Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft has made a comeback in the smartphone industry with a big bang. Most of the companies are centering on dual-screen phones, but Microsoft who program monsters have appeared a dual-screen smartphone with the title Surface team. Most of the individuals have seen the phone as the primary impressive challenge among the phone companies with a collapsing show. Which incorporates the Samsung that produces system crease. Most of the foldable phone clients are in a problem whether to buy the world overlay or hold up for the surface pair so that they can make a choice. Here are some of the notable differences of Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Microsoft Surface Duo.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Microsoft Surface Duo


Galaxy fold

The Galaxy fold screen is different from the Microsoft Surface duo. Some of the primary difference between the two phones in the screen is that Microsoft surface duo screen displays two separate displays, compared to the Samsung galaxy fold which displays on one screen it is just natural to fold the screen. The two have a different display in the screen. Thus, the surface duo will never have an annoying crease.

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Microsoft surface Duo

Microsoft surface Duo has glass screen features compared to the Galaxy Fold, which has put together special made polymers on the screen. The screen of the Galaxy is very delicate and can quickly get damaged if the phone owners do not put the special-instructions in the galaxy fold in practice. The rumors in the market say that the glass for Microsoft due comes from the materials from Gorilla glass. Gorilla screen is more durable and long-lasting compared to the polymers in the galaxy fold.

In terms of screen sizes, the two screens differ with a margin of more than 1.5 inches. The surface duo screen has a display of 5.6 inches while the Samsung galaxy Duo display screen is 7.3 inches. Here the galaxy fold has a full screen because Microsoft surface duo phone does have not included the outer screen. The external screen for the Samsung Galaxy duo is 4.6 inches.

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galaxy fold

The two phones also have a significant difference in the display of their products. Microsoft surface duo opens like a book, and one can use it when full, or others prefer one side alone. The Microsoft surface duo one can fold it, stand it in an upright position during watching of the movie. Also, use it like a laptop where one side is the screen and the other side as the keyboard during gaming moments. The galaxy fold is easy to use when folded. One can extend it to the fullest but does not display the keyboard screen function. Samsung Galaxy functions best when it is open to the full extend.

The screen is the most notable feature that many people look from the phone. Apart from the screen, there are other differences that the two phones as follows. Galaxy fold has a significant disadvantage in its functionality because the phone does not function with pens because of its fragile screen. This inability to work with pens has made most of the users of the phone to reduce productivity and some creativity using the phone. The Microsoft Surface Duo will withstand the use of the pens because of the hard Gorilla glass screen on the phone.

There are no many specifications that Microsoft has announced concerning the Surface duo. The camera of the phone is among the essential things that most phone developers use in the bid to market the phone in public. The prototype of the upcoming device revealed by the Microsoft officials did not have a rear camera. Which left most people with the rumors that the phone will use the front camera facing your face when taking photos.

On the other hand, the Samsung galaxy fold has installed six cameras on the phone. The six cameras are all over the phone, two of the cameras are on the sides, each side has one, the other three of the camera are on the back and then the last one camera is on the front side of the phone. According to the customer’s suggestions, there are more chances that Microsoft will have many cameras in the final form of the phone before the surface duo is in the market. The Chief Production Officer for Microsoft Panay Panos said that surface duo will have some changes in the camera in the coming days now. It is still early to determine the condition of the phone.

Surface Duo

Surface Duo will be the first Microsoft phone to run on the Android platform. It will support all Google’s software that supports foldable phones. The same features of the surface duo will apply to the Galaxy. The apps downloaded on the google store will be on the double screen with a black spot at the center. This galaxy fold will not have such inconvenience although it might have a crease on it which won’t affect it someone who is watching the movie, reading the book or viewing photo

The last difference on the foldable phone is the processor. A processor of Galaxy is the unnamed 7nm 64-bit octa-core. This company has not issued any further details concerning the processor in the Galaxy. The Microsoft surface Duo has not communicated on the processor it will use. But it claimed the device would use a Snapdragon 855 processor. Currently, we have only two companies that have shown interest in the completion of producing foldable phones.

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Most of the phone manufacturing companies are working tirelessly to ensure they provide foldable phones in the market by the end of the year. The main challenge the companies face is the type of screen and the processor they will use. These foldable phones need a powerful process to enhance its functions properly. The material required to make the foldable screen is among the hectic thing that is making companies invest in the research. Currently, Microsoft who are technological giants have made the phone to use android. So that may users can download the apps in the google play.

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