How to Find Your Router’s IP Address?

[slide]As you already know (and if not, you are now going to learn it), both the routers that we buy as well as the ones installed by the telephone companies have an internal web page from which all the parameters of the same can be configured. You can configure everything from the IP address of it to the name and password of our Wi-Fi. The only problem is that in order to do this, we need to know the IP address of our router to access it. We need to know the IP address because it is the only way to access this website. This means that we will have to place that IP address in the address bar of our browser and access it. After the password access question, we will see the configuration page where we can configure what we need.

The way to find out this IP address depends on the operating system that we have since it is not found in the same way in any of the most used SO’s, nor, of course, in smartphones and tablets (although in the last two, it is quite similar).

What Is an IP Address?

IP AddressAn IP address (IP is the acronym for Internet Protocol) is a unique and unrepeatable number with which a computer connected to a network that runs the IP protocol is identified. An IP address (or simply IP as it is sometimes referred to) is a set of four numbers separated by dots from 0 to 255. For example, has the following IP address:

Actually, an IP address is a simpler way to understand huge numbers. The address is a shorter way to write the number 3357835048. This is achieved by translating the number into four triplets.

Previously, IP addresses were assigned using or known as classes. Class C contained 256 addresses, class B included 16,384 addresses, and Class A contained some 2,097,152 addresses. Because the IP addresses were suddenly exhausted with this system, these resources are now allocated in smaller blocks using a system known as CIDR (an acronym for Classless Inter-Domain Routing). In this way, better use of the addresses is achieved.

How to Find Your Router’s IP Address?


WindowsTo be sure, in Windows, the IP address is known as “Default gateway.” We can find it using the ipconfig command in the windows command console. First, we need to access the control panel. We will now view the status and network tasks. We then give the name of our connection or the name of the Wi-Fi to which we are connected or Ethernet if the cable connects us. In the new screen, we give all the details. There, we see the line that indicates “default gateway” that will reflect the IP address of the router.

2.Mac OS

Mac OSIn Apple‘s operating system, we do it in a similar way as in Windows. We access the “System Preferences.” Once there, we click on Networks. In the panel on the left, we click on our connection. Finally, in the TCP/IP tab, we will see the Router section that will indicate the IP address of the router to which we are connected.


LinuxIn this case, it is a bit more complex to explain because depending on the desktop interface that we have installed, we will access it in one way or another. To start with, we open a window of the Linux terminal, either from the direct access or by pressing Alt + F2. We write the following command: your route – n. It will then ask us for the root password. We will have to put it in and click enter. For those who want to do it graphically, if the interface allows it, it would be enough to click on the icon of the connection next to the clock. Then on the menu, click on Information of the connection where the information will appear as a default router.

How to Find the Router’s External IP Address?

To know what your router’s external IP address is, the easiest thing is that you enter a specialized web page. These ‘sites’ identify this sequence of numbers instantaneously. You can use, for example, ‘See my IP,’ but there are many more.

Private and Public Network

Private and Public NetworkWe must distinguish between private network and public network

-The private IP is the one that has a computer or network device within it, that is, the code to locate it within a local area network.

-The public IP is one that has a computer or network, to establish communication with each other and a wide area network (WAN – Internet). This IP is called public because when a connection is established with another host, this address is sent as a parameter so that it can answer.


Typically, non-techies and non-specialists do not really know anything about IP address and what it serves to do. So, they would not know anything about their router’s IP address either. However, besides the tips and ways mentioned above, there are several cheats all over the web that can help you learn the IP address of your specific router. If you wish to have full access to your router, its username, password and all its configurations so that you can make modifications to the same, you must know the IP address of your router. With these simple steps mentioned above, you can easily get to know the required information, irrespective of what kind of device you are using.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose this post as your reference and get started on learning the IP address of your router today!

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