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Do you want to use your photography skills to make money? Perhaps you want to start a small business. If you wish to do, only one or both you can make money with the best portable photo booths available here.  Indeed, you can find different models from ones to leave standing in one place or others you can take with you anywhere. Use it at weddings, company events, birthday parties, or any other event the use is endless. However, before you decide which one is best for you, consider some essential factors first.

Do you want to use the photo booth in one place? Alternatively, do you want to take it with you anywhere? Another thing to ponder about is how easy it is to set up and takedown. You need one that is manageable to make your business a success. If you plan to move the booth around make sure it has a durable construction to last a lifetime.

Consider the image processing speed and what is included in the package. If you have all the equipment, you may only need a portable booth instead of buying extra accessories. By answering these questions, check our top ten products, specially chosen for you. Check this out if you are also looking for The Best 3D Projectors in 2021

Reviews of Best Portable Photo Studios

8. Slow Dolphin Portable Photo Studio Box

Slow Dolphin Portable Photo Studio Box

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Are you serious about making your customer’s photos stand outlook at the Slow Dolphin photo studio to use with your photography tent? The compact construction makes it comfortable to take with you on the go.  Hence, you can shoot high-quality images when capturing photos of small products.

You can apply to take jewelry photos for business adverts and more using this device. Moreover, the box comes with two by 20-piece LEDs with 550LM each. The unit works with 7W power. Further, it has a nylon cloth construction and folds up for storage. Also, the product is ideal for professional photographers that already have everything to capture the right moment.

  • The portable photo studio comes included with two USB cables, two LED lights, one shooting tent, carrying bag, and six backgrounds
  • With the LED lights and backdrops you get average light to capture high-quality photos
  • The lightbox measures 9.4 x 9.1 x 8.7-inches and has two openings
  • Made with nylon fabric that folds and unfolds for storage
  • You can photograph from any angle

7. LimoStudio Table Top Lighting Tent Kit

LimoStudio Table Top Lighting Tent Kit

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With the LimoStudio, you get a photo tent lighting kit to capture images of small items. For capturing jewelry pieces for advertising, this is one of the best photo booths to have. The tabletop lighting stands make it able for you to move the lights for best use.

Whether you place it standing or hold it in hand the versatility is endless.  Indeed, the tripod has a steady build, and you get a universal phone holder included. Now you can start using your mobile phone to capture images. The photo studio measured 16 x 16 x 16-inches and made with quality fabric.

The material softens backlights and eliminates glare to capture the right image. You get four by non-reflective colored backgrounds and a carry bag to keep accessories together. In fact, the light stand offers you up to 600LM with a 120-degree beam angle.

The tripod has an adjustable height of 9.5-inches, and the photography stand adjusts to 8-inches high. If you need a starter kit, make sure to put this one on your wishlist.

  • The photo box is polyester fabric and measures 16 x 16 x 16-inches
  • You get a mini stand tripod, white photo shooting tent, color backdrops, tabletop LED light, cellphone clip holder and bag
  • The LED light stand has a 120-degree beaming angle with 600 lumens
  • The maximum height of the light stand adjusts to 9.5-inches
  • The mini camera stand you can change to 8-inches and comes with a standard ¼ -inch screw tip
  • You can use the cell phone clip holder with most mobile phones

6. Emart Table Top Photo Studio

Emart Table Top Photo Studio

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As you will notice, the first lot of portable photo booths made for taking photos of small items compared to capturing images of people. The LED light shooting tent box kit comes with a tabletop design. Plus, you can move the lighting to anywhere for taking the best pictures.

The legs on the light spring out for secure placing. In addition, you get a universal tripod that works with phones and cameras to use. The included colorful backgrounds are handy and easy to change. When capturing small images, you will not be disappointed with them.

The photo booth has a built-in storage compartment and takes a couple of seconds to take down.

  • Offers you convenient fold and unfold design
  • You get a 24 x 24-inch photo booth; four tabletop photography LED light stands with color gel filters, four backdrops in different colors, tripod stand, and mobile phone holder
  • The box packs up quickly and provides storage space for accessories
  • The light stand has a durable construction and does not get hot

5. PULUZ Photo Booth

PULUZ Photo Booth

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With the portable photo booths from PULUZ, you get all the essential lighting included to make your photos look professional. The lightbox has a reflective grain fabric construction and makes it three-dimensional. You can use it with your SLR camera without using a flicker. Further, it works digital cameras and mobile phones.

