Mountain Bike Pedals

Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Pedals In 2021

When you have the best MBT pedals, it is not only there for placing your feet. The mountain bike pedal keeps your feet attached to your bike. Therefore, you need the right set to suit your needs. Pick a set of clipless or flat pedals here with us today. You will not feel disappointed.

Best Mountain Bike Pedals​ Review

10. Shimano DEORE

Shimano DEORE

Here we have the best clipless mountain bike pedal at an affordable price from Shimano. The device has a durable design with a small platform that helps to guide your foot into place. However, it does not offer a fantastic grip with the compact design, but you will clip in with confidence.

  • Gives a loud and noticeable sound when unclipped
  • You can swap the cleats out
  • Affordable
  • Great starter clipless pedal
  • Not made for grip

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9. Crank Brothers

Crank Brothers

For unrivaled mountain bike pedals, you will love the egg beater design from Crank Brothers. What makes them so fantastic is that it removes any mud landing on them. You can clip them into any side, but this does not mean it makes for easy pedals to clasp into.

  • Clips out easily
  • Suitable for first-time users
  • Can swap the orientation of the cleats
  • Designed for low profile pedaling
  • Lightweight
  • Challenging to get your foot correctly placed

8. Shimano Trial Pedal

Shimano Trial Pedal


Do you want a platform around the clip and keep the weight down? It helps to have the Shimano trail pedal made for mountain bikes.

Another extraordinary thing is the price. That is why there is limited stock. Check it out today to not be left disappointed.

  • Small enough to support your feet when not clipped
  • Lightweight
  • Anodized body and polished to prevent mud from sticking to them
  • Adjustable resistance
  • The cleats twist sideways
  • Best suited for trail and country riders
  • Bottom of Form

7. ENDURO MTB Pedals


For the best mountain bike pedal for racing, it helps to have the Crank Brothers Mallet ENDURO set. Not only does it keep your feet secure, but it also gives you added support with the big platform. Furthermore, it also has a mud-dispersing design similar to the Egg Beater.

  • Removes mud
  • Large platform for a comfortable placing
  • Keeps the feet secure
  • Adjustable platform and traction pad
  • More suitable for cross country and aggressive riders

6. Time Carbon MBT Pedals

 Time Carbon MBT Pedals

Mountain Bike Pedal is more lightweight than the ATAC XC 8 pedals from Time. You will not get mud on your feet and offers a lateral float for sliding your shoe to the side and reduces strain.

  • Lightweight
  • Help prevent getting mud on the pedal
  • Adjustable tension
  • Made with carbon
  • Clips in easily
  • With the float design, it does make you feel as if your foot is not connected properly

5. DMR Vault Platform Pedals

DMR Vault Platform Pedals

Here we have the best flat mountain bike pedal that give an excellent grip with a slim design. The build comprises of a concave shape with eleven pins. Seven of these pins, you can reverse to custom-tune the grip.

  • Reversible pins to custom-tune the grip
  • The comprehensive platform holds well onto the foot
  • The rear of the platform is narrow
  • Your foot slips through with ease and has no space for mud to get stuck
  • Durable bearings and construction
  • Made for professional shredders

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4. RaceFace Atlas 

 RaceFace Atlas 

While the mountain bike pedal does not have a significant body, the pins are shorter, with the concave platform offering exceptional grip. The bolts unscrew from the underside to replace or remove.

  • Sealed bearings
  • Lightweight
  • Throws mud off
  • Slim design to sit low
  • Excellent grip
  • Does develop a lateral play

3. Swank Spoon 

 Swank Spoon 

For the best mountain bike pedal, pick the Swank Spoon mountain bike pedal. You can purchase it in three sizes to find a perfect match. Further, it has a hollow body with ten replaceable pins.

  • Designed with ten replaceable pins
  • Can fine-tune the pedal
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Not one size fits all, and you can buy it in three sizes

2. Chromag Scarab

Chromag Scarab

The platform mountain bike pedal has an impressive build to keep your feet planted in your pedals. The pedals can withstand severe abuse and made for doing odd flips and big drops.

  • Durable design that can withstand the abuse
  • Can fine-tune the grip with the pins
  • Suitable for high-risk stunts
  • None Noted

1. Hope F20 MBT Pedal

 Hope F20 MBT Pedal

The Hope has a durable mountain bike pedal design offering you an excellent grip for aggressive pedaling. For extreme riding, it has combo pins you can adjust.

  • Excellent grip for aggressive pedaling
  • Designed with pin combos
  • Made with cartridge bearings for spinning miles
  • Good looking design
  • Made for trail riding
  • Not very light

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Whether you need a clipless or flat pedal, we have the best Mountain Bike Pedals available in both designs here for you. Pick your set today for cycling hard trails as each one offers you customizable tension to tackle any trail. So do not delay as stock is limited!