Best NIKE Shoe Box Storage Review In 2022

Best NIKE Shoe Box Storage Review In 2022

There are many types of Nike shoe box storages in the market. Therefore, you need to pick out the one that suits your preferences. We have picked 10 different types of Nike shoe box storage for you to look at accordingly.

Best NIKE Shoe Box Storage Review

10. homyfort Shoe Storage Organizer 

homyfort Shoe Storage Organizer 

If you love to bring along your shoes when you travel, this suitcase-look shoe container is made for you. With its practical size and shape, it is easy to carry around when you travel. It has 10 compartments which can store 10 pairs of shoes. It has a transparent plastic cover that allow you to see the shoes if you want to stock it somewhere in your room.

  • Polypropylene Non-woven Fabric
  • It has a size of 29.3 x 23.6 x 5.9 inches.

9. Blissun Shoe Rack Shoe Storage Organizer Cabinet Tower 

Blissun Shoe Rack Shoe Storage Organizer Cabinet Tower 

The black shoe rack has 6 layers with 12 compartments which allow placing at least 3 pairs of shoes in each compartment. It provides you two options. If you prefer to show your shoes, you can zip it up. If you prefer to not show off the shoes, you can zip it down.

  • Constructed from water-proof durable fabric shelving, steel tubes, and strong plastics connectors
  • Easy to clean, dirt proof and waterproof

8. SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack with Dustproof Cover

SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack with Dustproof Cover

This is a nine-layer shoe rack that can be used to decorate your room nicely. It provides you the space to exhibit at least 10 pairs of your shoes or other stuff such as your photo frame as well.

  • Size of 34 5/8″x 11 1/8″x 60 7/8″
  • Has beige and grey colors
  • Zippered cover keeps your shoes away from dust and un-viewable

7. TXT&BAZ 36-Pairs Portable Shoe Rack Double Row

TXT&BAZ 36-Pairs Portable Shoe Rack Double Row

 the tall self-built shoe cabinet is the right choice for use of the whole family. It is easy to construct yet it can hold the shoes in a firm manner. With its black frame and transparent outlook, you can exhibit your shoes nicely. Plus, it has 5 layers which you can store a big amount of your pair.

  • Made from high-quality polymer plastic
  • Removable layer

6. Prasacco Shoes Box

Prasacco Shoes Box

With this shoe box, you can put it together to make it look like a real cabinet or use it separately as a shoe box which you can put it anywhere in your room. It comes with 10 pieces. Each one has a hole in it so that it can guarantee that your shoes are not smelly in there.

  • Hold shoes up to a woman’s size 11, men’s size 10.5
  • Made of 3-layer corrugated kraft paper
  • Pull out the drawer

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5. SONGMICS Shoe Rack


This is the ideal shoes rack that is the perfect choice for you who do not want to sacrifice big space for your shoes at the same time you do not want your shoes to be unorganized. The 16 cube box will allow you to store 16 pairs of shoes.

  • You can build it according to the size of your space as the 16 shoe boxes are removable
  • Made of PP Plastic sheets with a sturdy metal wire frame and ABS plastic connectors.
  • Each cube has the size of  8.7”L x 13.8”W x 6.7”H

4. Baxton Studio Shoes Storage Cabinet

Baxton Studio Shoes Storage Cabinet

If you do not feel like showing off your shoes, this shoe cabinet is the one for you. It does not take much space in the room yet its two shelves features allow you to store a lot of pairs of shoes.

  • Made of engineered wood
  • Dark brown color
  • 2-door cabinet comes with 3 shelves and metal round handles

 3. Organizedlife Large White Shoe Box Cabinet Seat

 3. Organizedlife Large White Shoe Box Cabinet Seat

Different from ordinary shoe rack, the modern feature of this shoe container will capture your heart. This shoe container has a flip drop drawer and a sliding drawer. Besides storing your shoes, you can decorate it as a table or use it as a chair.

  • White elegant color
  • Size: 28.3″W * 27″D * 16″H

 2. Organizedlife White Wooden Shoe Cabinet 

Organizedlife White Wooden Shoe Cabinet

This is a well designed shoes rack with high quality mirror and the convenient drawers which will enhance the look of your room nicely. It has five drawers. You can open each drawer like opening the oven. Each drawer can store up to 4 pairs of shoes. It has the 4 screws that allow you to fix it to the wall.

  • Overall dimensions : H73″ * L25″ * D7.87″
  • High quality MDF board with melamine construct

1. Giantex Shoe Bench Entryway 

Giantex Shoe Bench Entryway

This is a wooden type of shoe cabinet that has 3 shelves and 4 compartments. With its design, it can be decorated with any types of items besides shoes.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of premium bamboo

Nike shoe box storages that we have shown in the article has a different feature. Some have better quality than others because of the price range. However, buying a good quality Nike shoe box storage does not mean you have the select the highest prize. There are also the ones that have enough features and are affordable. We hope you have some ideas on choosing the right Nike shoe box storage from our article.


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