Samsung Galaxy Fold

Should You Buy Samsung Galaxy Fold ?

The majority of the smartphone lovers have kept on wondering if there is a need for them to purchase galaxy fold this year. This phone contains many excitements, but the main question is about the value of the phone, which is about 2000 US dollars and the services it offers that might be the same as other phones. Here is some of the reason why someone should buy Samsung fold in the year 2021.

Reasons You Should Buy Samsung Galaxy Fold

1. The durability of the Samsung fold

The durability of the Samsung fold


Samsung Company made many durabilities change the folding phone, which makes it superior to other phones in the market, giving you more reasons to purchase the phone. The company has added caps to the hinges to reinforce the phone and put a metal protector on the back of the screen

2. Easy to keep at the jacket

Easy to keep at the jacket

Samsung fold is 7.3 inches, which the same size of may tablets and iPads, but this phone you can fold ad keep it on the pockets of the jacket. Most people would not notice when you are carrying the tablet reducing the probability of losing it. It also reduces the need for an extra bag to take the phone; this is because most of the tablets and iPads you carry them through mini-bags.

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3. Work when fold

Work when fold - Samsung Galaxy Fold

The phone works well when folding as a mobile phone throughout the day. When you do not have the demand to use it as a tablet, you can comfortably use it as a tablet without unfolding. It is the uniqueness of the phone; you can see videos without unfolding the phone.

4. long-lasting battery

long-lasting battery

The battery of the Samsung galaxy works for ten-hour without going off. The above time is when the phone is unfolding, but you can save the power of the phone by folding it and using the front screen alone. The majority of the tablets, laptops, and iPads works for only four houses, and they go off. The property of power-saving makes the phone best for long-distance traveling. It also eliminates the need for one to carry a charger or power bank during the day when you have a duty outdoor.

5. Wireless buds

Wireless buds

The phone comes with wireless buds that increase comfort and excitement when using it. The buds I active and automatic, these earbuds reduce the need to remove the phone from a jacket or trouser jacket to make a call. The use of wireless buds makes it easy for one to receive a call when people are in a close range.

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6. Galaxy Fold design

Samsung Galaxy Fold design

The galaxy fold design is unique, with a lot of reinforcement that makes it more sophisticated. The phone contains a 20-part, dual-axis hinge that enables you to open it as a book, and also, when folded, it automatically becomes a thick phone. The design is unique and lovely, which makes the phone one of the essential I 2021. The screen of the phone is smooth, which makes it easy for the finger to swipe through. You can feel the tough of the glossy phone screen in the world, but the majority of people think people can steal from them when they use it in public.

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7. Lightweight phone

Samsung fold weighs less compared to iPads and tablets; you can carry the phone in the pocket without feeling tired. The phone contains high technology material that is long-lasting and works well on the phone. Its reduced weight makes it easy to carry ad move with it throughout the day, making it one of the portable phones in the world.

Lightweight phone - Samsung Galaxy Fold

8. One can use more than one app on the screen

One can use more than one app on the screen - Samsung Galaxy Fold

After unfolding the phone, one can use more than one app on the same screen. Thus the phone is more flexible and needs people who usually want to transfer data from one component to the other. It gives Samsung Galaxy fold demand in many places.

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Samsung galaxy fold has many qualities that make it the best phone cum tablet in the year 2021. The only quality of the phone that disqualify the majority of people from accessing the phone is the huge price the manufacturer has invested in the phone. The inability of many people to access the phone makes it risky to walk with it on the highway because you may end up losing it.

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