Best Massage Footwear Review In 2022

Best Massage Footwear Review In 2022

While the rest of your body can suffer from aches and pains, the one part of the body that suffers the most is the feet. By massaging the feet, you can improve your health, and this is where the best massage footwear comes in handy. With the acupressure shoes, it works specific acupoints to relieve tension and soreness.

Best Massage Footwear Review

10. Relaxus Massage Sandals

Relaxus Massage Sandals

The Relaxus massage sandal is an Acu-Shiatsu shoe with reflexology as it has hundreds of rubber points that release blocked energy throughout the body. When you wear footwear, you get pain relief to start feeling better. Furthermore, it has a strap to keep the sandal on the feet.

  • Designed with hundreds of acupoints
  • Comes with a strap to keep the sandals on the feet
  • You get instant relief while walking
  • Can be painful in the beginning and best to wear the shoe with socks

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9. Neo Reflexology Acupressure Sandals

Neo Reflexology Acupressure Sandals

The next massage sandal has a natural stone structure to help make you stress-free over time. The stones are placed on the surface of the shoe and touch your whole foot. Furthermore, the footwear has a PU sole and EVA construction.

  • You get a Shiatsu Massage
  • Made with durable material
  • Designed with an adjustable Velcro strap
  • Each stone massages different acupoints in the feet
  • Non-slip
  • Best to wear with socks as wearing the slipper for the first time can be a bit painful

8. BIAL EX Massage Slippers

BIAL EX Massage Slippers

For the best massage footwear, you will find the BIAL EX slipper worth the while to buy. The shoe has rotating acupressure points found on the inner surface. You have 78 rotating massage points to give overall relief in the body. So if you want to stimulate the vital points in your feet, these pair of slippers is a great option.

  • Can wear the slipper outdoors with the weatherproof design
  • Made with durable silicone rotating acupoints
  • Durable Velcro design
  • Helps with headache relief and arthritis
  • Adjustable
  • Helps with stress relief
  • Best to wear with socks as wearing the slipper for the first time can be a bit painful

7. Deluxe Reflexology Sandal

Deluxe Reflexology Sandal

The following massage sandal has acupressure knobs. Furthermore, wearing these shoes helps improve the blood circulation and can prevent you from getting leg cramps. You can buy it in a large size and adjust them to fit your feet.

  • Helps to stimulate the whole body
  • Prevents leg cramps
  • Adjustable with the Velcro strap
  • We recommend wearing the sandal with socks at first to get used to the knobs

6. Revs Massage Flip Flops

Revs Massage Flip Flops

If you want a funkier look, you will love these massage flip flops from Revs. You get a wide selection of color options and made for fashion-conscious people. Furthermore, it has a cushioned sole and best suited to wear in the summer.

  • For fashion-conscious people
  • Made with natural rubber
  • Comfortable
  • Has a shock-absorbing design
  • Gives excellent arch support
  • Made for summer and not winter wear

5. KKIKA Massage Slippers

KKIKA Massage Slippers

The massage slippers have 41 massage points in total spread over the shoe. The fantastic thing is the footwear you can customize by adding more acupoints. Wearing these slippers for the first time is painful, but it does get better.

  • Different sizes available
  • Helps relieve back pain
  • Massages the feet
  • You will experience great pleasure after the pain
  • Limited Stock

4. ONNOORI Fitness Slipper

ONNOORI Fitness Slipper

For the best acupressure slipper, the ONNOORI offers you a load of benefits. The footwear has a unique shape to provide you with Shiatsu Health and Fitness at the same time. Furthermore, it has an eye-catching design and is comfortable to wear with the slide on design.

  • Fashionable design
  • Gives a cushion feel
  • Maintains its shape
  • Slide on design
  • Provides a relaxing foot massage
  • Can be painful at first

3. BYRIVER Massage Slipper/Sandal

BYRIVER Massage Slipper/Sandal


The following massage slipper you can wear as a sandal as well. The shoe design helps soothe your feet and the heel section from pain. Furthermore, it promotes better blood flow. Included, you get five pieces of massage buttons to replace worn-out ones.

  • Durable design
  • Improves your blood circulation
  • Helps your feet to relax
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Can be painful at first

2. Massage and Fitness Sandal

Massage and Fitness Sandal

Are you an athlete and need post-workout footwear to recover faster? Then you will love these sandals with its acupoints sole. The shoe is comfortable and made with durable foam cushioning that conforms to the feet. Furthermore, it helps relieve leg, foot, and back pain.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Provides impact absorption
  • Has a no-slip footbed
  • Designed with acupoints sole
  • Can be uncomfortable at first

1. CLORIS Massage Slipper

CLORIS Massage Slipper

The following massage footwear you can buy for men and women. Furthermore, it has a tourmaline jade stone with a five-piece replacing reflexology buttons to massage the feet. Moreover, the fabric is environmentally friendly as well.

  • Gives a relaxing foot massage when you wear it for 10-minutes a day
  • Adjustable
  • Slip-on design
  • Durable
  • Made with real jade stones
  • Can be painful at first

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By wearing the best massage footwear for 15-minutes a day, it can help relieve different ailments in the body. So if you want to improve your blood circulation and relieve pain in various parts of the body, make sure to check this acupressure footwear out.