Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera – Works With Amazon Alexa

The era when people used to employ multiple home or office guards is gone. Now things have gone hi-tech. people now rely on technology to monitor, coordinate activities at home, workplace while a hundred kilometers away. This 24/7 surveillance has been made easier with the invention and use of CCTV cameras. Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera-Works With Amazon Alexa is one of the best outdoor security

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cameras that we have among others. This camera has been manufactured by one of the leading security-conscious companies. Therefore, it is designed to offer maximum surveillance, in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this camera including; the features, pros, cons, and set up requirements.

What is Amazon Alexa and Alexa skill?

Why You Must Purchase Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera Works With Amazon Alexa

Nest Security Camera, Keep An Eye On What Matters to You, From Anywhere, For Outdoor Use, Works with Alexa

Nest cam is beautiful, waterproof, easy to install. To watch what comes and goes in your home or office, just install Nest Cam Outdoor Camera over the front door. This outdoor cam works with amazon Alexia and is ready to go wherever you want to see. You can also mount it on the exteriors of your garage to keep to surveil the drive away. Its unique magnetic mount allows you to easily stick it to a steel rain gutter.

With Nest Cam Outdoor, you get special alerts whenever the camera sees a person and is designed to save/record 10-30 days a continuous history of events in the cloud. This cam allows you to quickly find the moment you need in seconds. Also, with Nest Cam, your smart dryer and washer can take the data from the nest and perform laundry activities when the power demand is low. So, your task is to look for works with the Nest Cam Outdoor badge and let the Cam handle the rest for you.

Special Features and Performance
  • 24/7 live video 1300 vast angle view that allows you to look after your office or home in 1080p HD during day and night.
  • Sends alert to your phone when the cam detects any activity.
  • A waterproof cable, camera, and adapter hence enhanced durability.
  • Night Vision with 8 infrared LEDs. The night vision evenly illuminates the scene.
  • Talk, listen and speak up to get someone’s attention. You can also tell the mailman to leave your mail at the door.
  • IPCC-720W HD Pro 4X Optical Zoom.
  • HD 2.0 Mega Pixel, Plug, Wi-Fi and play Outdoor Dome PTZ IP Camera.
  • Night Vision, Audio, Blueiris Compatible.
  • At 720P, each individual camera requires 200-500 kbps of upload bandwidth while at the same time streaming video.
  • At 1080P each of the cameras requires 450-1200 kbps of upload bandwidth while at the same time streaming video.

Nest Security Camera, Keep An Eye On What Matters to You, From Anywhere, For Outdoor Use, Works with Alexa

Nest Cam Outdoor Package Contains:

  • Has Two Mounting Magnets
  • Two Power Adapters
  • Has Two Nest Cam Outdoor Security Cameras
  • 2 Camera Wall Plates
  • Installation Guide
  • Nest Screws
  • Wall Anchors
  • Cable Clips
  • Welcome Guide


  • Brand: Nest.
  • Manufacturer: Nest.
  • MPN: 2 Pack Outdoor.
  • Base SKU: Nest Outdoor 2 Pack.
  • UPC: 813917020210.
  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 11 ounces

Best of the Product

Nest Cam Outdoor is focused on making things simple, human and delightful. With this cam, you will create a thoughtful home that cares about the world around as well as the people inside. Here are some of the pros of this CCTV camera:

  • You can get notifications on your mobile phone about what is taking place in your home. You will know when that parcel you have been waiting for or your kid arrives home, or even when someone is poking around.
  • The built-in speaker and microphone allow you to listen in and scare away burglars.
  • The cam uses its smart light bulbs to draw your attention in case of an emergency.
  • This surveillance device communicates with all other smart devices around your office or home.

Nest Security Camera, Keep An Eye On What Matters to You, From Anywhere, For Outdoor Use, Works with Alexa


Hardware and Set-up Requirements

Nest Security Camera, Keep An Eye On What Matters to You, From Anywhere, For Outdoor Use, Works with Alexa

There are several ways to install and mount your Outdoor Nest Cam. Based on the model you are using, you can run the power cable to an exterior outlet. You can as well run the power cable to an outlet inside your home through a hole. If no vent or hole exists, you can drill it yourself.

  • Ensure you have set-up the Nest Cam Device with the Nest App prior to mounting it.
  • Select a good spot to fix your CCTV camera.
  • Walk around the spot to find out if you can detect the Wi-Fi signal on your phone. If there isn’t a Wi-Fi signal detected by your phone look for a different spot.
  • Prepare the path of the cable
  • Look for a shaded spot. For instance, an eave to overhang or install the cam.
  • Direct sunlight causes glare as well as heats up your camera beyond the required 40 degrees.
  • Follow the safety guides when installing/ mounting your camera.
  • Remove the sticker, wipe off any dust and mount the Nest Cam Outdoor.
  • You can paint the clips and the cable to match your home.
  • You’re set to start using your surveillance camera.

Note; Don’t paint the camera as this can alter its performance.

Tools Required:

Most of the tools you need are already in the pack/box. Example, screws, wall anchors for brick surfaces, cable clips, camera wall plate, Philips screwdriver, adapter wall plate, drill, and also 3/32 inches bit.

Security surveillance has never looked so easy and good before. Nest Cam Outdoor is here to rest your mind. Lastly, with a power connection, you will worry not about dead or low batteries. So, we have taken you through all the features, hardware, benefits and shortcomings of using this device, and set-up procedure. Customers who have purchased and used this camera in the past have not regretted it. If you can’t afford to miss a thing, then why then not purchase this beautiful and waterproof outdoor camera?