Best Portable Blu-Ray DVD Players in 2019

When you sit and think back, we started with the Betamax and then came VHS, and after that, the DVD made its way onto the market. Technology keeps changing, and these days everyone wants the latest Blu-Ray DVD players. While many still have, the DVD having a portable Blu-Ray DVD players offers you flexible entertainment. While the functions similar the one does not replace the other. What makes it unique is that you can play CD’s, DVD, and SACD’s. The DVD player does not support Blu-Ray discs, and that makes a huge difference.

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When selecting the one you need to pay attention as not all provide you with quality. The Blu-Ray works with a blue laser to read the information on the Blu-Ray disc. To make your choice more accessible, we have sampled different portable Blu-Ray devices with DVD players to take with you on the go. Find one that fits in with your budget and lifestyle today.

Portable Blu-Ray DVD Players Reviews | Top Choices

15. Blu Ray External Drive Player USB 

Blu Ray External Drive Player USB 

Do you own a portable Blue-ray DVD players? If no, then the thought of purchasing one must continuously be creeping into your mind. However, not all the products in the list are worthy of purchasing. Some are low-quality and delivers poor services. This product is the best DVD player you can purchase from the market today. It features a high-quality design, construction and functionality. Other than that, they are readily available in the market at a friendly price. Invest in this item and receive excellent services.

Cisasily external Blu-ray player features a simple but effective design. It is compact and lightweight to ease its management, portability and functionality. The black colour finish delivers a universal fit that matches many home decors. It is compatible with multiple systems such as the Linux, Windows 7, XP, Windows 8 and Windows 10 for laptops.

  • Compact and lightweight to ease its use
  • Each item weighs up to 14.4 ounces
  • They are compatible with the Linux, all windows and all versions of Mac OS.
  • The DVD players are simple to use

14. Blu Ray Portable DVD Player 

Blu Ray Portable DVD Player 


When it comes to purchasing a portable  Blu-ray DVD players, life is becoming more difficult thanks to the multiple brands in the market today. As a result of that, people are often in a dilemma of the item to purchase. However, this product is a dream come true for all its customers. It features a high-quality design, amazing construction and includes exceptional features. Not to mention, the excellent services it delivers to all its users. Take your entertainment to the next level with this product.

This Blu-ray DVD players features a compact and lightweight design that eases its portability and use. It is a 10.1 inches player that have an adjustable screen rotation. Consequently, you can easily settle for your best angle. The wide base area holds the item in place and maintains its stability. It also includes an inbuilt rechargeable battery that allows you to use the product in the area of your choice.

  • Dimensions are 12.3 by 3.1 by 11.6 inches
  • It features two inbuilt lithium polymer batteries
  • A compact design that eases its portability and management
  • A white colour finish that matches multiple places’ decors
  • It supports a variety of video and image formats

13. NAVISKAUTO 14″ Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player 

NAVISKAUTO 14" Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player 


This product is yet another portable Blu-ray DVD player from the NAVISKAUTO Production Company. Similarly, to all the items from the manufacturer, the product has a high-quality design, sturdy construction and effective operation. It is a 14 inches player that comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery. They support powerful features that aide in the performance of the general product. It supports the 1080P MP4 Video, Dolby Digital Audio System and HDMI Input/ Output. In addition to that, the digital DVD players are durable, reliable and most importantly, effective.

NAVISKAUTO 14 inches Blu-ray DVD player features a black colour finish that matches multiple home decors. The product has a high resolution of 1920 by 1080 LED. Its speaker has a maximum power input of 2 watts. They also support multiple disc, video and image formats. They also feature a compact design that eases its portability and use. In addition to that, it has a long-lasting battery with a run time of three hours.

  • It comes with a remote control to ease its operation
  • Dimensions are 13.7 by 9.6 by 2 inches
  • Lightweight and compact for easy portability and use
  • Charging up to full charge takes at most six hours
  • A Dolby audio system to an excellent sound output

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12. NAVISKAUTO 12″ Portable Blu Ray DVD Player 

NAVISKAUTO 12" Portable Blu Ray DVD Player 

This product is a high-quality portable Blu-ray DVD player. It is a 12 inches player that comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery. The product supports the USB SD, Dolby Audio Technology, HDMI Out, 1080P Video and Sync Screen. For easy operation, the manufacturer also includes an easy to use remote control. Other than that, these digital items are readily available in the market today at a friendly price. Make your indoor entertainment better with this portable Blu-Ray DVD player from the NAVISKAUTO Production Company.

