Solar Powered Fans

Top 10 Best Solar Powered Fans In 2021

Just the thought of summer gets you sweating! Then you worry about the electricity bill as it costs a fortune to use an air conditioner. If this is the case, invest in one of the best solar-powered fans to keep you fresh. Here you can find from desktop fans to attic fans to beat the heat this year.

Best Solar Powered Fans Review

10. COWIN Solar Energy Fan

 COWIN Solar Energy Fan

Here we have a multi-use portable fan to use throughout the summer. The fan has a USB port for charging devices and equipped with LED light. You get three-speed modes of 1,000 RPM. You can charge the battery with DC power if there is little sunlight. Included is a 15W solar panel

  • Comes with remote control for convenience
  • Portable and freestanding
  • A wide selection of charging options
  • Powers USB devices
  • Adjustable speed
  • LED light
  • Expensive but worth the price as it offers you value for your money

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9. ANSEE Solar Powered Fan

ANSEE Solar Powered Fan

Here we have the best camping fan that is solar powered for hiking and fishing trips. The unit has an adjustable LED light with a flashlight and keeps you fresh. The motor works quietly, not to disturb others, and has eyesight protection.

  • LED light for night use
  • Quiet motor
  • Equipped with a flashlight
  • Adjustable angle with portable design
  • Double charge design with solar battery charging and mains charging
  • Does not run very long as it is solar powered

8. Amtrak Solar Fan

Amtrak Solar Fan

For cooling your RV, house, or attic, you need this solar-powered fan from Amtrak. The unit is thermally protected and keeps an area of 2,250 square feet cold. To power the fan, it works with a 40-watt solar panel. You get three different speeds with extra wires and a 25-year warranty.

  • Keeps a massive area cold
  • Has three thermostats
  • Thermally protected
  • Excellent warranty
  • Minor installation problems on the roof and you may need added hardware

7. Western Harmonics

Western Harmonics

Here we have the best solar-powered fan that has a portable design making it easy to carry. The 12-inch velocity fan you can mount anywhere to work with the sun. The appliance has a brushless motor with a nine-inch blade.

  • Portable with a long cord
  • Equipped with nine-inch blades
  • Has a brushless motor
  • Bulky and fragile with limited stock

6. Rand Solar Powered Fan

Rand Solar Powered Fan

Do you need a rooftop ventilator fan? Look no further as we have one here for you! The Rand Solar has a user-friendly design to keep the place fresh and power bill low. The self-contained unit needs no wiring and works in overcast and low-light conditions.

  • User-friendly design that works without wiring
  • Works in low-light and overcast conditions
  • Equipped with a brushless motor that cools up to 700 sq. Ft space
  • Affordable
  • Does not come with battery backup but you can buy a 10w or 30w fan that does have it available
  • Limited Stock

5. Natural Light

Natural Light


Here we have another one of the best attic solar-powered fans from Natural Light. You get an exceptional warranty for 25-years when buying this unit. The fan works without wires, and installing it is a breeze. The solar panel you can adjust, and you get an optional snap-on thermostat with a fire safety switch.

  • Highly rated solar-powered fan
  • Needs no wiring
  • Suitable for construction
  • Exceptional warranty
  • Expensive but worth buying

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4. Ultra-Fab Solar Fan

Ultra-Fab Solar Fan

Do you travel and need air ventilation in the bathroom? The Ultra-Fab is a plumbing vent model that mounts to the roof. The weatherproof design makes it long-lasting to use and helps remove moisture and plumbing odor when on road trips.

  • Perfect to use in the RV bathroom
  • Mounts easily
  • Help save gas mileage with the aerodynamic design
  • Weatherproof
  • Quality Concerns



Here we have a collapsible clover style solar-powered fan from SUAOKI. You can use it for camping trips or backpacking. The unit offers you a quick charge with the USB port and has three solar panels to power it as well. There are three lighting modes with SOS blinking.

  • Collapsible design for packing
  • Has three light modes with SOS blinking
  • Powered with USB and solar panels
  • Equipped with a hook for hanging
  • Made with a smart chip to prevent overheating and charging
  • Used with the battery you get up to three hours of cooling at night



For the best auto cooling solar-powered fan to use indoors and outdoors, look no further than this model. You get three cooling speeds and equipped with a 15W solar panel. You can also power it with an AC adapter. Furthermore, it comes with overcharge protection and LED light.

  • Three speeds
  • Equipped with two charging modes
  • Adjustable angle with LED light
  • One-year warranty
  • Excellent concept but a weak fan



For an emergency, it helps to have the SUNGLA solar-powered fan. With the tabletop design, you can place it on any flat surface to use. The 16-inch blades provide enough wind, and it has a copper motor. Furthermore, it has three speeds but does not come with a solar panel but can buy one separate.

  • Tabletop design
  • Works on flat surfaces and portable
  • Durable motor
  • Three speeds
  • Instructions misleading

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Do you want to save power on the electricity bill? Then it helps to pick one of the best solar powered fans here. Each model you can use in different places to keep your attic, room, or RV cool. Choose one today and save loads of costs while staying fresh throughout the summer.