Best Glass Computer Desks in 2019

There is a trend of desk jobs in present time. You may find different applications using a computer and there are various employees working on computer desk jobs. Moreover, with a view to enhance the productivity of your desk job and to make work environment appealing, the glass computer desks work well. The reasons behind […]

Best Instant Cameras in 2019

In recent times, the instant cameras are gradually making a comeback and their use is increasing day-by-day. Moreover, it would be quite gratifying to hold a printed image in hand. Besides, you can pin them on the wall, door or wherever you want. Whenever you wish to hand off a photo to somebody instantly after […]

The ASUS RT-N12 Review-A Magnificent Router

How are your skills when it comes to networking? Do you only have basic knowledge? Then we recommend you read our ASUS RT-N12 review. This magnificent router is easy to set up in your home. The device offers you a high-speed 300 Mbps connectivity speed. You can use it with wired and wireless networks in […]

The Amped Athena RTA2600 Router Review

This is an MU-MIMO router and comes at a high-price, but remains one of the best Wi-Fi routers to use at home. While it does have this function, you need devices with the same technology to benefit from it. Currently, it is one of Amped fastest routers, but is it made for you? Let us […]

Top 10 Best All-in-One Printer in 2019

The environmentalist wants you to go paperless at home and the office. However, is this possible? To an extent, yes, but there are times you do need to print documents for safekeeping. To achieve the best results when making copies or printing you need the best all-in-one printer. Here we have compiled a list of […]


When it comes to the list of the best routers that one can purchase, it would be an injustice to omit the incredible ASUS RT-AC5300. Do you own a smart home? I wouldn’t imagine a better place. The router will definitely take your gaming to a whole new level. As if that is not enough, […]

LINKSYS WRT32 v0X – WiFi Gaming Router

With LINKSYS WRT32X, you can rest assured that the gaming will never be the same again. The good thing is that it will change for the better. That’s because the in-game pings will be as any gamer would love them to be, stable and low. That is obvious since it reduces the pick ping by […]

Top 10 Wireless Wall Switches in 2019

Among our top 10 wireless wall switches are some of the unique and trendy gadgets to have in 2019. With technological developments, most of us are revamping our lives and embracing the smart way of living. These gadgets aim to achieve just that for you. The technology of these top 10 wireless wall switches makes […]

Top 10 Best Home Speakers in 2019

When it comes to achieving sonic bliss, it is key that you buy the right home speakers. You need it to suit your style and groove, besides satisfying its ultimate purpose. Having to compare the quality, aesthetics, price, and performance all at once, can be an arduous task. Electronics like these require months of research […]

Linksys WRT1900ACS Review

For long-range Wi-Fi performance at your home, the Linksys WRT1900ACS (AC1900) dual-band router is perfect. The router kicks dust in other brands face when it comes to configuration and performance. This is one of the top 802.11ac networking routers with a reasonable price, has loads of ports, a powerful range, and great monitoring software. Linksys […]