LINKSYS WRT32 v0X – WiFi Gaming Router

With LINKSYS WRT32X, you can rest assured that the gaming will never be the same again. The good thing is that it will change for the better. That’s because the in-game pings will be as any gamer would love them to be, stable and low. That is obvious since it reduces the pick ping by about 77%. That alone is enough to make anyone who knows the impact of a router on the gaming experience. Are you one of them? Do you want to learn more about this gem? If yes, keep reading as we take a look at the LINKSYS WRT32X review.

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The manufacturers had a goal in mind. What they wanted is a router that would assist in gaming. However, it can also do other jobs. Below is a discussion of the design, features, performance and other details regarding LINKSYS WRT32X.


The fact that these routers came into existence in 2002, it goes without saying that LINKSYS WRT32X has a modern design. Thanks to its printable template, it is possible for you to drill holes. You are at liberty to stack it with a matching switch which also has 8 ports. Equally important, you can screw it on either a shelf or the wall.

As far as the dimensions are concerned, the router measures 9.7 x 7.6 x 2 inches. That is a compact size that not only occupies little speed but also simplifies portability. When it comes to the weight part, LINKSYS WRT32X is also lightweight. It weighs about 1.76 pounds. You can buy it for either home or office use. Regardless of what you need it for, it is a router that will not disappoint. Other than the design, its features are incredible as shown below.


LINKSYS WRT32 v0X - WiFi Gaming Router

With a data transfer rate of 3200 MB per second, it is enough evidence that the router is top-notch and reliable. The most incredible feature is the killer prioritization engine. Its purpose is to prioritize gaming. As a result of that, gamers should not throw away this golden chance that this router gives them. It has the power that they need to get thrilling games all the time.

To support gaming even further, the router’s firmware, as well as user interface, are customized for gaming. I wouldn’t imagine a better way of controlling the gaming traffic. Do you live in a multi-story building or otherwise? That doesn’t matter because of the 4 high-performance antennas. They are responsible for the optimal coverage as well as signal strength. When two or more users need to use it, there will be no conflict. Thanks to MU-MIMO technology, the number of users does not affect network performance.

In order to accommodate not only new but also old devices, the router has a simultaneous dual band. It can support both 5GHZ and 2.4 GHz at the same time depending on the users’ devices. The manufacturer aims at ensuring that you get a safe network. On that note, he offers you methods that facilitate advanced wireless security. They include SPI firewall and WPA2 encryption.

It has gigabit Ethernet ports, USB 3.0 port and an ESATA port that also accommodates USB 2.0. For high performance, LINKSYS WRT32X use 1.8 GHz dual-core CPUs much as the main reason behind its design was to promote excellent gaming, this router is also ideal for other tasks. Count it a perfect choice when dealing with large downloads, email, video, voice and use by other WIFI devices.


LINKSYS WRT32 v0X - WiFi Gaming Router

When it comes to gaming and 4K streaming, one should expect great performance. First of all, its data transfer speed is 3200 Mbps. It is also capable of building an AC300 802. 11ac network. Its maximum throughput is 544.5 Mbps and 527.6 Mbps at 15 feet and 5 feet, respectively. When it comes to 50 feet and 100 feet, the speed is usually 538.3 Mbps and 247 Mbps in that order. Surprisingly, it goes up to 302.4 Mbps when at 150 feet.

Neither metal nor soundboard can hinder its performance. The respective speeds are 559 Mbps as well as 532.1 Mbps. For the ceiling, expect 534.6 Mbps. With a Next-Gen AC Wi-Fi of speeds of up to 3.2 Gbps, the performance is remarkable indeed.

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Generally, the set of features have various benefits that work collectively to offer you the best results.
One of the main advantages is the killer prioritization engine. With its help, one has an added advantage when playing games. I not only identify but also prioritizes the gaming network traffic the most. In addition to that, it accelerates it to the best possible speed. As a result of that. It manages to reduce the peak ping but approximately 77%.
Its interface is also perfect. It ensures that the operation is a piece of cake regardless of whether one is a pro or an amateur.


The fact that it is relatively expensive means that it may hard to settle for despite the great features and guaranteed top-notch performance. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that it is worth every penny.

Set Up

LINKSYS WRT32 v0X - WiFi Gaming Router

During its set up, one has to screw the four antennas. After that, there is plugging in into an AC adapter. Then, connect a broadband cable modem. Upon turning it on, one needs to enter the network name as well as the password. You can find them on a sticker at the bottom of the router. It will also work if you add a client using http://myrouter.local; The configuration is also easy.
It is compatible with killer-enabled PCs. That means it can synchronize with the likes of Razer, MSI, Gigabyte, and Alienware among other such brands.


With such a promising set of features, who wouldn’t like to take home a router such as LINKSYS WRT32X? The design is remarkable. It sorts durability, efficiency, portability as well as space requirement. As for the features, they make the router one of the most alluring products in the market. One cannot forget the excellent performance. The ease of installation and operation is another plus. Last but not least, the good wins over the bad. Therefore, one would highly recommend it without fear of contradiction.

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