes measure response of the speaker in the room as well as tweak the sound. Interestingly, it takes only a minute to do this. Much of the controlling will be done via the app with an ability to be able to add the streaming services of your own choice. You can also search out the music which is saved on the local network.
You can be able to build playlists and on fly queues using tracks from any of the sources with no barriers. This results in the feeling of the musical freedom.


Sonos Play:5 – Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music. Works with Alexa. (Black)

Focusing into the performance of the Sonos PLAY: 5 Wireless Speaker, it is very much outstanding. The single speaker can deliver excellent sound quality which has better clarity as well as the bass. If you have decided to keep 2 of the speaker in the room, they are going to provide you with the stereophonic sound system. This device can easily be placed in various ways including vertically and horizontally, and this is going to depend on the requirement of the room.

It is one of the best wireless speakers which we have in the market. You can own it as it can brim room with surround sound. If you decide to use it as a pair, they are going to fill up the whole house with the music rather than just one room. Also, you will have a very easy time when you are setting up this device, and you will not have a hard time to use it. It does support numerous music streaming services and also posses very incredible applications for controlling the playback.

Also, it has 3 large woofers which tend to render clear, big and very precise bass response with no echoes and reverb. Also, it has 6 class D amplifiers which do contain 6 dedicated speaker drivers offering deep, rich, crystal clear and stereophonic sound with no disturbance and distortion.

Best of the product

  • Flexible and straightforward
  • Exceptionally powerful sound.
  • It can be controlled through the iPhones, Android, and iPad apps.
  • Easy to be able to set up and also use.



Setting up Sonos PLAY: 5 Wireless Speaker is quite easy and straightforward using the iOS, Computer, and Android App. Just plug this speaker into the power. Get to select the network configuration you want; you can decide whether it is wireless or even Ethernet connection to the router. Also, it can be a wireless connection to any other Sonos product and get to follow the listed instruction.
The easiest way is to make use of cable. You cable one of the speakers into the home network. Then, it acts as the hub for all the other products that you might have. However, the Wi-Fi connection to the home router also works. Also, using the app to be able to plug in the password. For people with poor Wi-Fi, you can purchase a Boost from the Sonos Company. It will sort connection to make sure the Home Wi-Fi network is not the weakest link.


Sonos PLAY: 5 Wireless Speaker is among the best wireless speakers available in the market. Individually, they can be able to fill the room with rounded and full sound. When combined, they are very powerful enough. They can fill the whole house with music, leave alone a single room. They are very easy to set up and also use, and they can support various music streaming services. Sonos PLAY: 5 Wireless Speaker has some of the best music controlling apps.

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