Alternatively, you get multi-angle shooting and it takes up to 30 minutes to unfold or fold for storage. Other standouts are the high coloring LED with low heat, and you can hold it in hand. The moving plate lamp structure changes at any angle and comes with three different colored water and wrinkle-free backdrops.

With the picture clip, design the lighting booth is easy to carry with the nylon cloth.

  • The photo booth is made of nylon cloth
  • You get the main studio box, three colored backdrops, soft fabric, two light boards, and US plug power supply
  • The light source is adjustable with a power control
  • Comes with super bright LED lights that generate up to 3380LM
  • Portable design and folds up in 30-minutes with packing away your equipment
  • Made with different openings to capture images from different angles

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4. EMART Table Top Light Box

EMART Table Top Light Box

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The portable photo studio has two built-in LED strips offering you 5,500K white balance daylight for continuous use. For a small-scale business, it is ideal for capturing quality photos. You get four-color backdrops to set up or remove with ease. You will be amazed at how many shooting options you get with them installed. The box works with USB power or a power bank to use anywhere. You can take it with you to the client to capture small images of products they would like to advertise. Moreover, you can even use it in your home business selling products online.

  • You get a portable folding photo studio box; folding LED light box, USB cable, two LED lights, top loop handles, and four backdrops
  • The studio box measures 14 x 16-inches and comes with a professional light setup
  • You can use the shooting ten anywhere to capture cake, jewelry, toys, and more
  • The photo booth has a snap button construction that is durable compared to a magnet one
  • The LED strips have a 5,500K white balance light

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3. Amazon Basics Portable Photo Booth

Amazon Basics Portable Photo Booth

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With portable photo booths, you can make photography affordable. With the one-piece collapsible structure, you can take it with you anywhere. The studio has built-in LED lights to capture professional images. For advertising, online shops, and hobbyists the product comes highly recommended.

When opened the booth dimension is 25 x 30 x 25-inches and needs no assembly when received. The LED lights 5,600K daylight balanced and comes with a white backdrop. Once collapsed it turn into a carry case with pocket and pouch. The background fabric is zero-textured and has a durable coating.

  • Needs no assembly and collapses into a carry case with pouch and pocket
  • The photo booth measures 25 x 30 x 25-inches and includes a power supply with pre-installed removable LED light
  • Can use the lighting and booth with phone and camera images
  • Has a three-door system and compatible with Amazon Seller app
  • One-year Warranty

2. HAVOX Photo Studio

HAVOX Photo Studio

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Doing photography as a business should not complicate if you have portable photo booths from HAVOX. No matter what your skills are, the photo studio is easy to use. Further, it helps you to capture professional images on film. You can use it with various lighting options and available in different sizes.

The SMD LED photo lights are premium to capture vibrant moments. The color temperature is 5,500K with a luminous flux of 13,000 lumens.

  • Available in different sizes to capture images of various sized objects
  • The LED lights dimmable and the photo booths equipped with 168 of them
  • The color temperature of the SMD LED lights is 5,500K with 13,000 lumens
  • Made with several openings at the front, back, and top
  • Include a light-diffusing fabric with three different background shades
  • Easy to adjust your camera and simple to assemble
  • Takes up to 15-minutes without using tools to set up
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Depending on the model you buy the object size is 23.6 inches in length with a 23.6-inch width and 23.6 inches tall

1. Inventive Photo Booth

Inventive Photo Booth

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Nothing comes easier to use than the portable photo booths from Inventive. Hence, you can set it up as an open-air or enclosed cab. Therefore, you can even use it with or without the included bench.  In addition, the backdrop is painted studio blue for the best image quality. Also, you can place a fully functional DSLR camera inside with fast dye-printer, darkroom software, and sets up in minutes.

  • Can use it enclosed or set up in the open air
  • Include a removable bench
  • Has a blue-painted studio blue background with the front door and closing curtain
  • Can use it with fully functional photographic equipment from the camera to the printer and darkroom software
  • Lightweight and sets up in minutes

Whether you have a small to sizeable photographic business, you can benefit using one of the top ten portable photo booths reviewed here. Each one offers you the versatility to use with different objects to capturing memorable moments. No photographer can go without one of these.

You can use it to lighten up any event or occasion throughout the year and make money at it. We hope that you find a suitable one to use in your business. So start using your camera or smartphone as the photo studios are easy to set up and take with you anywhere.


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