Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are very stylish as well as bassy hence they can stand out from the public with the distinct feature in the Venue headphones: the tile integration. For the people who are a bit unfamiliar, Tile is the product which you can attach to products such as keys so that you will be able to get an alert on the phone or even a smartwatch in case you get to leave it behind. If you have this habit of misplacing headphones, the Tile can be able to make noise to help you find misplaced items in a fast and swift manner.

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Ultimate Reviews of the Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

As discussed above, this is among the best headphones in the market. You may be wondering what does make it more effective. What does it have to offer you as a buyer? Well, keep on reading to be able to learn what makes it a product worth to spend your money on.


Skullcandy Venue

Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones has a minimalistic design with almost no noticeable branding; this is especially with the black model. For sure, it has a tiny Skullcandy logo which is located on a headband but that just it. Earcups themselves are very smooth and overall has a very mature look which does not look out of place in an office setup.

When it comes to the construction of Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, these headphones have been largely made of plastic, but limitation leather headband, as well as the ear pads aids headphone, feel more premium. Sadly, they can creak and also groan especially when under stress. Headband adjustments do not lock firmly in place so you can accidentally move headphones out of the preferred fit.

Controls for Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are the physical buttons which are located on every earcup. Left earcup contains a battery an indicator and a power and ANC toggle. The users can be able to tap ANC button to be able to pause music and listen to what is happening in their surroundings without them taking off the Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. This is superb especially in an airport or even when one is ordering in line. Right earcup houses the buttons which are used for volume, music playback or even pairing.

Bottom of right earcup is where you will be able to find headphones micro USB charging port as well as 3.5 mm jack which can be used for the wired mode. It is a bit disappointing that the USB-C is not used here, but the Skullcandy is a bit far from the single company that is sticking to outdated micro-USB standard.

Aforementioned tile tracker has been built into right earcup.


Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones features 40mm driver units. It has a frequency range of 20Hz – 20 kHz and the impedance rating of 32 Ohms. These headphones have Bluetooth Support for wireless connectivity. It comes with a dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack which enables the wired connection. Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones offers monitor mode which allows you to press a button to be able to answer any question or even speak with the nearby person with no need for you to take off the headphones.

This headphone has a very active assistant feature that lets to interact with the Google Assistant or even Siri which is available on iPhone with a simple press of a button. Equal to the compelling options, Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones also includes ANC which offers a noise canceling experience.

The inbuilt Tile technology ensures that you will not have a hard time when you want to track this headphone.


Skullcandy Venue

The relatively balanced sound is a plus for this headphone; there is a slightly warm tilt to tonal balance, and the bass still hits a bit hard. Neither are overbearing. The resolution needs an improvement. ANC gets to introduce a hiss to its sound. This is noticeable when you are listening to music at low volume or with songs which have silent passages.

The wireless connection is relatively strong. Active noise cancellation is a bit strong. Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones does not have adjustability for the noise cancellation so you can only turn it off and on. You are going to see a ‘monitor mode’ that pauses music and also allows you to be able to hear everything outside without you necessarily having to take the headphones off. Battery life is twenty-four hours with the ANC.


The setup process is straightforward. You can be able to connect a smartphone or even a laptop by making use of Bluetooth feature.  Apart from the Bluetooth feature, you can also control it using the Active assistant. This ranges from the Google Assistant, Cortana or even Siri. The setup process is quite simple from Tile app on the smartphone. You can be able to locate the headphones either from the inside app or even emit sound. It does work exactly just like the other Tile devices.


Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones is an excellent noise-canceling headphone. There are very many noises canceling Bluetooth headphones, but none can be able to deliver audio of high quality. Also, it does offer excellent noise cancellation.    You will experience a weak connection when running.

Otherwise, it is an excellent choice.  Irrespective of whether you are commuting on the subway, escaping distractions of the open office or even tuning out the roommate’s TV, this headphone is going to help you create a very quiet space for yourself.

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