Reasons to Having a Dual Screen Phone

The new LG phone dual screen is like two phones in one. The first screen operates as a device of its own, while the second one has the same features as the first one. The company believes that the introduction of the dual-screen is the solution of multitasking. Both screens have a separate navigation bar that enables one to operate the phone two different phones. The phone will be hard to use for people who are not conversant with the touchscreen. Here are some of the points why you should consider buying a dual-screen phone.

Future Of Smartphone In The Next 10 Years

Reasons You Should Consider Having a Dual Screen Phone.

Reasons You Should Consider Having a Dual Screen Phone


Reasons You Should Consider Having a Dual Screen Phone.

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The phone is unique in a structure that enables one to watch movies on different screens. When using a dual-screen phone, you can use one screen playing game and the other watching movie.

This scenario is more entertaining compared to when one is watching a video on the laptop and playing the game. When using this phone, the concentration of the gamer and the movie watcher increases. On the other hand, the phone enables one to watch different types of movies at the same time and make a comparison.

Easier to Multitask

Multitask - Having a Dual Screen Phone

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The current generation loves doing two activities at the same time, especially the children and the youths in the twenties. In many homes, you will find the kid watching television and playing movies. In the end, the concentration will depend on the interesting one. LG Company has brought the solution and increase the comfort of multitasking.

You can transform the dual phone into the laptop-style whereby you are responding to email while watching movies with ease and comfortable. The screen can give reminders to ensure the user multitasks and enables switching from one app to the other without going back to the main menu. This phone fulfills the ability of the user to work on separate tasks at ago.

Dual Camera

Dual Camera

The lovers of photos, especially selfies, should have more than a thousand reasons to purchase the dual-screen phone. The phone contains two cameras on the screens of the phone and at the back. The selfie camera produces two different colorful images.

For the lovers of the phone, they say the phone provides a 3-D photo, which is hard to achieve via phone. The cameras have a higher resolution that makes it best-selling phones in the current European market. No smartphones available in the market can gain the clarity of the photos from the dual-screen phone

It is cost-effective

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A person having two phones is the same as the one having a dual-screen phone. The main difference is that the dual phone is in one pack and easy to carry without any inconvenience. When one side of the screen is a fault, the owner of the phone shift to the other screen, and it will work without any discomfort.

The ability to switch the filter will save the user from the months of being phoneless before taking the phone to repair it. The phone all reduces the burden of a single screen working, and this will ensure that the screen is long-lasting, thus saving the amount for repair.

Simple and Unique

Simple and Unique

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The majority of the smartphone generation kids do o own the dual phone, and even some people have not seen the phone. When you have this type of phone, it gives you bragging rights because of its uniqueness that makes you stand out as the most advanced and sophisticated person.

In the real sense, the phone is of high quality increasing the ego of the owner. The cost of purchasing a smartphone is high, and when one buys the phone, it makes it more classic.


Most of the manufacturers using most of their time to create a slim and lightweight phone that people can carry with ease. The dual-screen phone works like a laptop and more effective than the tablets and iPads but on folds it and pockets it.

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The dual phones are few in the market but have high prices than single-screen phones. It makes the phone to be for the few, and those who pose them feel like the first-class people in society. The battery of the phone is long-lasting, especially when the one decides to use one screen. The battery functions for more than twelve hours.

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