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Best Pen Cameras in 2021 You Should Get It

In casual and professional environments, it is best to ensure the security of yourself and the goods you carry. When you go to some suspicious places where the chances of threats are higher, the need for a spying device is inevitable. It is best to record the surrounding to use them as evidence in case any mishap takes place. To silently record the surrounding scene without informing anybody, the pen cameras are used excessively. Basically, the device is presented in a compact size that can fit anywhere inside your pocket, bag, clothes, etc. Once set up properly, it will begin recording the scene without notifying anybody.

The recorded footage will work as evidence in order to disclose the culprit. Also, the device will give you a sense of security and confidence whenever you step into a suspicious place. You will be facilitated with comprehensive security of yourself, your family members along with you and the goods carried along. In a professional environment, the device greatly uses in meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. Different factors like size, design, camera resolution, compatibility, etc. need to consider before purchasing the one. Let’s take a look at the best pen cameras available in the present market:

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The Best Pen Cameras in 2021 Reviews

7. Spy Camera LTMADE 1296P 32G Hidden Camera Pen

Spy Camera LTMADE 1296P 32G Hidden Camera Pen

The eye-catching trait of this hidden pen camera is a beautiful design. This model of LTMADE spy camera is capable to record at 2K resolution. This makes it one of the most advanced and professional pens in the present market. According to your needs, the camera pen can easily record in HD 1080P and 720P modes. Now you can relish the fast action motion videos playing smoothly at the maximum speed of 60fps. Through the single button operation, the device is accomplished to capture photos and videos. Generally, the hidden camera pen is extremely convenient in meeting, outdoor activities, proof collection, interviews, etc.


  • This LTMADE pen camera comes with the full 2K video resolution with 20 Mega Pixel.
  • The included clips can be detached if you do not need them.
  • There is the facility of displaying time/date on your videos. Hence, you can know the exact details about when the recording took place.
  • It is possible to include a custom name/label to showcase on your videos.

Taking a glance at the reviews of the customers who tried these LTMADE pen cameras, the photos, and video quality is excellent. The only downside is it needs a battery for its operation. Except for that, its sleek design, excellent quality output, and versatility are the important specialties.

6. GSmade Spy Pen Hidden Camera – Full HD 2K Spy Pen Camera

 GSmade Spy Pen Hidden Camera - Full HD 2K Spy Pen Camera

With the lens being hidden, nobody will ever know when you carry this GSmade pen camera.

The hidden camera is dedicated to recording at a wonderful 2K resolution.

It is possible to record the footage in HD 1080P and 720P modes. Right from casual to professional world, there are many different applications that use this full HD pen camera. These include traveling, investigation, proof collection, party, outdoor activities, business meetings, etc. To guarantee complete security of yourself and the goods you carry with you, it is recommended to try the device. Even the person sitting beside you will not know that you possess this device to secretly record the surrounding.


  • The output consists of the full HD 2304*1296P resolution with 20 Mega Pixel.
  • There are no hassles to change the resolution to 720P for dynamically shooting the video.
  • Facility of motion detection based photo capturing is available.
  • When you spin the center part of the pen, the USB port protrudes.
  • There is the inclusion of a 32GB memory card to remove storage issues.
  • The device is compatible with operating systems like Windows XP/2003/Windows7/8/10.

There are a few customers who mentioned the hanging issues in these GSmade pen cameras. Considering the quality of recorded videos and captured photos, the pen camera unit is outstanding.

5. Pen Camera – 1080P Covert Camera Mini PenCam HD by FOCUCTECH

Pen Camera – 1080P Covert Camera Mini PenCam HD by FOCUCTECH

You may casually write like other pens and at the same time allow the device to record the surrounding secretly. Basically, this 1080P mini pen camera is a portable device with the video recording with photo shooting functionalities.

Nobody will know how you silently allow the device to record the footage. All the important live events can easily track for use as evidence. Due to its multipurpose functionality, the compact pen device finds its use in a wide range of applications.


  • The mini pencam HD is capable to record outstanding video at the 1920x1080p resolution in full HD quality. It is possible to record video in the AVI video format.
  • In these pen cameras from FOCUCTECH, the built-in battery can function for approximately 60 minutes on a full charge.
  • In less than 2 hours, the included battery can be charged fully.
  • There is the facility to support up to the 32GB memory card.
  • It is extremely easy to carry along. According to your preference, you can hang it in the pocket of your cloth without notifying anyone.
  • The compact design allows you to carry this covert cam for conference, classroom recording, travel trips, interview, etc.
  • It is possible to perform video surveillance in your home.

