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Top 10 Best Roller Skates For Women In 2021

Roller skates became popular and mainstream in the70’s but dated back as far as the 1700s. Some people enjoy skating for fun; others want to race on their way to school and beat the traffic jam. Roller derby is also a common sport. We reviewed the best roller skates for women and came up with a top ten. Read on!

Best Roller Skates For Women Review

10. Roller Derby Women’s Viper M4 Speed Quad Skate

If you are a newbie looking for roller-skates, then you should go for the Roller Derby Women’s Viper M4 Speed Quad Skate.

The Roller Derby is best suited for indoor skating and along smooth streets where it is easier for beginners. They are very comfortable with excellent stability. It has a very durable RTC Pro chassis that makes it possible for all kinds of skating. The wheels, 58mm by 40mm with a medium durometer of 85A-90A, provide excellent balance. They have a good grip on hard surfaces but are prone to tear and wear.

  • Can be used for speed, roller derby, and recreational purposes
  • Come in traditional laces with a cuff strap
  • Have a padded collar and laces with Velcro power strap
  •  58mm Speed Formula Urethane wheels
  • RTX Pro Chassis

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9. Riedell Skates – Citizen – Outdoor Quad 

The Riedell Skates Citizen should be on the list of your favorite roller skates. The Riedell are user-friendly and are in the market at an average price.

These Roller Skates For Women come with boots made from soft vinyl that provide mobility and durability. The Riedell Skates Citizen has a secure lace system that makes adjusting the skates simple. They are pretty comfortable to fit in. Additionally, they come with ABEC-5 ball bearings designed to reduce friction making the ride smooth. The wheels equally roll smooth, easy, and fast, providing you with a perfect trip.

  • The ABEC-5 ball bearings designed to reduce friction and provide a smooth ride
  • Durable boots made from soft vinyl
  • They come with a high-quality padded tongue that makes slipping on the skates easy
  • They also have a snug fit on the ankle to provide strong support and safety
  • The Sonar Zen 32mm x 62mm wheels ensure you have a smooth ride
  • They come in 8 different colors

8. Crazy Skates Flash

If you are in-to the glitz and glamour, then you should seriously consider getting yourself or your little girl the Crazy Skates Flash Roller Skates. Not only do these skates provide elegance, but they also come in good quality at an average price.

The Crazy Skates Flash Roller Skates provide the much-needed stability for first learning and can be adjusted as you gain experience. They come with motion-activated LED lights that have over 500 hours of battery life. The ultra-bright lights are visible from all angles. The urethane tor makes braking safe, fast, and efficient. The ABEC 3 full precision bearings provide high performance for both indoor and outdoor skating

  • Tough wheels made from pure urethane
  • The LED lights can run for up to 500 hours
  • ABEC-3 full-precision bearings ensure you have a smooth ride

7. Chicago Women’s Premium Leather Lined Rink 

Most people will agree that the Chicago Women’s Classic White Quad Skates are some of the best roller skates the market has to offer. That is partially due to their affordable prices and primarily due to their incredible quality.

The Chicago Women’s Premium Leather Lined Rink Roller Skate is the ideal skates for gliding, all-around rink, and social skating. They have a controlled high top for optimum safety. The quality laces offer your protection and comfort. The 4 x 58mm urethane wheels withstand tear and wear, making them ideal for indoors skating and recreational purposes.

  • 4 x 58mm urethane wheels that make riding smooth
  • An aluminum base plate with adjustable truck
  • A controlled high top for optimum safety
  • The semi-precision ABEC-5 608 Kwik bearings further guarantee the smoothness of the ride
  • They come in traditional laces

6. Roller Derby Candi Girl Carlin Quad Artistic Seafoam

Do you know what you should add to your bucket list? Getting yourself a pair of the Roller Derby Candi Girl Carlin Quad Artistic Roller Skates Seafoam. These roller skates are incredible.

For starters, they come in different colors and sizes. You will always find a pair of Roller Derby skates of your choice. They are fashionable and provide you with some level of elegance. They have a reinforced heel and toe with suede leather on the inside.