NAVISKAUTO Blu-ray DVD player features a compact design that eases their transportation, use and portability. It has a manageable size that runs up to twelve inches. The black colour finish matches multiple home decors thanks to the universal fit. It is also versatile hence allowing you to use it anywhere and at any time. The Dolby Digital sound feature output an amazing sound output. They also support multiple image formats.

  • Dimensions are 15.7 by 3.4 by 9.8 inches
  • They are compact to ease portability and use
  • The DVD player is compatible with multiple video formats
  • Versatile hence allows you to use it everywhere and at any time
  • Dolby Digital sound that output clear and amazing sound output

11. Sony BDPS3700 Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player 

Sony BDPS3700 Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player 


Sony Production Company s popularly known for coming up with great items, especially when dealing with products in technology. And similarly to all the other items from this manufacturer, this portable Blu-ray disc player things are not different. It combines style and functionality. Therefore, outputting a high-quality design and a fantastic performance. They also include a friendly design that a huge amount of people love interacting with at all times. Get this digital product today for amazing services.

This product features a unique and elegant design. It has a black colour finish that matches different home decors. The compact design eases its portability, use and management. Sony manufacturer also includes a strong Wi-Fi connection that allows you to stream hundreds of streaming services from multiple apps. It also features the Dolby TrueHD feature that delivers high-quality sound output.

  • Strong Dolby TrueHD feature for excellent sound output
  • Fast and strong Wi-Fi connection
  • They include a user-friendly interface
  • It includes a remote control to ease its operation
  • Dimensions are 9.1 by 1.5 by 7.6 inches

10. Pioneer BDR-XS06 Portable Blu-Ray Writer

Pioneer BDR-XS06 Portable Blu-Ray WriterFor a slim and portable Blu-Ray DVD player to take with you on the go, get your hands on the BDR-XS06. The device is not only a CD player, but you can use it to burn CD’s as well. For Mac users, this is the next generation burner with a smooth slot loading mechanism. The colors silver and matches well with your Macbook.

With the unit, you can burn valuable files to regular discs, DVD, and Blu-Ray. The included software is not compatible with Windows. To use the playback function, you will need additional software not included. You can use it with Windows but will need to download extra software as well.

The drive supports different Blu-Ray formats and can read a BD-ROM disc. The equipment USB powered and do not come with an AC adapter. Furthermore, it offers you other features from the quiet auto mode and PowerRead for smoother movie playback.

Check out the additional functions here if you are interested in getting a portable Blu-Ray to take with you anywhere.

  • The device has a slim design and works with Mac OS systems
  • Utilized with Toast Lite software to burn CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs
  • Connects with USB 3.0 and has a max writing speed of six-time BD-R on single and dual-layer discs
  • Writes at a higher rate on BD-R triple and quad-layer discs
  • Made with high storage capacity and operates quietly
  • Compatible with Windows using additional software
  • Need to download extra software for Blu-Ray playback
  • For noise-free playback, it has auto quiet mode

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9. Sony 4K Upscaling 3D Streaming Blu-Ray Player

Sony 4K Upscaling 3D Streaming Blu-Ray PlayerSony is one manufacturer that has come a long way to keep you entertained. They make the best portable Blu-Ray DVD players. With the device, you can stream from different entertainment services to upscale it to 4K. You can connect it wirelessly to Bluetooth devices and more.

You can use it to play music from your CDs and works with other formats as well using USB. With your smart devices, you can stream content directly to your TV. The unit has loads of input and output connections with the latest HDMI and USB included. The built-in Wi-Fi and sound experience of HD sound will blow your mind away.

You get screen mirroring to view content from your Android directly to your television, and it has a front USB port. Further, you can share media with other family members in the home using the DLNA home sharing.

If you want an affordable portable Blu-Ray player, make sure to check this one out.

  • Designed with loads of input and output ports
  • Comes with an Ethernet port, HDMI, and USM
  • Made with built-in Wi-Fi for streaming content
  • Provides you with 4K Upscaling mode
  • Share content with others with the DLNA home sharing
  • Stream content directly from your Android device to your TV
  • Produces high-quality image and HD sound
  • The USB ports situated on the front of the device

8. NAXA Portable DVD Player

NAXA Portable DVD PlayerFor one of the best portable DVD players, you can look at this model. The device has a 7-inch thin-film transistor monitor, and you load the disc from the top. You get a built-in speaker, SD card slot, and USB port. Further, it accommodates up to 32 GB storage.

The swivel screen allows for multiple viewing angles and comfortable for all to watch a movie. Alternatively, you can set the screen size wider or use it for normal viewing. The fantastic thing is you can use it with three different power modes. You can use it with battery power, the UL/ETL AC adapter, or DV 12V power cord.