Most customers are happy with the clear quality images and videos at the output. There are no blinking lights as found in some cheap quality pen camera devices.

4. 1080P HD Spy Pen Camera Mini Video Recorder by WISEUP

1080P HD Spy Pen Camera Mini Video Recorder by WISEUP

Those looking to purchase a compact hidden camera for secret recording can definitely try this 1080P HD pen camera. Once you get familiar with the working operation, it is extremely easy to use. Without intimating anybody, you can begin recording the surrounding. Inside the shirt pocket, clothes or open bag, you can conveniently place this device to record the scene.

The brand WISEUP prepared this spy pen camera to support photo capturing, video recording, and 1080P HD video filming. The picture format supported is JPG and the video format support is AVI. In addition to working as a spy camera, you can write smoothly. The beautiful workmanship of these compact pen cameras allows the device to write comfortably.


  • These mini 1080P pen cameras incorporate 16GB memory card. This memory card can typically save videos approximately 3 hours of duration.
  • If the need arises then it is possible to substitute the memory card with a larger one. The maximum memory storage supported is 32GB.
  • Continuous video recording is facilitated for approximately 60 minutes when the device is fully charged.
  • The output video shows 1920×1080P full HD resolution for crystal clear video viewing experience.
  • The built-in battery can function for approximately 1 hour.
  • It takes 30 frames per second, so it is possible to record fast-moving videos.

There are some users who mentioned about the unclear view when setting up in the shirt pocket. However, you just need to set it up properly and get familiar with its functionality. Overall, the working process is straight-forward and the output quality is decent enough.

3. Hidden Camera 1080p WiFi Nanny Cam Pen by Auspicious Beginning

Hidden Camera 1080p WiFi Nanny Cam Pen by Auspicious Beginning

It is now easy to view the live video of home, office, kids, pets, elderly people, etc. This is now true with this model of nanny pen camera. Basically, the device is a WiFi enable pen cam capable to connect to an internet network. In order to access the recorded video, you would require smart equipment such as iPad, iPhone, Android, PC or tablet. The real-time video viewing from a remote location will facilitate through this WiFi nanny camera.

At the output, you will find decent quality video suitable for presenting as evidence. Moreover, its compact structure allows you to effortlessly carry along with you whichever place you go. There is the facility of motion detection for perfectly capturing the images. Based on your needs, the pen camera device can function without WiFi. Therefore, it can work as a P2P camera due to its compact structure. You can easily mount the device in your pocket, handbag, vehicle helmet, etc.


  • There is a total of 4 high-quality IR lights in this hidden nanny camera. These lights are capable to depict the appearance even in darkness.
  • In these pen cameras by Auspicious Beginning, there is the provision of alarm notification delivered to your phone.
  • They included the camera would easily capture a snapshot and later save them into your phone/memory card.
  • With maximum memory card supported is 128GB.
  • The resolution supported is 1920x1080p and it is possible to view the images or video in 155°.
  • While using it, you can fix in inside the bag, pocket, book, desk, etc. without notifying anybody.
  • The package comes in a tiny box containing this pen camera, USB cable, charger, and a user manual. Everything stays organized in the package.

The WiFi nanny camera is commended by the customers for its motion detection and excellent video resolution. Even in the small space, it is possible to fix the device.

2. Hidden Camera,PORTOCAM POT21 FHD 1080P Spy Pen Camera

Hidden Camera,PORTOCAM POT21 FHD 1080P Spy Pen Camera

The appearance of this PORTOCAM camera resembles a rolling pen and the functioning is identical to a hidden camera. Its portability seems ideal for travel, outdoor activities, interview, etc. The unique construction of the pen camera device facilitates secret recording. There is a 1080P HD lens in the pen and there is an LED behind the pen clip. In this way, nobody can ever know that you carry the device.

Due to the sleek design, the POT21 FHD 1080P pen cameras would fit impeccably inside the front pocket and file folder. For educational purposes, the device assists to record the footage for a conference, seminars, examinations, etc. Besides, for evidence collection, the output from the camera can instantly present to catch the thief. Through a single button operation, it is extremely easy to initiate recording; even child can use it.


  • The structure of this PORTOCAM spy pen camera showcases exclusive night visibility. This visibility is rarely found in other spy pen models in the market.
  • It is capable to generate a visible black and white image in the output in the pitch black. Hence, you would not miss anything during the night.
  • There is a built-in 400mah battery capable to present the longest recording time compared t other hidden pen cameras.
  •  Generally, the recording time is maximum up to 180 minutes during day and it is up to 90 minutes during night.