  • The deluxe tongue padding makes sure you get some extra comfort\
  • The chassis is made of aluminum. It has aluminum trucks with PU cushions.
  • The 66 mm x 38 mm PU cast wheels to ensure you have a smooth ride
  • Silver-5 race-rated bearings

5. Moxi Skates – Lolly – Fashionable Women’s Quad 

Moxi is known for its stylish Roller Skates For Women. The Moxi Skates – Lolly – Fashionable Women’s Quad Roller Skate are some of the most colorful roller skates you will find on the market and are worth trying; that is, if you’re willing to spend big. These Moxi skates are expensive but worth it.

The boot is hand-made using a soft suede leather material that provides minimal discomfort. The adjustable lace system makes it pretty easy and comfortable to fit. The Moxi skates are fashionable, coming in all sorts of vibrant colors. The Moxi Skates – Lolly – Fashionable Women’s Quad Roller Skate provides a smooth ride and is fit for recreational activities.

  • They come in different vibrant colors
  • The boot is hand-made using a soft suede leather material that makes it comfortable
  • They are KwiK ABEC 7 bearings that make the ride incredibly smooth
  • A great, snug fit on the ankle provides strong ankle support.
  • An adjustable lace system

4. Riedell Skates – Angel Junior – Artistic Quad 

When you are looking for durable Roller Skates For Women, the Riedell Skates – Angel Junior – Artistic Quad Roller Skate has to be on top of the preference list. The average price is the icing on the cake.

The boot is hand-made with durable soft vinyl. The Riedell skates come with an additional PowerDyne thrust nylon plate with durable metal trucks for optimal support. They are comfortable to fit. The secure lace system makes adjusting pretty easy and fast. They provide an exceptionally smooth ride, which the ABEC-5 ball bearings guarantee.

  • 32mm x 57mm wheels provide a ride that is smooth enough for indoor skating
  • PowerDyne adjustable toe stoppers to provide easy braking control. They are durable and replaceable when worn out
  • A high, snug fit on the ankle offers support
  • The high-quality padded tongue helps you slip on the skates comfortably

3. C SEVEN Skate Gear Sparkly Retro Quad 

The C SEVEN Skate Gear Sparkly Retro Quad Roller Skates come in glitter black, glitter silver, and glitter pink and are well appealing. Their price is considerably low, but their performance is far from that.

The internal PVC system ensures that the ankle support is ample. The wheels provide a fast ride smooth. The durable faux leather material is meant to last you long enough and also provides you with comfort. Their retro style makes them unique and worth giving a try.

  • The 58mm 83A PU wheels are perfect for indoor skating
  • An interior PVC support for maximum ankle support
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Made of a robust faux leather material

2. Sure-Grip Stardust Glitter 

If you are willing to cough up a few more dollars, grab a pair of the Sure-Grip Stardust Glitter Roller Skates For Women and be sure to get a ‘star’ grip. These roller skates will have you stand out in the streets, where they are best suited, with their performance and outstanding elegance. You can choose pink, blue, gold, or black based on your preference.

The boot is made of vinyl and provides much-needed comfort. The boot also comes with a ROCK nylon plate. The sturdy wheels are suited for both indoor and outdoor skating. Get you a pair of these and stand out in roller derby.

  • A ROCK nylon plate
  • ABEC-3 bearings
  • Has matching color Carrera toe stop
  • A boot made of vinyl

1. Chicago Women’s Classic Premium White 

The Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates surely have to be by far the best in the market today. They have a balance between quality and price. They stand out in both performance and stylishness.

The aluminum chassis provides durability. The easy lacing system, including eyelets and speed hooks to adjust the fit as you go. The Premium White Quad Rink Skates has an aluminum base plate with double adjustable truck and chassis, a jump bar, and an adjustable toe stop. These features ensure easy turning and control. It has a boot made of durable vinyl material, which is suitable for both outdoor and indoor skating. The Chicago roller skates work perfectly with beginners and pros, kids, and adults.

  • 608Z semi-precision speed bearings ensure perfect control and guarantee a smooth ride
  • The four 60mm urethane spoke core wheels are built to withstand tear and wear while providing a smooth ride with high speeds
  • An aluminum chassis
  • 5/8″ adjustable toe-stop for easy control

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Getting a pair of roller skates can be hectic. Should you go high-performance, professional skates that come at incredible prices or go for low-budget skates and compromise on quality? It all depends on your budget and needs. You can find skates in the market that balances between price and quality. The final decision lies with you.

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