The unit is lightweight and weighs 2.9 pounds making it easy for transport. Check it out today and decide if the equipment made for you.

  • Has a swivel display for viewing content at different angles
  • Made with 7-inch TFT LCD Display
  • Loaded with SD and USB inputs
  • Provides storage up to 32 GB
  • Offers you three power modes using the rechargeable battery, AC Adaptor, or a DC 12V car cord

7. iVid BD780 3D Blu-Ray DVD Player

iVid BD780 3D Blu-Ray DVD PlayerThe iVid is a multi-functional portable Blu-Ray DVD player that plays all discs. Further, it also represents your standard DVD and works in most countries with the PAL/NTSC 110 to 240 volts. Alternatively, it supports 2D and 3D output via the HDMI cable.

You can connect it to the internet using the Ethernet port and allows streaming of media online. There are other connectivity modes available such as audio playback and more. The 5.1-channel with Dolby True HD and DTS-HD decoding makes it feel as if you are sitting in the cinema.

You get Bonus View for ease of use, and it comes with BD live and remote control. The price is affordable and even a six year old can control this player. The biggest problem is that some users found they did not receive the instruction manual included.

Do you need an inexpensive model to click through here and look closer at the fantastic features offered for the price?

  • Connects to the internet via Ethernet port to stream content online
  • Provides you with USB connectivity for external devices
  • Equipped with HDMI port
  • Plays all Blu-Ray and standard DVDs
  • You can watch 2D and 3D content
  • Compatible to work in most countries with the PAL/NTSC 110 to 240 volts

6. Maxmade Portable Blu-Ray Player

Maxmade Portable Blu-Ray PlayerTake the portable Blu-Ray player with you anywhere with the 10.1-inch swivel screen to play different formatted discs. You can play from videos, photos, to audio files using the three-in-one card reader. Alternatively, you can connect it with a USB drive or use the HDMI output to connect to your TV.

With the LAN connection, you can stream live content to your home network to download media. With the rechargeable battery, you can enjoy watching movies up to 4.5-hours. You get a car adapter, AC adapter, carry bag, remote control, and AV cable included with your purchase.

Do you want to keep the kids entertained while on the road make sure to check this Blu-Ray player?

  • Compatible with FAT32 and NTFS
  • Made with quality speakers
  • Has a single slot for headphones
  • Comprise a full swivel screen to view high-resolution content
  • Connect to BD-Live for live streaming of media via the Ethernet port
  • Consist of an SD/MMC card reader and has a USB port
  • You get a carry case, car adapter, AC adapter, remote control, and AV cable
  • Fold flat for storage
  • Has a 10.1-inch screen
  • Powered with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 4.5-hours of viewing

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5. CUTRIP Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player

CUTRIP Portable Blu-Ray DVD PlayerThe CUTRIP is a portable Blu-Ray players made to use in the car. The unit comes with a three-meter-long car charger, and you can use it on the headrest with the additional headrest mount holder. The device is compatible with digital HD formats and Blu-Ray to enjoy full HD quality.

You can connect it to your TV with the HDMI output. For viewing media, on its own, it has a wide 10.1-inch screen that swivels and flips for a wider viewing angle. The rechargeable battery offers up to three hours of viewing, and it has Dolby Audio, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA surround sound.

To use at night it comes with a backlight, you get the AC adapter, car charger, remote control, and RCA AV cable included. Are you still unsure about this model? Click through and see what others have to say about the portable device.

  • Provides a sharp image in Full HD 1080p resolution watching Blu-Ray and DVD playback
  • The device does not support 2K/4K/3D formats
  • Made with HDMI port to use with your TV and other high-definition devices
  • Supports AV in and out to watch movies on a big screen
  • Provides you with USB/SD/MMC playback and compatible with MOV/AVI/MP4/VOB and more
  • Supports Dolby Surround Sound
  • Made with a built-in rechargeable battery for up to three hours viewing
  • Comes with a wall charger, battery-power supply, remote, and car charger

4. Sylvania Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player

Sylvania Portable Blu-Ray DVD PlayerThe following portable Blu-Ray players made for your long road trips to keep kids entertained. The built-in speakers with headphone jacks allow you to travel in quiet. Included with the unit you get the auto power and AC adapters. The device has a lot going for it with the 14-inch display.

The audio is decent and offers an excellent resolution, but is not a region free device if you watch programmed Region 1 formats. Even the build quality is solid, and with the remote, you can adjust every feature available. You can change the picture for playing videos, movies, and more.

