Communication has taken a different angle in this era of technology. With globalization, purchasing items and communication is now done through the internet. Accessing some the global sites such as Amazon or even reading emails requires strong and fast network connectivity. Modems have of late become unreliable for this purpose. This is why we have come up with this internet range expander device as a solution for you. This piece of an article will give you all that you need to know and use the NETGEAR EX6200-100NAS AC1200 product.


Why You Must Buy the NETGEAR EX6200-100NAS AC1200 Desktop Product

NETGEAR EX6200-100NAS AC1200

Increasingly more consumer wireless network Range Extenders coming to market are small, wall mountable devices that plug right into an electrical socket and sit flush into a wall. Netgear’s AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender bucks this trend. The AC1200 is fairly large. Add in extra goodies like a Universal Serial Bus 3.0 port and five Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to bridge the networking gadgets, and you have a winning Wi-Fi Wideband Extender. Specs The EX6200 at Amazon looks comparable to Netgear’s Nighthawk except it is smaller compared to the Nighthawk and does not have a sloping chassis.

Still, it is big for an extender, measuring 9.92 by 6.85 by 1.22 inches. What is distinctive is its red and black design, it is actually rather striking? In addition, the EX6200 can operate vertically or horizontally on a stand. In addition, distinctive into the EX6200 are its premium hardware specifications that more advanced than for other Wi-Fi devices. The EX6200 has 800 MHz dual-core processor, for starters.

Nevertheless, for over double those costs, the EX6200 isn’t just a dual band extender, however, it may also work as a bridge with five Gigabit ports. And after that, there are those strong components under the hood. Take all of that into account, and the cost seems more than reasonable. Configuration Netgear’s extender ships with a Getting Started guide, a one page manual in the workflow format. The guide starts by asking you if your router has WPS button. The directions are clear, easy to follow, and simple, thanks to the workflow logic. In a nutshell, there are two ways to set up the EX6200: using WPS or utilizing the extender’s Netgear Genie software wizard. Both configuration methods worked well. When utilizing WPS, you would like to put the extender close to the router, ideally within the line of sight.


This product has an eye-catching, versatile design. You can choose to have it vertical or horizontal based on your room or office space. Also, the WPS button works ability to work in sync in line with your router gives you a quick and easy setup. This device uses the latest technology thus providing the best Wi-Fi range of any Wi-Fi extender. With the 802.11ac, you are able to connect a printer via a USB Port and share files.


NETGEAR EX6200-100NAS AC1200 has a tendency to disconnect when performing firmware updates. The technical support is only accessible over the phone and is limited to 90 days after purchase.


How To Set Up The Ex6200 To Your Wi-Fi Router Using Ethernet Connection And Use Smart Setup

NETGEAR EX6200-100NAS AC1200

You can decide to use any of the five Ethernet L. In cases you facing connection problems, try to use the following: Open the Internet browser window via the exact same computer. The browser will take you to the NETGEAR Genie. Note: In case you ought to not automatically lead to the NETGEAR genie screen, go to, and then enter admin as the username and password to the password. Continue. In the case where the network uses WPA PSK, WPA PSK or a mix of these options, do the following: From the Password field, type the network passphrase. From the Encryption Error menu, pick encryption strength.

Click on the button that matches the key you intend to use. Enter the private key of wired network equivalent and hit continue. If your router doesn’t support the 5 GHz band, choose to ignore option then go to 12th step. On the other hand, if your network uses WPA PSK, follow the steps below:

  • Type the network password in the password field.
  • Choose encryption strength from the encryption.
  • Adjacent to the radio button, type the private key of wired network equivalent
  • NETGEAR genie will display the name of the network and adds.
  • Get the name of the 2.4 GHz network.
  • Go to finish 5 GHz networks and press continue button.

If you need not use the security manner that matches your network extender, then uncheck the box and hit continue. You can thereafter configure the security settings of your network to the extender networks.

For the Wi-Fi network to connect to the extender there is need to wait for some minutes. Therefore, when the extender is ready, NETGEAR genie will have to summarize the extender networks.  Then use a Wi-Fi network manager on a cell phone or even in a PC in order to connect to the extenders that were recently created 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz WI-Fi network. Note: except if, you want to input a brand New network name in step 12, the extender will to changes its default NETGEAR’EXT network name into the name of the Wi-Fi network to which you ought to connect to the extender and adds. Get at the conclusion of this 2.4 GHz network name. Get to the finish of the 5 GHz network name.

Select wireless devices that will be connected to the Extender network and then click Continue. NETGEAR genie will have to describe the color of the Link Rate Light emitting diode on the front part of the extender. Since you have placed the extension close to the Wi-Fi router, connection speed Light thus emitting diode that is green. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the pc and the extender. Because your expander is connected to the Wi-Fi router, you can connect your cell phone or PC to the extender network, and move it to a location where you might increase your Wi-Fi range. The location you decide to choose should be within the range of your existing modem network.

Furthermore, you can connect the extender to an electrical outlet at a new location and then restart the extender. However, if the extender is away from the area selected by your Wi-Fi router, the extender will automatically connect to the router. The Link Rate LEDs will allow you to decide on the place where the extender-to modem link is optimal.

In case of extender will not have some connection or a bad link, you can decide to move the extension closer to the Wi-Fi router and try again until the 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz hyperlink speed Light emitting diode is green, or at least amber. Use a Wi-Fi network manager on a cell phone or PC to reconnect to the extender network. Note: except if, you input a brand New network name in step 12, the extender will change to its default NETGEAR’EXT network name into the name of the Wi-Fi network to which you connected the extender and adds. Get at the conclusion of the 2.4 GHz network name or get to the finish of the 5 GHz network name.  You can select a brand new network and use it in the Wi-Fi modem password to connect. You are now using your extended Wi-Fi network.


To sum up, Netgear Ex6200 desktop Wi-Fi range extender is among the best Wi-Fi boosters in the market. This is because the device comes with a signature design and amazing features such as USB 3.0 port. Also, This Wi-Fi extender gives you 5 gigabit Ethernet ports hence you can function as a bridge. Additionally, Netgear Ex6200 desktop Wi-Fi range isn’t compact like other products but offers more in regard to performance. Why not get this true dual-band booster, and connect to 5 GHz and 2.4 HGZ simultaneously or even separately, while giving equal treatment and work efficiency to all your wireless devices? For sure, this 801.11ac technology is a must buy for you. Wait no further.

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