Netgear R6220 100NAS

The NETGEAR R6220-100NAS For Your Business

People have this attitude that it doesn’t matter whether their router is old because after all, they can access the internet. Even if you have one in place, it is always important to keep checking for an upgraded router as in the long run; it will make surfing the net a breeze. Make sure you pay attention to it, not only when it is not working but also when it is outdated.

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Upgraded routers come with better applications, have parental controls, you can enable or disable networks more efficiently, you can eradicate dead zones, and much more. With them, also, you are assured of faster internet speeds, and you have improved security. When shopping for a router, consider the NETGEAR R6220-100NAS for all its features and benefits as you will see below.

The NETGEAR R6220-100NAS Review – Top Pick

The NETGEAR R6220-100NAS is so far one of the best routers both in features and in performance. Most people prefer it for not only 4K streaming but also for online gaming. That said, you definitely would want to know why we recommend this router and some of its features, pros, drawbacks and also how you can set it up at home effortlessly.


  • The Netgear R6220 comes housed in a black plastic case. It lacks the fashion-forward design of Google OnHub. Actually, its only adornment is in its patterned vents. Its dimensions are 1.6 x 9.4 x 7.2. The router is 0.2 inches tall and 20 percent larger than TP LINK’s Archer C7 router.
  • It comes with 2 antennas that extend up to 5.3 inches. These antennas can be rotated or even swiveled; however, they cannot be swapped out. Each antenna has high-gain amplifiers. The R6220 have light shows with up to 9 LEDs that are sometimes distracting. These lights show that the router is on. There are those that indicate that the router has an internet connection, is broadcasting a WiFi signal and that it has an active WiFi protected setup, activity on the USB as well as the four wired LAN ports.
  • Other than the power button and the LAN ports NETGEAR R6220-100NAS’s back panel has a USB 2.0 port which can be used to connect a hard drive or printer. It also has a recessed reset button as well as a WPS switch for adding additional devices to the network.
  • This router has a switch that is used to turn off wireless transmissions thus transforming it to a wired router. This router, however, cannot automatically retrieve and load a new firmware unlike the new method routers in the market. Therefore the Netgear Firmware Assistant makes finding this firmware and installing them easy. It is also impossible to run only approved software, and this can stop a hacker from gaining access.
  • The NETGEAR R6220-100NAS has an 880 MHz MediaTek processor and 128 MB RAM of flash storage space. This holds the systems software and its settings.

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  • This router delivers AC1200 WiFi 300+867 Mbps speeds. Also, as earlier stated, it comes with an external antenna that improves the Wi-Fi coverage. It is ideal for homes that have eight and above WiFi devices.
  • Its processor, of 880 MHz is sure to deliver high-performance connectivity. It comes with USB 2.0 port that wirelessly accesses and shares USB hard drive, and IPv6 supported. It allows for connectivity for dual-band WiFi devices like iphone5 and the likes. One thing more, the Netgear R6220 comes with a user manual for troubleshooting and setting up.



  • This router is everything you need for a super fast connected home. This is the next generation 11 ac WiFi with dual band technology is ideal for providing home coverage WITH Gigabit wired connections perfect for HD gaming and video.
  • This router is the ideal router to have in your home as it provides Wi-Fi coverage for both large and small homes. It is highly reliable. It comes with advanced features and technology that reduces interference. This way it lets you enjoy seamless wi-fi connectivity. The simultaneous dual-band reduces any interference allowing you to enjoy better connections to various wifi devices. Also, the advanced QoS optimizes smooth HD streaming as well as gaming.
  • Sharing across your network is easy and fun with Netgear R6220. You can access stored photos, music and do wireless printing easily.
  • Security is of concern, and this router ensures you maintain high security across the entire network thus ensuring your privacy and that your family is safe while online. You can prevent phishing or even limit access for your kids and guests.
  • On top of that, there is a guaranteed ease of use. Installing and managing it is simple. One can connect quickly and use it easily.

Best of the Product

  • Many will attest that this router has the best performance.
  • Unlike many products in the market, this one has a USB port for connecting your hard disk or printer
  • Also, it comes with an ON/OF wireless switch which is a plus, and finally, it is pocket-friendly

Set up

Setting it up entails connecting the router to a broadband modem and then configuring it with your computer. It comes with a generic network name and password. After this, the network setup wizard takes over. It auto detects your internet connection and set up your device in a matter of minutes.

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These days, it is easy to find a pocket-friendly router that delivers more than expected. In case you don’t seem to find one, and then this then you can try the Netgear R6220. It does a lot for less. This router impresses with its good throughput. If you want to make the router the center of your digital world, this one can connect a USB printer or better still your hard disk and its application lets you see what’s going on with the network, and also make changes. If your family is one that has a hunger for a lot of wireless data, then this is the router that you need to go for.