You can use it with a USB flash drive or SD card and great to have if you have children that watch loads of content. Further, you get a rechargeable battery with up to 5-hours of viewing on a full charge. The stereo speakers decent and works with external speakers as well.

So stop hearing the nagging of kids and listening to, “Are we there yet?” Click here and get the best entertainment to keep them occupied on the road today.

  • Made with a large 14-inch LCD to watch 720p pictures
  • Can use it with your TV via the HDMI port
  • The screen swivels in different directions for a wider viewing angle
  • Comes with auto power and AC adapters
  • Has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides you with up to five hours viewing
  • You can use it with an SD Card and USB Flash Drive
  • The speakers are built-in and can connect to external speakers

3. Sony BDPSX910 Portable Blu-Ray Player

Sony BDPSX910 Portable Blu-Ray Player

Here we have the older portable Blu-Ray players from Sony. You can watch movies on the 9-inch high-resolution LCD monitor to watch Full HD 1080p quality discs. The rechargeable battery provides up to 4.5-hours of viewing to keep kids entertained on the road.

The screen flips and swivels for the best viewing from different angles. Use the USB port with external devices to watch media. There are touch key controls for convenient operation, and it has two HDMI ports. Included you get a car charger, remote control, and AC adapter.

You can also use it with an AV cable sold separately. With the device, you can watch different formatted discs and playback. Further, you can stream content wirelessly and comes with one headphone jack.

So if you want peace traveling with your child on vacation makes sure to check the equipment out.

  • Made with a 9-inch high-resolution LCD monitor
  • Plays Full HD 1080p quality discs
  • The rechargeable battery provides up to 4.5-hours viewing
  • Offers a widescreen view as the monitor flips and swivels
  • Comprise HDMI output to connect to your TV and other devices
  • Has USB input with one headphone jack
  • Can use it with the operational touch keys and remote
  • Built-in speakers to listen to different formatted media
  • Can enjoy wireless streaming as well
  • You get the AC adapter, and car charger included

2. Sony Region Free 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player

Sony Region Free 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray PlayerFinding a region free Blu-Ray player is not easy that is why Sony came up with the best one to use in the different areas. The UBP-X800 includes a 6-feet Dynastar Trademark HDMI Cable, Remote, USA Power Cord, EU Plug Adapter, and Instruction Manual.

You get region free playback of any 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc. You can also enjoy watching regular CDS and is reverse compatible. Further, it supports Pal and NTSC to play Blu-Ray and DVDs on your TV. The device is easy to use, and you can stream live content using different streaming apps.

So if you want to connect to the internet without wires and enjoy different formatted media discs

  • You can use the Blu-Ray player in any region with the region free design
  • Watch UHD 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray content
  • Enjoy 4K Playback and supports HDR, Dolby Atmos and DTS Dolby True HD
  • Has built-in Wi-Fi to stream content live from the internet
  • Supports Pal and NTSC to play standard and UHD 4K, CDs, DVDs, and has a USB input
  • Made with two HDMI outputs and Bluetooth Audio Connectivity

1. Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player

Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player - Portable Blu-Ray DVD PlayersThe 2010 Blu-Ray DVD player from Samsung remains a reliable device to keep kids entertained on the road. You can enjoy the 3D sound, and it has HDMI connectivity to use with your TV and other devices. With the surround sound, you can listen to Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby True HD.

Further, it has DTS and DTS-HD output with HD up-scale video features. Alternatively, you can watch content with an external device using the USB connectivity. There are two audio channel outputs, and it has a built-in wireless connection for stream live content.

So if you want a portable Blu-Ray Player that plays different formatted content, make sure to check this one out here.

  • Has Wireless LAN built-in with Internet TV and advanced connectivity with AllShare
  • Made with a 10.3-inch display and has 1GB built-in memory
  • Supports 3D sound and has HDMI connectivity
  • Works with Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby True HD
  • Offers you USB connectivity and you can watch different formatted content

Which Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player Do You Need?

Always check the capacity of portable Blue-Ray DVD players before buying, as this determines how long you can keep your kids entertained on the road. The fantastic thing is that some of them such as the CUTRIP come with additional headrest attachments to make movie watching in the car more comfortable.

Another essential thing to make sure the device supports SD Cards, USB, and other video file storage to save you money in the end. On the top 10 best, portable Blue-Ray DVD Players list we are confident you will find one that plays all the necessary formats needed to keep your kids entertained.

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Pioneer BDR-XS06 Portable Blu-Ray Writer

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