Top 10 Best Single Speed Bikes In 2021

With the best single speed bikes, you can build a better physique and have time to relax. Does this sound promising? If it does, invest in the top selection of fixed gear bikes here with us. You can save money and time without paying the high gym fees.

Best Single Speed Bikes Review

9. RETROSPEC Harper Bike

10. RETROSPEC Harper Bike

Here we have the best single speed bike for beginners. The bicycle has a hi-ten steel frame and fork with one gear brake and weighs 25lbs. The weight capacity is 220lbs equipped with front and rear PROMAX brakes with no toe overlap. Furthermore, it has Kenda tires with riser handlebars.

  • Suitable for beginners with smooth steering
  • Designed with no toe overlap
  • Equipped with flip flop hub for cruising
  • Durable VP Freestyle Pedals
  • Has no fenders or water bottle mounting holes

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8. Pure Fix Original

9. Pure Fix Original

The single-speed bike is for tall riders. The bicycle has a hi-tensile steel fork with frame and fixed cog with freewheel. With the lightweight design of 25lbs, it makes it easy to handle the cycle. The weight capacity is 250lbs, and it has front brakes with unique saddle and WTB tires.

  • Available in a wide selection of sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Durable design with KMC chain
  • Has no rear coaster brake for pedaling backward

7. Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike

8. Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike

Here we have the best single speed bicycle for commuting with its hi-ten steel frame and fork that is TIG welded. The fixed gear bike has a 45T bottom bracket type of gear and lightweight at 25lbs. The load capacity is 250lbs with front brakes and has a durable crankset with a pedal. For excellent traction on the road, the bike has Kenda tires with custom riser handlebars.

  • Equipped with BMX platform pedals
  • Excellent handling, comfort, and control
  • Has a responsive front brake
  • Lacks a mount for a rear brake and takes time to assemble

6. SXL Expressway Bike

7. SXL Expressway Bike

For cruising, you need the SXL Expressway bicycle with a double-butted aluminum frame and fork. The cycle has a bottom bracket type of gear. There is an internal brake cable, and the bike has a lightweight structure. For traction, it has two 700x25c Chao Yang tires with riser handlebars.

  • Easy to control with the lightweight frame
  • Has an internal cable routing system
  • Equipped with two mounts for your water bottle
  • Can upgrade the wheels
  • Not the best pedals and you cannot improve it

5. 6KU Fixed Gear Bike

6. 6KU Fixed Gear Bike

The following single speed bike you can comfortably ride in the winter. The frame & forks light in weight with a double-butted aluminum. You have a 16T freewheel with 18T fixed gear and weighs around 21lbs. The front and rear brakes hand-operated while equipped with NOVATEC hub. For traction, the bike has Kenda Tires with riser style handlebars.

  • Equipped with excellent tires
  • Has removable brakes
  • Can ride freewheel
  • Designed with replaceable stainless steel dropout
  • Would be great to have two added fenders

4. 6KU Urban Track Bike

5. 6KU Urban Track Bike

Do you need the best urban single speed bike? We have one here! The 6KU Urban Track Bike you can use for public cycling with its double-butted fork and frame. You get a fixed with freewheel gearing system with front & rear hand-operated brakes. The lightweight cycle is easy to maneuver with the riser handlebars. You get outstanding traction with the Kenda tires as well.

  • Navigates quick with the riser bars
  • Lightweight frame
  • Durable frame and fork
  • Has deep V rims
  • Not very customizable to add hooks for a pannier rack or replacing the bullhorn bars

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3. RETROSPEC Harper Coaster

4. RETROSPEC Harper Coaster

For cycling, up hills, you need the Harper Coaster that is the best single speed bike to have to achieve this. You get freewheel with fixed cog gear and backpedaling coaster brake. Furthermore, it has two 700x28c tires. For ease of handling, the bicycle has riser handlebars.

  • Powerful coaster brake
  • Equipped with freewheel cog
  • Durable steel frame
  • Bit heavy and may need professional assembling and dialing

2. KEDZIE Single Speed Bike

3. KEDZIE Single Speed Bike

For city riding, you need the KEDZIE single speed bikes with a durable frame and fork. The cycle has a 46T gear, but you can replace it with an 18T freewheel and fixed cog. The load capacity is 200lbs and has caliper brakes with riser handlebars. On the other hand, it weighs 32lbs and equipped with 700c tires.

  • Can handle city streets with the 32-hole alloy rims
  • Equipped with a racing frame and fork
  • Has front and rear caliper brakes
  • Heavy frame

1. VILANO Rampage

1. VILANO Rampage

Here we another one of the best exercise bikes with a single-speed from VILANO. The Rampage has a TIG-welded frame with fork and has one gear. The cycle weighs about 22lbs and holds up to 200lbs of weight. The brakes are hand-operated and comprise an external cable. A highlighted feature is the forged alloy crank arms and 45mm deep V wheels and tires. The handlebars flat and make it a great bicycle to have.

  • Heavy-duty crank arms for continuous pedaling
  • Great for working the legs with the hard gear
  • Has added strength with the anodized wheels
  • Has no pre-drilled holes for mounting a water bottle cage
  • Limited Stock

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We hope you find the best single speed bikes for cruising around town and off-road here with us. Each model offers you a durable frame and fork design. Furthermore, the features offered are superb, and with the brake and hi-ten or aluminum frame, you can ride your cycle for a long time.