Based on the customer reviews, this product of 1080P hidden pen camera proves as a perfect gift. There is no need to worry about power off and the continuous recording is presented to record the footage secretly.

1. Daretang Hidden Camera 1080P HD Spy Camera Pen

 Daretang Hidden Camera 1080P HD Spy Camera Pen

The stunning image quality and distortion free video output are the paramount specialties of this 1080P HD spy camera pen. It is now straightforward to playback your recorded footage in the 1920×1080 HD color video resolution. Moreover, the wide viewing angle of 75 degrees allows you to precisely see the scene. Whether you are at office, home or any other place, the spy camera pen fulfills the need to secretly record the video.


  • There is a hidden pinhole lens inside the device. Hence, the device is discreet and stealthy. No person would ever suspect its presence.
  •  With continuous recording functionality, there are no chances of missing any moment or activity.
  • Maximum memory card supported is a 32GB microSD memory card. Once the device gets full, it would automatically overwrite the oldest files.
  • Through the click of the on-off button, it is possible to switch the device to camera mode or turn it to webcam.

As per the reviews of customers, it is extremely simple to view pictures and videos from these spy pen cameras. You just need to be cautious during the set up.

The easy-to-use functionalities and excellent security features make the pen cameras inevitable devices for secret recording. Now you can fulfill your desire of flawless writing and excellent video recording for different applications. There is no limitation to use them; you can use them for casual and professional purposes.

[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Use Pen Camera Correctly

How To Use Pen Camera Correctly 

Camera :

  • Click the on/off button once
  • Once the green indicator blinks once, then you are good to go because you have successfully taken a photo.
  • The pen cameras will also return to ready mode.

Record video :

  • Again, press the on/off button for 2 to 3 seconds
  • The light will blink several times. That’s because it is an indication that the recording has begun.
  • Once you are done recording, press the on/off button once.

USB : 

The USB port of pen cameras is readily accessible. That’s why you need to unscrew your pen’s top to view it.

How to charge pen cameras :

  • Now that you know how to access the USB port plug in the USB cable into it.
  • For the other end, plug it into your computer’s USB port
  • Ensure that the charging is complete usually after 4 hours
  • Disconnect the pen after that
  • If it is charging, the indicator light will be blinking. Once it is fully charged, the blinking will become a constant solid light

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Why is a pen camera made the perfect body cam?

Are you thinking of getting a pen camera? If that is the case, then worry less since you are in the right place. This article gives information about pen cameras and the main reason as to why pen cameras fit as body cameras. The piece gives reasons as to why a pen camera is the ultimate body camera. Also, we will discuss how a pen camera operates and the interesting benefits that come from the device. Learn more about the two devices from the information below.

How well can a pen camera operate?

How well can a pen camera operate?

When it comes to the camera world, the pen camera is one of the latest technological evolution. It is a compact camera with excellent services. This section will discuss how perfect a pen camera works. Consider the details below to discuss how you can use a pen camera.

It is no secret that a pen camera in most cases works as a spy camera to record and view details in secret. In that case, a huge amount of customers keep wondering how effective the camera is and how well it works. In general, a pen camera results in high-quality photos and high-definition videos for you to watch. It is the ultimate body camera for people ageing above seven years since a pen is a common product to have at all times. Its main function is to monitor the various activities happening when you are not around and watching.

The general tips you must learn is that a pen cam is sensitive and make sure that you avoid dropping the device in water. Also, don’t force the memory card and USB cable in and out of your device. With the right care, the pen cam will last a long way. Take gentle care of the pen to deliver years of wonderful spying.

When it comes to using a pen camera, the first step involves charging your pen camera. The first charge takes at least four hours. However, in normal circumstances, it will take at most fifteen minutes to recharge. Use a USB cable and plug the port in the camera into a charger. A full charge delivers a battery life of one and a half hours.

Insert an SD card into your pen slot. Insert the card gently to prevent any damages. With that, you will be able to store all the pictures and videos from the pen camera. Also, make sure that the insertion process is right and in the correct place to avoid not collecting data. Your SD memory card size depends on your preference and taste.

Turn on your pen camera to take pictures or record videos. The process is simple and involves pressing the on and off button in pen. It comes with an indicator light to confirm if your pen camera is operating. To turn off the pen camera, press the off button.

