NETGEAR AC1200 Smart Wireless Router Review

Do you need an inexpensive way to bring the Wi-Fi network to your small business or home? You need the NETGEAR AC1200 (R6220) budget router. This router is a top wifi router when it comes to affordable pricing.You get value for money with this 802.11ac dual-band router. The device has a USB port with loads of management features and easy to install.The great thing is you can connect your desktop to mobile devices with the R6220. Surf the internet, share data, play games and stay in contact with family & friends.

The other exceptional thing is it looks great standing on the desk. In addition, it will fit in with your current home décor. You can keep the data transfers flowing with the AC wireless technology with excellent range, reliability, and speed.

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Take pleasure in the no wifi interference when using both dual bands at the same time. The AC1200 has got you covered. However, if you are uncertain stay a while and read our NETGEAR R6220 review to make up your mind.

NETGEAR AC1200 Smart Wireless Router Review

What makes the NETGEAR R6220 Unique

Although the R6220 is not new to the wireless market, it has been around for a while. The device received the Tom’s Guide Reward for being one of the best Wi-Fi Routers of 2016. The unit’s ideal to use in a large home with eight or more wireless devices. When it comes to speed this router is fast and offers you a Gigabit connection.

DesignImportant Features

The AC1200 has a glossy black finish with the LED indicators found on the top panel. The unit measures 1.5 (H) x 9.4 (W) x 7.2-inches (D). The router is bigger than our other budget-friendly units reviewed. On the back, you have different connection points from the WPS, Wi-Fi on/off button, five by Gigabit Ethernet ports, power on/off, USB 2.0 port and the internet.

The wireless router has a MediaTek 880MHz processor with two radio bands. The 5GHz band handles up to 867Mbps speed while the 2.4GHz handles a speed of 300Mbps. You can connect your printer or a storage device to the USB 2.0 port. The downside is it is not as fast as the modern USB 3.0 found on models that are more expensive.

You can control your home network with the Netgear Genie Web console or download the app to your Smartphone. This platform offers you a basic menu to manage your internet settings. You can choose the wireless settings for security and comprises WPA, WPA2, or WPA/WPA2. Create passwords for connecting devices and use the ready share to set up the printer.

With the guest network, you can give limited access for users that do not need access to your whole network. Using the Advanced Home screen, you get a snapshot of each band or guest network setting to manage devices. Here you can configure Port Forwarding and Triggering, VPN, service and more.

The AC1200 has external antennas to improve the wireless connection and has next-generation 11ac Wifi with a dual radio band. No matter where you connect the Netgear in your home, you get the best range. There are no lost connections with the advanced features, making it a reliable Wi-Fi router to have in the home.

Netgear optimized the device for HD streaming and gaming with the Advanced QoS. You can share from photos to music and benefit from wireless printing. The router supports DLNA TVs, is ReadyShare USB ready, and synchronizes wirelessly with printers.

The R6620 is super easy to use. For ease of installation, it features Easy Install to setup with different mobile devices. Use the Netgear Genie app to control and monitor your home network. With the Push and Connect, you can manage the WPS connections.

For saving power, use the convenient power and wifi on/off button. To prevent hackers from accessing your network the Netgear wireless routers protected with the best security features. Manage and filter web content with the parental controls and give your visitors access to the guest network.

The device has high-levels of WPA/WPA2 security connections.


  • With the wide wifi performance of 300 Mbps plus 867 Mbps, you can use the router in a large home
  • Connect multiple devices and use them at the same time with the two dual bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
  • There are 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports designed with auto-sensing technology
  • Internet Protocol Version 6 supported
  • Offers you a double firewall protection, NAT and SPI firewall
  • Has DoS attach prevention (Denial-of-service)
  • The memory of the router is 128 MB flash and 128 MB RAM
  • The wireless router is lightweight and weighs 385 grams
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty


Installing the AC1200 is a breeze with the Netgear Genie app. The app automatically launches once connected to your PC. The configurations are done automatically and you can do it manually as well. The genie checks the internet connection and runs through the basic steps and DHCP.

You can customize the router once this process completes. According to different users, the R6220 delivers impressive results when tested. When tested in the same room the 2.4GHz scores 74.1Mbps and at 30 feet, it scores 48.3Mbps. The 5GHz score is 331 Mbps when used in close-proximity while at 30 feet it offers you 104Mbps.

The file-transfer speeds average and scores 25.6Mbps with the read & write test it scores 17.6Mbps.

Included in the package
  • The Netgear AC1200 Smart Wi-Fi Router
  • Power Adapter
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Pros and Cons

As with any product, you get your positives and negatives and the R6220 has more positive feedback than negative ones.

  • Loaded with management features
  • Affordable
  • The dual-band performance is average
  • Stylish
  • Connects with most mobile devices
  • The antennas, non-removable
  • Designed with 2.0 USB ports

Hardware Requirements

You can set the AC1200 up with the following systems:

  • Microsoft Vista®, Windows 8, 7, 10, XP®, Linux®, 2000, UNIX®, or Mac OS
  • Firefox® 2.0
  • Safari® 1.4
  • Google Chrome™ 11.0 browsers or higher
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 5.0

For maximum performance, you can use a 2×2 300 Mbps adapter with a laptop or an 802.11ac adapter like NETGEAR A6200.

Final Thoughts

If you need a solid wireless router, you cannot beat the price of the Netgear R6220 Smart Wi-Fi Router (AC1200.) For the home, this dual-band unit offers you wireless connection for different devices. The AC1200 might not have Multi-User Multiple Input or Multiple Out but it still offers you great coverage over the dual-bands. You can connect USB devices and use the Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect to your computer or printer.

 [infographic] Netgear AC 1200 

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