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Polk Audio DB691 has been rated among the best car speakers measuring 6×9. Then you do not need to look beyond Polk Audio DB691. Get to boost the vehicle audio performance with the versatile as well as efficient speakers from the revolutionary manufacturer. Polk Audio has made a name when it comes to making cutting-edge speakers designed with modern technologies. All the Polk speakers have been able to utilize excellent materials which enables them to be able to produce the best music quality which you have never heard before.
This company has been able to make use of advanced manufacturing techniques. This includes the laser imaging. It enables them to be able to determine most appropriate designs as well as materials which are best suited for the modern speaker.

Polk Audio DB691 3-Way Speakers

Reviews of The Polk Audio DB691

Polk Audio DB691 is a 6×9 inches three-way component coaxial speakers which do provide awesome sound performance. The three-way speakers are among the best for the people who do prefer loud music. Despite the 2 way speakers were very loud too, they do not give higher frequencies like the one being produced by Polk Audio DB691.


These speakers usually come equipped with the polymer composite cone that adopts rubber surrounding. Durable butyl rubber has been in a way that it can be able to withstand the stress of high temperatures such as harsh sunlight. Dynamic polymer/ mica composite is stiff enough though also lightweight. This is to allow for a bigger sound and also less distortion. Rubber surrounding helps in boosting speaker bass response and at the same increases the speaker’s lifetime under any of conditions that may be available.

Polk Audio DB691 3-Way Speakers

Get to enjoy an intense sonic harmony for long hours with the Polk Audio Polk Audio DB691 speakers. Polk Audio DB691 features the stainless steel mounting and the rustproof baskets which makes them suitable for the marine use. Stainless steel design does allow them a perfect choice for both the indoor and outdoor environments, and they do not rust.
Muscular ABS grilles get to add stylish design for the people who want to be able to customize the car audio system. A sound system that you install for the motor gets to determine interior decoration.

Do you know that the ABS grills have been known for the unmatched beauty? This is the main reason why the engineers at the Polk audio engineer would stop at nothing.
The multi-hole mounting pattern does allow you to be able to come up with the numerous ways on mounting them.


  • Item weight: 5 Pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 14.5 x 4.8 inches.
  • Batteries: One 12 V batteries needed.
  • Design: 3 Way.
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms.
  • Woofer composition: Polymer/ Mica position.
  • Tweeter composition: Polymer/ Silk Composition.
  • Frequency response: 35-22 kHz.
  • Peak Power Handling: 300 Watts.

Dynamic balance is the proprietary Polk Audio technology that makes use of the laser imaging to determine which combination of the speaker materials will be able to create the least amount of resonance. Being able to eliminate resonance in the speakers gets to results in a very smooth and wide response as well as distortion.

Each of the speakers features Dynamic balance polymer or mica composite come that is mineral filled. Cone is a bit stiff and also lightweight. Butyl rubber surrounds ensures a very smooth response as well as improved durability. Kapton Voice Coil Former has a minimum weight for very high sound output. The high melting temperature helps in ensuring high power handling as well as longer reliability.

Polymer/Silk composite tweeter and the super tweeter helps in providing a clear and more accurate mids and highs. Inbuilt two-way crossover network tends to send appropriate frequencies to every driver for a clean sound as well as excellent imaging. Speaker continues to
utilize flat spider for a fast and long excursion linear motion.


Polk Audio DB691 3-Way Speakers

The use of cutting-edge technology has made it possible for an efficient speaker. It can reproduce music accurately as you have never heard of. The precise balance of the materials is good. It does include Polymer/Silk Dome tweeter and the Mica Cone Woofer. It enables a smooth roll off and very quick response at any volume that you get to choose.
Rubber Surround gets to add to the bass response and also increases the lifetime of the speaker under any conditions. It is a high-efficiency speaker loudspeaker. This means less power for the same quality output. Revamped dB series offers perfect Polk audio performance as well as durability.

As discussed above, Polk Audio DB691 is among the best 6×9 speakers in the market. It has very excellent features which allow it to work efficiently. Here are some benefits of Polk Audio DB691 3-Way Speakers.


  • Speaker can be able to fit the budget you have with no need to compromise on the sound quality.
  • It has exceptional power handling potential.
  • Polk Audio DB691 has numerous hole speaker mounting for a very easy installation.
  • Clear music and quality sound production.


Polk Audio DB691 has been made with excellent technology. This technology ensures that you are not going to have a hard when you are setting it up. All you need is a very good amplifier, and within a few minutes of connection, you are done. Get to enjoy the music of high quality in your car, and you will feel the smoothness of the music.
Speaker has been housed in solid steel basket that has been finished in the rustproof gun metal spray. It is durable hence it serves you for a long period.


Overall, Polk Audio DB691 3 way speaker systems are excellent versatile sound system accessories components. The high-performance coaxial speaker comes with Latest Polk technology ensuring a good choice for any car you have. If indeed you need ultimate speakers to revitalize music, then you do need excellent speakers. It does provide clear sound. Also provides much better flexibility especially when it comes to being able to wire the sound system.

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