Microsoft Will Launch Their Surface Wireless Earbuds to Market in 2020

The wait is finally going to be over because 2020 is here and Microsoft had a bit technical delay in the launching of their new Surface Wireless Earbuds. The launch was revealed to be alongside of their Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop 3 but those 3 have been out and the earbuds remain a mystery.

As we all know, creating a technology requires time and a relentless amount of attention to details. Not to mention, trying to incorporate new and special features that has never been seen, heard or used in any other similar products out there before. Those consume much time and energy and as said by the chief product officer of Microsoft himself. The launches of Microsoft Surface earbuds worldwide that were set to be by the year ended, 2019, would now be delayed till the spring of 2020, in order for them to deliver the best experience for you.

Microsoft Surface Wireless Earbuds

Microsoft Surface Wireless Earbuds


What is Microsoft Surface Wireless Earbuds?

Microsoft surface earbuds are like earphone pieces that Microsoft invented to be of a wireless connection. Which looks like a flat circular object shoved into your ears. This means you can get connect with them via Bluetooth and able to play music, change tracks or songs, increase or decrease volumes and answer calls. With competition such as iPhone’s Airpods and Samsung’s galaxy earbuds, this particular product differs slightly from the 2 competitors of it. Plus, it would be up for grasp for $250.

What are the features of Microsoft Surface Wireless Earbuds?

Microsoft Surface Wireless Earbuds

Microsoft surface earbuds have a peculiar design for a wireless earpiece. It’s white, made with a circular touch-sensitive outer look. Just plain white circular surface, with earbuds that doesn’t cancel noises out at all.

For most cases of earbuds, they completely take over your ear kennel, blocking out all sounds from entering, hoping to make you enjoy your music better. But sometimes that’s quite undesirable and risky for most people. Those sorts of earbuds might cause you ear infection or slowing deafen your hearing abilities. The risky part might be, say you’re on the road with those earbuds on. There might be some car turning at the junction in front and they’re actually horning to give other drivers a heads up. But guess what, you didn’t hear it. The rest you could probably figure out by yourselves. So the point is having this anti-noise canceling earbuds is utterly beneficial.

Created to be of touch-sensitive is marvelously attractive to people of this generation. The touch panel on the earbuds allows you to double-tap to play music. You swiping sideways to skip tracks and swiping upward and downward to increase or decrease the volume. Built-in microphones for call answering abilities as well.

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What inside?

Surface Wireless Earbuds

The earbuds come inside a case where to store and recharge. When fully recharged it could last up to 8 hours. But, if you have the case fully charged as well, then all you got to do is place them inside the case and let them charge from the case. Therefore the battery-life including the case would last you up to 24 hours.

The coolest part about this surface earbuds is that it transcribes words you say into letterings written on the screen when you’re on PowerPoint application. For instance, you’re having a presentation and there are hundreds of people that showed up. Some might be able to hear you but not see the slides, some might be able to see the slides but not hear you. Some might be bothered by the people sitting beside them that are talking non-stop and they can’t hear a word you say. That’s when this function comes in handy. Everyone that can’t hear you will be able to read the transcribed words as subtitles and others who can’t see just needs to focus on your speech.

We hope to be able to have our hands first-on when this surface earbuds are released to the open market, worldwide. Upon hearing and seeing all the qualities, time and effort put into the creation of this specific product seems like it’s going to be a phenomenal hit. Many people are also expecting and waiting for the release so Microsoft probably wouldn’t let down their consumers. Microsoft might just put Apple and Samsung out of their league in terms of earbuds unless these two companies come up with a better headphone device. Otherwise, 2020 would be the year of Microsoft surface earbuds.

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