playstation gold wireless stereo headset

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo is an excellent headset for the gamers. With PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo, you can be able to experience everything. From big booms to the whisper-quiet warnings in the stunning 7.1 virtual surround.  Also, continue chatting with friends through the hidden noise-canceling microphone.

PlayStation makes The PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo. It comes with Headset Companion App that enables you to be able to download custom game modes. Creation of The custom game modes for the PlayStation by the various developers that have been tuned to enhance audio in the favorite games. Keep on reading to learn details of PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo.

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Ultimate Reviews of the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo


PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo

Black and blue, PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo has a nice minimal design with a solid arch around the head and the large cans on every end which can slide up or even down numerous notches for it. The cans can fold center on the well-defined things and loosely click into the place.  Also, this makes it very easy to be able to store using the included travel pouch.

All of the controls have been comfortably located on the left earpiece that does include a power switch. This power switch also allows you to be able to swap between the two customizable audio profiles. This is by using PlayStation Companion App on PlayStation Store. You are also going to find volume up. Also down buttons, mute button while the other pair can let you set balance game audio and also multiplayer chat.

How does it look?

The toggle button between the virtual surround sound and the standard two-channel stereo. It is the same set of the options seen on earlier PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo. However, PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo’s build is very clean and attractive. Well, gone are the days when there were cheap feeling sliders for the volume and balance. They are replaced by the buttons molded into rubberized plastic.

Also, missing is the visible microphone that is jutting out from the frame, as it is now built into cans, unseen. Unlike the earlier handset, Gold peripheral does not sound like it is going to break the moment you get to pull two ends apart to set it on the noggin. Sides of headset features customizable faceplates. The faceplates can easily be swapped out for the others which are going to be sold. Though for now, you will live with PlayStation button logo on every side.

Granted, we would not wear this quite large headset on subway regardless of the faceplate, but someone might. Gold Headset can fit comfortably on your head with a large, ear enveloping cans; leather covered that have been well augmented by the silky and plush pad up top. Hence, it is going to rest on the dome for the extended periods with no issues. It got the primarily plastic feel to this headphone that comes off the little clunky. This is in relation to the more extravagant headset options. For the price that it comes with, this is quite impressive.


PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo

  • Item weight: 10.4 ounces.
  • Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 9.1 x 9.4 inches.
  • Wireless technology: Bluetooth.
  • Design: Stylish comfort.
  • Adaptable audio: You can connect wirelessly to the PS4 and PS4.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo has incorporated 7.1 virtual surround sound with a hidden noise-canceling mechanism. You can be able to swap the removable faceplates for something that is more than style. The adaptable audio can connect wireless to the PS4, Home computer, PS3 or even get to connect the PS Vista system or any other mobile device. With an included 3.5 mm audio Cable and be able to take the sound with you.


You may have heard broader and bigger sounds from the richer headsets, but for the price that they come with, this is quite amazing. PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo can put on a very good performance when it comes to the games and movies alike. Getting to hear a single dropship soar bu the out of view in the Killzone: The Shadow Fall was electric. Also, each satisfying round pumped into the Helghast enemy registered nicely with each brutal scramble for the survival in the Tomb Raider.

This all comes through during the testing phase with Virtual 7.1 surround sound exceeding expectations. Don’t make a mistake! You are not going to forget that you are wearing headsets. If there is a single complaint, It is the fact that it lacks largeness of the sound, and it does not have a range of the higher end devices. Among the premium headsets, it is the entry level one, but it is darn good for that.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo

What Else?

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo stellar for films. Getting to grab a download of the Pacific Rim from PlayStation Store, you are going to hear Jaegers artillery shots. With factory settings, the bass is thin, and as a result of the streamlined design, you are not going to find any controls in the headset itself to be able to twerk signal. For all this, you will need to download free PlayStation Companion App that allows you to be able to select from the genre-specific presets or even freely tweak bass, treble and mid.

However, all this is from within the separate app on the console. It does not offer audio samples to be able to work with, and you are going to have a blind shot at levels and later pop back and forth with the aim of finding accurate balance. This is quite irritating while you are watching the Blu-ray film as there is a need for you to exit the playback to use app fully. The game specific audio profiles for PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo are in the process of being complete. What emanates from the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo is quite a very strong as well as clear signal.


The connection of PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo has never been this easy. It has a tiny USB adaptor that plugs into the front of the PlayStation 4 or the PlayStation 3. On the play station 4, popping on headset’s power switch launches on-screen prompt to be able to assign headset to the active user. PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo is compatible with a wide variety of devices including PC as well as Mac. They do function as-as the standard wired headphones with the MP3 player or even phone.


For everyone who is playing PlayStation 3 or even PlayStation 4 and they want the crisp, clear sound with a lot of fuss, ensuring PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo picks up very strongly. The newly streamlined build that cuts out any unnecessary frills so as to focus on the attractive and also comfortable design. Foldable cups makes it very easy to transport and also store. PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo has been tailed with a lot of expertise, and hence it is a great choice to try.

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