Top 10 Best Portable Dryers In 2021

Using the best portable dryers are a great space saver and will help dry your clothes in no time. The household appliance is a great time-saver, and you can find different models with intelligent features to use at affordable prices. Furthermore, the fantastic thing is you can even take it with you on travel.

Best Portable Dryers in 2021 Review

10. Panda Compact

Panda Compact

For one of the best portable dryers, you will love the Panda with its 8.8-pound capacity. You can carry it around with ease as it is lightweight at 44 pounds.

Furthermore, it is perfect for the RV, a dorm, or an apartment as it takes up little space. Another great thing is you get the wall kit to mount with the dryer or you can place it side by side or stacked.

You can quickly dry clothes in half an hour, and it is easy to use. There are two controls on the front to select the drying time or temperature.

You get four temperature settings, and it has a stainless steel drum with a removable lint filter.

  • Has a small frame that takes up little space
  • Dries quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Designed with four temperatures
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Not the best customer service

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9. Manatee Portable Clothes

Manatee Portable Clothes 

Do you live in a confined space and need a portable dryer? Manatee is an excellent option for dorms and apartments. The dryer folds up for storage saving you a load of space.

Furthermore, the dryer rack can hold up to 33 pounds and has a max drying time of 250-minutes. However, if you need your clothes dried quickly, there is a quick dry function as well.

Moreover, it comes with an eco-mode to save on electricity with easy to read LCD touch screen with remote control. On the other hand, it comes with intelligent temperature control to prevent overheating.

Lastly, it turns off automatically.

  • Folds up for storage
  • Has quick-dry function
  • Designed with eco-mode and sanitizing feature
  • Very fragile

8. EcoSpin from Avalon

EcoSpin from Avalon

Another lightweight and portable dryer are this one from Avalon. The EcoSpin offers you the versatility to keep your clothes dry. You can load it with up to 4.5 pounds of clothes.

The dryer is comfortable to use and compact taking up little space. The appliance looks like a salad spinner and dries clothing in minutes. It helps if you had no power to get your clothes dry and it works manually.

Furthermore, you can use it to wash your clothes as well when adding five liters of water inside. Once done you attach a hose for rinsing and remove the excess water for drying.

  • Compact
  • Needs no electricity
  • Versatile to wash and dry clothes
  • Not a durable design

7. Countertop


The Laundry Alternative is a great space saver you can use on the countertop. You can dry garments in minutes, and it comes at an affordable price.

Furthermore, it is simple to use and works with a knob found on the front. The load capacity is not high, but it is ideal for taking with you on vacation in your motorhome.

  • Works well
  • Takes up little space
  • Made for drying fewer clothing items
  • Minor design issues when used for a long time

6. Nina Spin

Nina Spin 

Another Laundry Alternative portable dryer is the Nina Spin Dryer with a small frame. The unit is powerful and can dry 12 pounds of garments in no time.

The dryer has a fast spin speed to remove water and energy-efficient at the same time. You will have no trouble using the appliance with the simple design.

Once you close the machine, it starts and stops automatically once done. The dryer is light in weight and has a handle for carrying.

The biggest problem is that the machine is a bit noisy when living in a small place.

  • Compact and spins fast
  • Ventless design
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Does not use heat to dry
  • A bit noisy

5. Magic Chef

Magic Chef

Here we have a functional and stylish portable dryer from Magic Chef. You get five drying cycles, and you can install it in different ways. Therefore, it is a great appliance to use if you have limited space.

Furthermore, it has a hefty weight and not made to take on camping trips. You can use it free-standing or mount it to the wall with the mounting kit.

The load capacity is 8-pounds, and you get two dry settings with an eco-mode.

  • Dries clothing well
  • Compact
  • Versatile to mount
  • Comes with a wall mounting kit
  • A bit noisy

4. Panda Ventless Clothes Dryer

Panda Ventless Clothes Dryer

For the best portable dryer that is easy to use, you will love this one from Panda. Once you place garments in the dryer, it works with hot air supplied by the motor to dry the clothes.

Furthermore, it has a combined construction of metal and plastic that should last a couple of years of use. Moreover, assembling the unit is easy as you hang the clothing on the inside.

The capacity load is 22 pounds with a drying time of 180 minutes. There is a quick cycle of 30-minutes, as well.

  • Lightweight at 9 pounds
  • Compact and takes up little space
  • Folds down for storage
  • Has a quick-drying cycle
  • Using the normal drying cycle can take long

3. Ninja Portable Dryer

Ninja Portable Dryer

Here we have one more portable dryers from The Laundry Alternative that takes up little space. The Ninja weighs 19.7lbs and has a compact size to fit into any space.

The load capacity is 22-pounds, and it has a stainless steel inner tub that should last years of use. However, you need to note that this is not a tumble dryer but a spin dryer.

Furthermore, it has a suspension system and needs no re-balancing of loads. To add to the fantastic features, you get a three-year warranty.

  • Saves much energy
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and versatile to use
  • None noted

2. Sentern Compact

Sentern Compact 

The portable dryers from Sentern have a classic and slim design with a wide selection of heating. The dryer reaches 140° and tumbles quietly.

Furthermore, the dryer comes with a wall mounting kit to preserve space. The outer shell is metal with a stainless steel inner drum. There is a lint holder with an air intake filter.

The clothing capacity is 9lbs, and it has an anti-wrinkle function as well as saving you time to hang your clothes when done.

  • Perfect size for a small apartment
  • Super quiet
  • Works well in drying clothes
  • Can mount it to the wall
  • The controls are on the bottom side

1. hOmeLabs Compact

hOmeLabs Compact 

Last on the list of best portable dryers; we have the hOmeLabs front-load clothes dryer. With the electric dryer, you can take care of your drying needs with the spacious 2.6 cubic feet capacity.

The dryer can hold up to 9lbs of garments and comes with a viewing window on the door. You can customize the settings with the three controls available.

There is a lint filter that is easy to clean, and the dryer has an auto shut off function to save power. So if you need a dryer to use in your apartment, this one comes highly recommended.

  • Easy to use with the three available buttons
  • Switches off to save power
  • Works quietly
  • Dries quickly
  • One can forget to push the timer button without it the dryer does not get warm

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Whether you live in an apartment, RV, or dorm, you will find these portable dryers handy to use. All of them offer you a space-saving design to fit into small spaces. As you can see, there are different dryer models available that work manually or with power. So pick the best portable dryer from the list to dry your clothes today.