View your videos and photos from your SD Card memory. Connect your pen to your computer via a USB cable. Make sure you wait for the pen SD memory to appear on your laptop to view the details.  After viewing the files, you can store the data in your device and erase the files from the SD memory card for reuse.

Also, you can view the date via the camera, and you can readjust in case of false data.

From the information above, it is clear that a pen camera operates effectively to act as a spy body camera. Carry your pen camera everywhere to record all the necessary details in secret.

What are the interesting benefits of a pen camera?

What are the interesting benefits of a pen camera?

Are you thinking of getting a pen camera and you are wondering about the benefits that come with the device? If yes, you are in the right place. This piece gives information about some of the interesting benefits that come with a pen camera. Check out!

  • Hide your camera from plain sight: When spying, it is important to take all the necessary precautions. And what better way to do that other than getting a pen camera. It is a high-quality camera in the disguise of a pen. And with that, you can take pictures and record videos without anyone noticing what you are doing. A pen camera gives you a chance to hide your camera from plain sight.
  • It creates a comfortable set-up for all: One of the easiest ways to create an uncomfortable situation is recording people when they are aware. A huge amount of people tend to fake the entire thing since they are worried about what may happen. However, with a pen camera, you are able to view everything without anyone noticing it. Also, the SD memory card will help you record picture and videos for future reference.
  • Easy to operate: There are a lot of professional camera persons all over the world. The main reason for this fact is because operating a camera is not always a walk in the park. In that case, a lot of people tend to worry about the perfect camera that will pose less technical issues. And one of the best options is a pen camera. It is a well-hidden camera that comes in disguise to a pen. Also, all you have to do is make simple adjustments such as powering it up or down.
  • Pen cameras are convenient to use: One of the major features of the pen cameras is a compact and lightweight design. With that, you achieve easy portability, use and management. And this explains why it is the perfect body camera since it is almost impossible for anyone to notice the device. In addition to that, you can easily hide a pen camera.

When it comes to spying, it is vital to be careful. The main reason for this detail is because the settings are different and sometimes dangerous. In that case, the entire set-up should be secret and comfortable. And what better assistant to have other than the pen cameras. It is a high-quality camera that serves as a body camera thanks to the ultimate size. This article gives details about the device. The details above give basics about the camera. It explains how a pen camera works and its effectiveness level. Also, we discuss the benefits that come with a pen camera. Consider the information above before setting for this body camera.

Features you should look into before buying pen cameras

Features you should look into before buying pen cameras

Are you thinking of getting a pen camera? If that is the case, then it is important to settle for the right device to avoid future problems. With the multiple options, you will come across, and it is important to learn all the important considerations that will help you settle for the right device. The information below gives you detail about the features you must look into before finally buying a pen camera. Check out the list below for an amazing pen camera.

  • Video Quality: When detectives started using cameras to spy on areas and people, the video quality was terrible. In fact, it was almost impossible to make out the face of the involved party. In most cases, all you would get was a sketch. However, with the rapid technology evolution, things are bigger and better. Most of the pen cameras have high-quality video quality. The technology varies between 2K and 4K. The resolution ranges between 720p and 1080p. Make sure that you don’t settle for a 480p camera resolution. With that, you can settle for the right pen camera.
  • Sound quality: As mentioned earlier, it is clear that pen cameras act as both video recorder and photo taker. Naturally, pen cameras main purpose is not to record videos. However, you can always settle for a pen camera with an inbuilt microphone to record and deliver a clear sound output. Make sure that the microphone is compact and powerful to deliver excellent sound quality.
  • Storage options: From the details above, it is clear that an SD card memory is vital. It is the ultimate place to record videos and pictures. However, the size of your storage space depends on the size of your SD card. They vary from 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. With that, you can settle for the right SD card size depending on your taste and preference.
  • Battery life: a pen camera depends on an inbuilt rechargeable battery. It depends on the number of hours a pen camera will serve you before the next recharge. One of the biggest limitations of a pen camera is battery life. In that case, make sure that the pen camera you buy will serve you for at least two hours.
  • Quality of the pen camera: Check out the quality of your pen camera to make sure that you buy a well-build product for excellent services for years.

When it comes to the spying world, it is important to have all the requirements. And one of the basic requirement is a pen camera. In that case, it is a must-have device when dealing with a hidden camera. However, with the multiple options in the market, it is tough to settle for the right option. In that case, this article discusses all the features you must consider before settling for a pen camera. And with that, you can comfortably buy a high-quality pen camera. Consider the information above for a high-quality purchase.