QUICKLOTZ Mysterious Box - A Box Full of Surprises!

QUICKLOTZ Mysterious Box – A Box Full of Surprises!


Who doesn’t like surprises and even better, A BOX FULL OF SURPRISES? Yes, you read that right! We have news about an amazing offer that can get you lots of items that you can avail at extremely cheaper prices.

As you all know, advancements are a part of our day-to-day life. New trends come and go, and the good ones stay. The amount of loss that businesses used to face in earlier times due to unsold stock was so significantly high. As per the arrival of new trends coming at such a fast rate, no one would buy the old stock. Hence, with time, reselling returns and overstock merchandise became a thing to prevent losses. But it was glorified even more with the arrival of Amazon. Amazon has specific agreements with just a modest bunch of experienced discount liquidation organizations that they are happy to sell overloads, leftovers, and returns to. Quicklotz is one of its contract organizations.


Owned and operated by Lotz International, LLC, Quicklotz is a wholesaler that buys huge quantities of this unsold stock in truckloads. It then divides these truckloads of material into smaller piles, containers, and pallets. These boxes are further offered to the public at a discounted price than its MRP. This is quite a unique plan which helps them in uncovering new markets of those who cannot afford the cost of storage and buying these items.

People often wonder how is Quicklotz able to make profits for itself this way. Quicklotz has a huge margin of profits doing this as it has to pay very less amount of these items, at roughly 8-12%. Bulk buying helps to buy it at a cheaper rate. Hence, the return on investment is quite high. It also has connections with trusted organizations and many retailers. It is located in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. Also, it operated from nearby areas such as Dallas and Laredo, both in Texas. Other than that, it has its offices in New York and Miami, Florida.


There are so many goods that are returned to Amazon on a day to day basis or stock that remains unsold. The products are brand new and in excellent condition. And any person living in the USA has the chance to purchase its boxes that comes in different sizes. But will be the content of the box remains unknown until it arrives, that is what makes it a box full of SURPRISES! But we can help you give an idea about what you might receive if you purchase Quicklotz Mystery Box. Quicklotz usually deals in a plethora of product options and they are different for each day. The Quicklotz Mystery Box is known to include the below-mentioned product lines:

  • Clothes for women, men, and children
  • Footwear for women, men, and children
  • Sports tools
  • Toys and other baby items
  • Kitchen and household appliances
  • Computer and electrical appliances

They have roundabout 100 items and the cost for them starts at only $5. This can also be a great option for those who already own their e-commerce websites and are finding ways to make some extra profit with it. You can always keep your favourite items for yourself!


This platform is known to be a great way to get liquidation items. It is equivalent to the Buylotz Market Place. Other than this, it also holds up auctions online. The items sold at the auctions are sold at a really low and affordable price. The auctions end as soon as the highest bidder is locked. Pickups are available all over the nation. The payment must be made within 48 hours of the auction closing. The shipping charges are always added to the auction winning price itself.

One can pick up their merchandise from their Rutherfordton, NC branch for free of cost. If the wholesale clients want to have a look at the products in person and get a good feel of the products that they want to purchase in bulk, they can visit their showroom branch as well. Moreover, everything works on a first-come, first-serve criterion. They ensure the good quality of the products that they offer at low prices. There is no guarantee of the quantities that they offer in their mystery box.

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Quicklotz mystery box is considered very reliable with high efficacy. There is sufficient guidance offered by the website that can help you be sure of the products that you are buying. Or there is always the option of seeing and feeling the item physically through their showroom. We truly believe that this is a steal deal! Make Quicklotz your go-to stop for endless surprises. Do not forget to subscribe to receive more such deals.

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